WWE SmackDown 05 23 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: London, England
Date: May 23, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL

We are in London, England and your announcers are Michael ‘Constable’ Cole and John ‘Why Can’t I say Wimbledon’ Layfield.
Jimmy Hart is in the ring and he introduces Hulk Hogan, who makes his way to the ring.

Hogan wants to tell you something, brother. He says that it feels really awesome to be in London, just like the old days. You guys are on fire tonight. Speaking of the old days, Jimmy Hart has not been the same since he lived in the Legends House. It is WWE’s version of a reality show, exclusively on the WWE Network. It has Mean Gene Okerlund, Jim Duggan, and Roddy Piper.

Hogan says tonight is not about looking at the past, it is about looking forward to the future. The way things look now, it looks really bright for his British Hulkamaniacs. The WWE keeps getting bigger and stronger. It is bigger than it has ever been. The British people will be getting the WWE Network.

They got done making history with Wrestlemania in New Orleans and they are on the road to making history next year at Wrestlemania. Hogan wants to know ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’.

We go to commercial.

Batista versus Dolph Ziggler in a No Disqualification Match

Batista runs Ziggler into the corner but Ziggler with punches and a drop kick for a near fall. Ziggler with a punch and kicks. Ziggler chokes Batista with his boot. Batista with a spinebuster for a near fall. Batista goes to the floor and he grabs a chair from ringside. Ziggler grabs the chair from Batista and Batista stays on the floor.

Batista pulls Ziggler to the floor and Batista sends Ziggler head first into the announce table. Batista picks up Ziggler and hits a spinebuster into the apron. Batista hot shots Ziggler on the ringside barrier. Batista tries for a spear into the ringside barrier but Ziggler moves and Batista hits the barrier and goes down.

Ziggler clotheslines Batista and both go into the Chimmel Cubicle.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Batista sends Ziggler into the announce table. Batista Irish whips Ziggler into the ringside barrier. Batista tries to slam Ziggler’s head into the announce table but Ziggler blocks it and he sends Batista into the announce table a few times. Ziggler with a punch and he tries for a DDT on the floor but Batista catches Ziggler. Ziggler avoids being sent into the ring post but Batista avoids the ring post again and then Batista with a clothesline.

Batista tries to hit Ziggler with a steel chair but Ziggler moves and the chair hits the ring post. Ziggler grabs the chair and he hits Batista in the back with it. Ziggler continues to hit Batista with the chair. Ziggler picks up Batista and eventually rolls Batista back into the ring. Batista rolls to the floor and Ziggler follows.

Ziggler hits Batista from behind with a forearm. Ziggler Irish whips Batista into the ring steps. Ziggler sends Batista back into the ring and Ziggler with a splash into the corner and then he punches Batista, but Ziggler makes sure that Batista cannot hit him with a low blow. Ziggler with a neck breaker.

Ziggler hits the leaping hesitation DDT but he can only get a two count. Ziggler goes for a Fameasser but Batista catches Ziggler. Batista tries for a power bomb but Ziggler counters with a sunset flip. Ziggler rolls through and hits a Fameasser for a near fall. Batista rolls to the apron and then to the floor. Ziggler with a baseball slide that sends Batista over the announce table.

Ziggler with a double sledge off the announce table and then he punches Batista. Batista Irish whips Ziggler into the ring steps. Batista slams Ziggler’s head into the ring steps and then onto the announce table. Batista pulls the steps apart and then he sets for a Batista Bomb on the steps but Ziggler with a low blow to Batista.

Ziggler waits for Batista to get up and then Ziggler goes to the apron. Ziggler misses a Fameasser off the apron and Ziggler’s leg hits the step and he holds his knee. Batista rolls Ziggler into the ring and Batista with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Batista

After the match, Batista returns to the ring and he picks up Ziggler and hits a Batista Bomb.

We have a Bo Dallas BOLIEVE video package.

Nikki Bella and Eva Marie versus Cameron and Naomi (Guest referee: Summer Rae)

Nikki and Naomi start things off and Nikki with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Naomi kips up and she works on the arm. Nikki with an Irish whip and Naomi floats over and she shakes her rear end in Nikki’s face. Naomi with a full nelson but Nikki with a facebuster and Summer does not make the count.

Naomi with a rollup and no count is made. Cameron tags in and they hit a double suplex and then they do a double leg drop. Cameron with a Codebreaker but she runs into an elbow from Nikki. Nikki with a drop kick. Eva tags in and they kick Cameron and Eva covers but Summer cannot be bothered.

Cameron with an inside cradle and gets the three count.

Winners: Cameron and Naomi

After the match, Nikki has to hold Eva back as a result of Summer’s allegedly fast count.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to BOLIEVE because Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring.

Bo introduces himself and he says that he is living proof that dreams do come true. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen. They cannot be heard. They will be felt . . . with your heart. All you have to do is BOLIEVE.

Bo Dallas versus Sin Cara

They lock up and Bo with a side head lock into a hammer lock. Bo with an arm drag and he celebrates his accomplishment. They lock up again and Bo with a wrist lock but Cara with a reversal into a hammer lock. Bo with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Cara goes for a leap frog but Bo with a forearm. Bo sends Cara into the turnbuckles.

Bo with a suplex and then he hits a knee drop and rolls through. Bo with a second knee drop. Bo with a delayed knee drop to Cara’s shoulder. Cara with a double leg take down and jackknife cover for a near fall. Cara with a rollup for a near fall. Cara with a hard Irish whip. Cara with a chop but Bo sends Cara to the apron.

Cara with a punch and springboard forearm and springboard cross body. Cara with a handspring back elbow for a near fall. Cara with a shoulder from the apron followed by an enziguri. Car goes up top and misses the swanton. Bo with a lariat followed by a bulldog off the turnbuckles for the three count.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match, Bo does a victory lap around the ring.

Bo shakes Sin Cara’s hand and he tells him that he did well. He tells Sin Cara that someday, he can be just like Bo.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bray Wyatt is in the ring with Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and his chair. Bray says that he has seen the ups and downs of your world. He has seen poverty. He has seen disease. Every time he closes his eyes, he can feel you. He can hear you calling out to him. Unfortunately, for most of us, we never have to see the horrible things that go on in the world.

Most only see it from the confines of our homes while eating a bowl of cereal and watching the news. Evil is a very real thing. We live inside this bubble nowadays. Inside this bubble we desire to feel safe and secure. Nothing can hurt us if we are inside this bubble. We have become prisoners of our society. That is what THEY want from us.

As soon as we raise an eyebrow, they send in someone like John Cena. They send him in to be our ray of hope to make us feel like everything is going to be alright. This isn’t a prison, this is our home.

Bray says that he feels that we have let this monster lie to our children long enough. That reason is exactly why he has been put here. He tells the children to gather around and take a look.

We see what happened at the end of Raw.

The CeNation has infected our world like a plague. It would take only one simple ten count to eradicate John Cena and everything he stands for. John is feeling the pressure. That is why he has recruited the Usos to be his new pawns. He did not tell them that he would throw them onto the front lines to fall while John watches from behind. He tells John not to let his crown get dirty.

Bray says that his brothers are going to show The Usos that the bond of cause cannot be broken. You cannot tame a beast that cannot fear. Tonight, they will learn the fact that there is something worse than dying.

When your cities burned, he was there. When the plague swept your street, he was there. When John Cena falls and the CeNation crumbles, he will be standing. He is forever. He will always be and he will always be. Bray starts to speak in tongues.

Bray starts to sing and the crowd follows along.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paul Heyman and Cesaro are at the announce table with Michael and John. They show what happened on Raw when Cesaro defeated Sheamus and then walked away from a handshake.

Alberto Del Rio versus WWE United States champion Sheamus in a non-title match

The bell rings and Cesaro gets up and he says that he will shake Sheamus’ hand. Del Rio attacks Sheamus from behind and he kicks Sheamus. Sheamus punches Del Rio and puts him in the corner. Sheamus with more punches. Sheamus wraps the arm in the ropes. Del Rio kicks Sheamus and Del Rio with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Sheamus with a kick and forearm to the back.

Sheamus with a rake of the eyes. Sheamus with a snap mare followed by a knee drop from the turnbuckles and Sheamus gets a near fall. Sheamus punches Del Rio and connects with an elbow to the head. Sheamus punches Del Rio. Sheamus with an Irish whip and Del Rio with an elbow. Sheamus with a Finlay slam followed by a clothesline that sends Del Rio over the top rope to the floor.

Sheamus goes to the floor and Del Rio pushes Sheamus against the apron and Del Rio with an enziguri off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio sends Sheamus back into the ring and Del Rio goes to the turnbuckles and hits a forearm for a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. Sheamus runs Del Rio into the turnbuckles and he charges into the corner and Del Rio moves. Sheamus hits the ring post and then goes to the floor. Del Rio is held back by the referee and the medical staff checks on Sheamus but he refuses any care.

Del Rio with a forearm and he rolls Sheamus back into the ring. Del Rio with a boot to the chest. Sheamus misses a punch and Del Rio kicks Sheamus. Del Rio chokes Sheamus.

Del Rio runs into a clothesline from Sheamus as Sheamus tries to get feeling back into his arm. Del Rio with a kick to Sheamus but Sheamus sends Del Rio to the apron. Del Rio drops Sheamus on the top rope. Sheamus with two running double sledges followed by a shoulder in the corner and a knee lift. Sheamus runs into a boot from Del Rio. Sheamus tries for a slam but Del Rio escapes and he hits a lungblower for a near fall.

Del Rio misses the super kick and Sheamus with a rollup for a near fall. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus gets Del Rio up for White Noise but Del Rio gets to his feet. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and gets caught in the ropes. Sheamus with a boot to Del Rio. Sheamus tries to get back into the ring and Del Rio with a super kick for a near fall.

Del Rio slaps Sheamus and he goes for the splash in the ropes but Sheamus moves and Del Rio goes to the floor. Sheamus with the forearms across the chest and then Sheamus gets Del Rio on his shoulders but Del Rio holds the ropes. Del Rio with a knee and then he floats over into the cross arm breaker.

Sheamus crawls to the ropes to get Del Rio to break the hold. Cesaro goes to the ring to check on Sheamus and Sheamus punches Cesaro. Sheamus with a tilt-a-whirl slam on Del Rio and then Cesaro pulls Sheamus out of the ring and sends him into the ring steps. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Sheamus (by disqualification)

After the match, Cesaro hits the Gotch Style Neutralizer on the floor. Cesaro shakes Sheamus’ hand while Sheamus is out cold.

It is time to get an update on Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole says that he is recovering at home. What will be the fate of the WWE Championship? We take a look at what Stephanie McMahon said on Raw earlier this week.

Vickie Guerrero is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Vickie Guerrero is in the ring and she throws out a few Excuse Mes. She says that you only know a part of her. She is talented. She has an award winning personality. She has great personal skills. She says that she is straight up gorgeous.

The one side that you don’t know about her is that she can party with the best of them. She can party all the time. She brings out Adam Rose.

Vickie welcomes Adam to Smackdown. Adam takes the mic and he tells Vickie to wait a second. Adam says that it’s party time. He has a really important question for Vickie. He asks her if she is a lemon or a rosebud.

Vickie thinks about it and then Adam asks the crowd and the consensus is that they think she is a lemon.

Vickie says that she is not a lemon. She tells Adam that he has 30 seconds to get out of her ring. Vickie gets on the apron and Rose approaches her and she falls off the apron into the Exotic Express and they carry her around the ring and to the back.

Renee Young is in the interview area with the Usos. She asks them about having to face the Wyatt Family tonight. Jimmy talks about Adam Rose and his entourage. Jey says the Wyatts called themselves a real family, but the Usos know about family. The Wyatts are big and bad, but they don’t have the tag titles. Jey introduces the brother from another mother, John Cena.

John mixes metaphors. He says that talk is cheap and anyone can run their mouths. The Usos have championships. The Wyatts find out why. Actions speak louder than words.

We go to commercial.

WWE tag team champions Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (with John Cena) versus Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyatt) in a non-title match

Harper and Jey start things off and Harper misses a punch but Jey does not. Harper backs Jey into the ropes and he punches him. Harper with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Jey with a rollup for a near fall. Jimmy makes the tag and he punches Harper and then Jey with an enziguri followed by a sunset flip for a near fall.

Harper with a double thrust to the throat and then he tags in Rowan. Rowan with a punch and Harper with a chop. Rowan with a forearm followed by an Irish whip but Rowan misses a charge. Jimmy with chops and then he gets his boot up when Rowan charges into the corner. Jey tags in and he hits a forearm into the corner. Jimmy tags back in and he punches Rowan. Jimmy with a cross body and both men go over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rowan and Harper talk strategy before Rowan returns to the ring. Rowan with a side head lock and he runs Jimmy into the turnbuckles. Harper tags in and he kicks Jimmy. Jimmy with punches and Jey tags in. Jey with punches to Harper but Harper pushes him away. Jey with a waist lock but Harper backs him into the corner and Harper with an elbow.

Harper chokes Jey in the ropes and he tags in Rowan. Rowan with a punch and then he tries for a slam but Jey with a rollup for a near fall. Jey with a chop. Jimmy tags in and he hits a double sledge off the turnbuckles.

Jimmy with a drop kick and then he kicks Rowan in the ropes. Rowan with a forearm and he tags in Harper. Jimmy with a punch but Harper with a knee. Jimmy with a kick but Harper throws Jimmy into the ropes and he gets a near fall. Harper with a European uppercut and Rowan tags in.

Rowan with a slam and forearm to the back. Rowan with a double atomic noogie. Rowan pulls Jimmy into his corner and he tags in Harper who connects with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Jimmy with a punch but when Jimmy goes for a dragon whip, Harper with a thrust kick. Jey breaks up the cover.

Harper with forearms to the back of the head and then he puts Jimmy on the turnbuckles. Jimmy with an elbow and kick. Jimmy with a corkscrew senton and both men are down. Jey and Rowan tag in and Jey with a cross body. Jey with a flying clothesline and a savate kick followed by an uppercut.

Jey with a Samoan drop and he sets for the running butt splash, but Harper tries to interfere. Jey avoids Harper and hits the running butt splash. Harper with a boot to Jey and Jimmy with a super kick to Harper. Jimmy with a suicide dive onto Harper.

Rowan is sent into the ring post and he falls to the floor. Jey with a plancha over the ring post onto Rowan. Jey with a clothesline to Harper on the floor. Jey runs Rowan into the ringside barrier and then he sends Rowan back into the ring. Jey goes up top but Bray pushes Jey off the turnbuckles and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (by disqualification)

After the match, Cena gets Rowan up for an Attitude Adjustment and he hits it. Wyatt and Cena have a staredown and Wyatt teases coming into the ring. He stands on the apron and says something to John. Bray returns to the floor and walks up the ramp.

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