WWE SmackDown 02 14 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: Ontario, CA
Date: February 14, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL

Daniel Bryan, Christian, and Sheamus vs. The Shield in a 6-man tag team match

Bryan to the ring to “YES!” “YES!” “YES!” chants. Christian out to join him. Sheamus rounds out the team. The Shield out to face them.

Christian and Rollins start the match. Reigns tags in to work over Christian. Christian fights back and tags out. Sheamus and Reigns in the center of the ring talking smack. Both fight hard, back and forth. Sheamus takes Reigns down for two. Reigns fights back and tags out. Ambrose all over Sheamus though “Daniel Bryan!” chants. Bryan tags in and all over Ambrose to huge pop. Head scissors off the top on Ambrose for two. Bryan locks on the “YES!” lock, but Reigns and Rollins in, so Sheamus and Christian in as Smackdown goes to commercial.


Rollins with Bryan in a headlock, and Bryan was still keeping the “YES!” “YES!” “YES!” going with one hand! Sheamus tags in, tossed out by Rollins. Sheamus on the apron grabs Rollins for his 10 forearms. Ambrose tries a cheap shot as Sheamus climbs, is knocked. Rollins takes advantage and Sheamus drops like a stone. Reigns with a running drop kick from outside on Sheamus through the ropes. Ambrose tags in and stomps Sheamus. Rollins tags in and works over Sheamus in a corner. Reigns tags in and all over Sheamus in the same corner. Sheamus slammed face first to the mat. Front facelock on Sheamus. “JBL!” chants. Cheap shot on Bryan, then taunts Christian, but then turns back into an Irish curse back breaker. Cole’s announce is ahead of what’s happening in the ring. Christian tags in and all over Rollins, then all over Ambrose who tags in. outside Christian on Rollins, then sends Ambrose to the post from the apron. Tornado DDT on Ambrose, but the rest of the team stops the count. Bryan off the top on Rollins, then on both him and Reigns. Bryan all over then. Flying goat on Reigns, then Rollins flies out on him. Christian plants Ambrose for a long two! Sheamus in on Reigns, Ambrose on Sheamus, but then Sheamus tries to fight back – Christian ends up eating the brogue kick and Ambrose gets the three.

Winners – The Shield (12:39)

Backstage Segment

Zeb asks Vickie to be his Valentine. She knows he’s up to something and doesn’t like it. Zeb wants Swagger in a Title Match. Vickie mentions his losing streak. She says if Swagger can beat Rey, then he gets an IC Title Match against Big E. Actually it’s a 4 Way Match, Kofi vs Henry vs Rey vs Swagger.


Backstage Segment

Byron with Cesaro. Cesaro says he knows the world doesn’t believe in him, but he will prove it tonight against Orton. Then he will be excited.

Announce Segment

The HOF will be on the WWE Network. Lita’s HOF video.

Fatal 4-way match to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Intercontinental title: Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

Henry to the ring. Rey out to face him.


Kofi in the ring. Video about the WWE building a playground at a school in New Orleans during WrestleMania week! Big E on announce.

Henry takes down Swagger, then Rey, then Kofi. Swagger tossed out, then Kofi and Rey on Henry with kicks to the legs. Henry fights back, then eats a double drop kick to the chest, then double drop kick to the back and chest! Kofi and Rey fight, Kofi gets two. Rey rolls through on Kofi, kicks and gets two for it. Swagger trips Rey from outside, but then Kofi and Rey work together to get Swagger out, so they can fight again. Kofi flies out onto Swagger, then Rey with a seated senton on Kofi outside. In the ring Swagger dives and takes out Henry’s leg, then two Swagger bombs. Kofi from behind on Swagger, but then Swagger comes back with a big clothesline on Rey. Rey set up top, but he fight back with a seated senton and head scissors on Swagger, then a DDT for two. Kofi breaks the count.

Kofi limping a bit, but then Rey into the post and falls outside. Kofi with a reverse drop kick on Swagger, then all over him in the ring. Boom drop on Swagger. Rey on the apron, knocked off by Kofi. Kofi climbs, Swagger up too, but Henry grabs him and powerbombs Swagger. Rey then into a big boot from Henry, then Kofi taken down. Henry gets Swagger up, Swagger reverses and a chop block. Patriot lock on Henry, but he powers out. 619 to Henry’s gut, then TIP from Kofi. Swagger rushes Rey and gets feet, as does Kofi. Double German suplex from Swagger on Kofi and Rey! Swagger grabs Kofi and tosses him out. Swagger grabs Rey, but is set up, but Kofi up with TIP on Rey out of nowhere! Kofi pins, but Henry pulls him from the ring by a leg. Kofi sends Henry into announce. In the ring Kofi and Swagger go back and forth until a patriot lock and Kofi taps out. Big E says he will beat Swagger, and that’s the best of what he said on announce.

Winner – Swagger (8:30)


RAW Rebound

Betty on RAW promoting her show. New Age Outlaws tried to ‘protect’ her, but she turned the tables on them and Gunn got the tampered tea. He ended up fleeing ringside for the loo.


He now has a silver pillar that he stands upon now. He goes through his banter, then goes off about Valentine’s Day. Women are going to eat too much candy and get fat.

The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) and the Usos vs. RybAxel and the WWE tag team champions the New Age Outlaws in an 8-man tag team match

The Brotherhood to the ring.


RybAxel to the ring. Usos in the ring. New Age Outlaws out, Gunn looking much better.

Goldust squats in the corner and waits. Gunn in and they start. Goldust with early control, hitting his big moves – shoulder block, upper cut, arm drag. Dogg tags in and down for two. Cody tags in as Cole talks about his right knee and the possible injury. They go back and forth, and Cody is down. Cody fights back for two. Jimmy tags in and off the top on Dogg, Jey tags in and they double team Dogg for two. Axel tags in and lands a lovely drop kick, then over the top on Jey on the apron. Axel stomps Jey down in a corner. JBL talks about Axel having all the intangibles, but it just hasn’t clicked for him yet. Ryback tags in and shoulders to Jey in a corner. JBL says about Ryback, “Million dollar body, nickel mind.” Chops to Jey, and Ryback keeps him from tagging out. Ryback tries to raise Jey high, can’t get the leverage, so slams him.


Jey starts fight back against Ryback. Gunn tags in and Jey eats a corner. Gunn with blows on Jey in the corner. Gunn rushes Jey, but Jey side-steps and Gunn eats corner. Both on the mat flailing for their corners. Jimmy and Dogg in. Cheap kick on Ryback, then Samoan drop on Dogg. Gunn in and taken down. Bum slams on Dogg and Gunn, then Axel in and Cody in to take him out. Cody flies off the top, but then Ryback sends him into the barricade. Goldust with a flying roll off the corner. Double team on Dogg, Jey flies out and Jimmy on Dogg for three.

Winners – The Brotherhood and the Usos (11:52)

Backstage Segment

Renee with Orton. Orton understands the challenges now, it’s to make him a stronger Champ. He hears Cesaro is going to beat him tonight, but Orton will give The Authority what they want, The Viper.



Rusev promo.

Darren Young vs. Damien Sandow

O’Neil on announce and Cole asks about his attack on Young, showing video from his attack, then Young’s attack backstage. Both Young and Sandow in the ring.

Young’s hair is cut slightly different as he gets control over Sandow. Sandow out of the ring and Young out yelling at O’Neil on announce. Sandow gets the upper hand out there, then pins for two in the ring. Young quickly takes Sandow down for three!

Winner – Young (1:06)

O’Neil into the ring and attacks Young. O’Neil yells smack at Cole, and that give Young time to take O’Neil down. O’Neil tries to get free, but Young grabs his pants and holds on tight. O’Neil slides out of the ring as his pants rip apart. Young puts the piece of pant-leg around his neck like a scarf and taunted O’Neil.


Bellas as flight attendants explaining the WWE Network.

Fandango vs. the Miz

Fandango and Summer Rae out dancing.


Miz to the ring.

Headlock on Miz who pushes out. Fandango comes back with a shoulder block than never touches Miz because he was already falling back before Fandango got to him. Fandango continues to work over Miz. They exchange blows, but then Fandango with a reverse and a lovely drop kick on Miz for two. “Undertaker!” chants. Miz up and free, gets an elbow in Fandango’s face. Miz with clotheslines, then they bobble. Miz with his back and neck breaker pairing, but too slow and methodical to look at all good. Miz sets up, but ends up eating post.

Santino’s music and he comes out speed walking with Emma. Summer Rae over to yell at Emma. Emma dances. Summer Rae pushes, Emma pushes back. Summer Rae slaps, so Emma attacks. Fandango over to the apron, Santino hits cobra, then Miz gets the three.

Winner – Miz (3:45)


A replay of Bobo Brazil’s wonderful Black History Month video.

Cesaro vs. WWE world heavyweight champion Randy Orton in a non-title match

Cesaro to the ring with Zeb.


Orton out to face Cesaro.

They start and Orton quickly out of the ring. Orton in and rolls Cesaro up for one, then flees before he can get his hands on him. Orton in, Cesaro behind him and takes Orton. Cesaro keeps his arms wrapped around and lands a gut wrench for two. Cesaro on Orton again for two. Cesaro with upper cuts on Orton, then Orton whipped and takes a huge running upper cut for two. Orton flees the ring again. Cesaro out and into the barricade. Clothesline on Cesaro outside. Orton in to pose.


Cesaro off the barricade again. Cesaro’s face bounced off the announcer’s table, then into the ring and Orton gets two. Headlock on Cesaro on the mat. “We, the people!” chants. Cesaro up and elbows free. Orton backed into a corner, then more upper cuts from Cesaro. Orton with a head butt, but more upper cuts from Cesaro, and a head butt of his own, but then a clothesline drops Cesaro. Back outside and Cesaro into the barricade, but he comes right off with a big clothesline. The ref is counting, so Orton sent in, and Cesaro up. Orton sets up Cesaro on the apron, but Cesaro counters. Orton fights to the ropes to avoid the giant swing. But Cesaro grabs him again and Orton is swung for about 15. Orton is dizzy, falling down at Cesaro’s feet. Cesaro sets up, but Orton counters. Cesaro lands on his feet, but then eats Orton’s power slam for two.

Orton’s DDT on Cesaro, then Orton points to the WrestleMania sign. Orton pounds the mat, but Cesaro reverses to an upper cut to the back of Orton’s head. Orton thrown, then takes another upper cut, but somehow Cesaro only gets two. Orton manages to come back with a head butt to Cesaro’s chest for two. Cesaro on the apron, and Orton with a blow. Orton climbs, pulling Cesaro. They fight up top. Cesaro with a head butt, then a sunset flip off the top. Another upper cut, then neutralizer for three!

Winner – Cesaro (13:18)

Source: WrestlingNewsworld.com