WWE SmackDown 03 12 2015

WWE SmackDown
Location: Detroit, MI
Date: March 12, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL

Daniel Bryan kicks off our show with some pretty crazy Yes! chants. The crowd still supports Daniel Bryan with all they have. They show footage from Raw of the game of pass the title that has been going on with the Intercontinental Championship. Daniel says ever since Fast Lane he has tried to ignore the WrestleMania sign, but he can’t ignore it anymore. He can’t repeat what happened last year, where the Yes movement put him in the main event at Wrestlemania. He got to thinking about the guys who were his heroes, guys like Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, and Randy Savage. They were all Intercontinental Champions at WrestleMania and they were more exciting than the World Championship matches. And the only title he has never held is the IC title. So he asked and was granted a spot in the ladder match at Wrestlemania.

Bad News Barrett comes out and says he is the Intercontinental champion and after Wrestlemania he still will be so he must be Bryan’s new hero. Dolph Ziggler comes out and says BNB may not be Daniel’s hero, but he is Ziggler’s hero. He is so delusional Ziggler admires it. He can’t even keep the Intercontinental championship with one guy around, how is he going to do it in a ladder match with 6 other guys. Luke Harper comes out and says he wants HIS Wrestlemania moment. We are joined by Dean Ambrose this time. Ambrose says if they think they can start throwing fists then they should invite him to the party, he joins them in the ring. Stardust then makes his way to the ring and starts looking around. He grabs a mic and asks where it is?! Where is the Intercontinental championship? Truth comes out with a sack on his back. It has the Intercontinental Championship in it. He says I know Barrett, you’re the champion, but I’m going to hold on to it. At least until Wrestlemania. Truth says possession is 9/10ths of the law. Barrett starts to leave the ring to chase down Truth but gets attacked, the faces clean house and then stare each other down.

Backstage Cesaro, Kidd, and Natty head towards the ring. Natty looks like she has some more pink in her hair, it looks good.


The New Day and the Usos w/Naomi and the Bull vs. WWE tag team champions Cesaro and Kidd and Los Matadores in an 8-man tag team match

Kofi and Diego start things off. Kofi takes control early on with some of his quicker strikes. Diego takes in Fernando, but Kofi tags in Xavier Woods. Fernando goes for a strike but Woods reverses, while he bounces off the ropes Jimmy Uso tags himself in. Jimmy takes control and puts Fernando in the corner and lands some standing punches. A distraction lets Fernando get free and put him in control of Jimmy as we head to commercial.


Los Matadores in control of Jimmy Uso as we return. Fernando has Jimmy against the middle rope as he jumps through the ropes and hits Jimmy on the way out as he tags his partner. Jimmy manages to hit an enziguri kick to free himself and tag his brother! Los Matadores tags in Tyson Kidd, who gets a kick in the gut from Jay. Jay is all fired up and hits a Samoan drop. He knocks down both of Kidd’s partners, before hitting a corner slam. Kofi tags himself in and there seems to be a bit of “what are you doing?” But Kofi off the top rope hits a big crossbody. Xavier Woods looks like he is going to jump over the top rope to the guys below, but Jimmy Uso beats him to it. Woods looks like he wants to do it as well to one up the Usos but he only manages to get Jimmy on the outside. Kidd back in the ring rolls up Kofi but 2, Kofi tries but 2. When Kidd kicks Kofi off Cesaro hits a huge uppercut from the outside, then Jay hits a huge Superkick on Cesaro. Kidd tags Fernando who gets Trouble in Paradise and goes for the pin but the ref is distracted. Diego switches with Fernando attacks Kofi, hits the Backstabber, and rolls Kofi up, grabs the tights, and gets the win.

Winner: Kidd, Cesaro, and Los Matadores

We see the Sting video package from Raw. I really like the angle they’re doing with Sting saying that he understands a corrupt Authority with WCW and he won’t let it happen again with WWE.


We see a replay of John Cena/Rusev’s encounter from Raw.

Ryback makes his way to the ring; he will be facing off with The Miz.


Miz and Mizdow are backstage with Renee. Renee says the Ryback has to be considered a favorite in the Battle Royal but Miz says that he has done it all in the WWE! Tag team champion, WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, the only thing he hasn’t done is win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. So he will go out there and beat that witless muscle head Ryback. Mizdow says Miz shouldn’t underestimate a 285 pounder. Miz gets mad and tells him he can beat Ryback and he can do it alone, Mizdow should go make him coffee and stay in the back. Miz tells Renee that Mizdow is becoming very annoying!

Miz vs. Ryback

Ryback picks up Miz early and sits him on the top turn buckle. He pats him on the back and gets a Feed Me More chant going. Miz hops down but Ryback knocks him down quick. He picks him up and hits a suplex which Ryback holds for a few extra seconds. Miz sends Ryback into the steel post through the turnbuckles. Ryback on the middle ropes, Miz comes running in with a knee to the back of the head. Miz goes for a kick but Ryback catches it and hits a spinebuster. Mizdow chants. Ryback sets up for the Meathook and connects. Ryback hits Shellshocked and this one is over! Mizdow is shown backstage watching on TV laughing.

Winner: Ryback


Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. We see a replay of Paul Heyman’s just epic promo from Raw. Reigns says Heyman claims to know me, know my family. He has the nerve to say my family is three generations from cannibals. He takes every chance he can to tell me I can’t. If there are two things I hate it is people insulting my family and telling me I can’t. At WrestleMania he will walk out WWE Champion and you can BELIEVE–Mark Henry returns and interrupts Reigns. Henry says he was sitting in back and had to come out because Reigns must be a comedian now. He understands people not making fun of his heritage because he doesn’t like it either.

There are two things, his family and telling him he can’t. Reigns says he can. Henry says he CAN’T. Henry says he is the strongest man in the world, he has an identity, he knows who he is. He has been in the ring with Lesnar, he broke his arm and damn near killed him when he F5ed him in the ring. Reigns says with all due respect but Henry cut him off and says Lesnar does not respect him, the fans do not respect him, and the guys in the back don’t respect him. Reigns tries to walk away, but Henry grabs him and says where do you think you’re going? You young bucks think you can do whatever you want, and then shoved Reigns.

Reigns bounced off the ropes and hit the Superman punch! Henry rolled out of the ring and tried to walk it off but Reigns rolled out and hit a massive spear to Henry and put him through the barricade! Reigns grabs a mic and says “you can’t” over and over. “To hell with that, I can and I will. BELIEVE THAT!” says Reigns.

We see a promo for Bray Wyatt and the Undertaker. Really well done video package.

AJ and Paige make their way to the ring.


AJ Lee and Paige vs. Cameron and Summer Rae

Oh God help me the Bella are on commentary for the THIRD WEEK in a row. This must be punishment for something I’ve done in my life. AJ tags in almost immediately. AJ kicks Cameron in the gut but Summer causes a distraction and Cameron takes advantage. Summer Rae tags in and they hit a team attack on AJ. Summer puts a sleeper on AJ but she fights out of it. Summer knocks Paige off the apron. Cameron tags in and stomps down AJ in the corner and tags Summer. AJ knocks Summer out of the ring and Cameron down. AJ makes the tag to Paige. Paige hits a series of clotheslines on Summer Rae. Paige hits a Superkick on Summer and locks in the PTO. Summer Rae taps out. After the match the Bellas and Paige and AJ get in each other’s faces. Brie pulls Nikki away and AJ pulls Paige away. The crowd chants fight but there isn’t enough time on the card to #GiveDivasAChance.

Winner: AJ and Paige

We see a replay of Reigns just absolutely owning Mark Henry from earlier. Henry is backstage getting looked at by the doctor. Renee asks Henry if he was antagonizing Reigns earlier. Henry says damn right he was, he pushed Reigns and Reigns pushed back. He wanted to see what he’s got. Tonight Reigns made a believer out of him. He isn’t saying he’ll beat Lesnar, but he’s got his support.


We see Randy Orton’s “return” to Smackdown with a sit down interview with Michael Cole. Cole says this Monday Night on Raw, Randy finally showed where he stands, so how did it affect him mentally having to replay the attack from 4 months ago in his mind over and over. Randy says it changed him, something changed him mentally. Cole says Randy wove himself back into the Authority. Randy agrees stating that he had his blinders on for Rollins he came back at Fast Lane and thought that was his opportunity, but he is also an opportunist and saw an opportunity. The mind games, they were fun. Cole asks about helping Rollins defeat Reigns on Raw. Orton reminds Cole that he and Reigns aren’t friends, probably never will be. Orton says he’d use his own grandmother if it meant getting an opportunity to get to Seth Rollins. Cole asks about what Randy said to the Authority on Raw earlier in the show. Randy says it might not have been the smartest move but he knew Rollins was in a good mood and that they wouldn’t expect it. The look on Seth’s face when he looked relieved because Orton was “joking.” Fear is what motivates men, and looking at the look of fear in Rollins face when Rollins realized what was happening. Cole tells Randy that he has to know there will be hell to pay. Orton knows there will be hell to pay, and he’ll pay it, but it was worth it. Cole asks what the first thing Orton is going to do on Raw. Orton lets us know he is going to go to the ring and challenge Seth to a match at WrestleMania.


Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett, Stardust, and Luke Harper in a 6-man tag team match

Ambrose and Barrett start things, Ambrose hits a shoulder block and an elbow drop on Barrett. Ambrose locks in a submission on Barrett and then hits him in the head. He tags in Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler tries to twist the arm of Barrett but gets hit in the face. BNB tags in Stardust.

Ziggler whips Stardust into the corner and then tags Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes off the top rope and attacks the arm of Stardust. Bryan locks in the surfboard on Stardust. Ambrose leans over the ropes and whispers Cody. Stardust tags in Barrett, who gets a drop toe hold. Barrett gets Bryan in the corner and lands some shots. Barrett tags Stardust. Stardust gets Bryan in the corner and tries to whip him to the other but Bryan reverses and the hits his running splash. Bryan looks to set up the high knee but Stardust rolls out of the ring.


Luke Harper puts the Gator Roll on Bryan as we return. Harper locks in a laying headlock on Bryan. Bryan fights out of it but then gets his head slammed down. Barrett gets the tag and Bryan has his head slammed into the top turnbuckle. Barrett lays Daniel on the top turnbuckle and kicks Bryan in the gut. Stardust tags in lands some quick shots and tags Harper. Bryan manages to get a quick kick to the head, Bryan makes the hot tag to Ambrose and Stardust tags Harper. Ambrose knocks down Stardust, puts him in the corner and hits a running bulldog. Ambrose hits a reverse powerbomb. Ambrose takes out Harper on the outside, then sends Stardust outside and goes to the top rope. Ambrose jumps off the top turnbuckle and takes out both Harper and Stardust. Stardust gets back in the ring and tries to attack Ambrose, who ducks the second rope, bounces off and hits a big clothesline! Barrett for the distraction outside, Ambrose takes him out but eats a big boot from Harper.


Barrett has Ambrose hanging on the ropes and hits him with some heavy shots and a big boot. BNB locks in a headlock but Ambrose fights out of it but eats a big boot from Barrett. Stardust tags in. Stardust kicks Ambrose in the head and stomps his hand. Stardust puts Ambrose on the top turnbuckle looking for the superplex but Ambrose reverses it and sends Stardust face first into the mat. Ambrose makes the tag to Ziggler and Harper tags in as well. Ziggler takes control of Harper with a big shot and elbow. He hits the FameAsser on Harper who kicks out at 2. Harper rolls up Ziggler who was knocking Stardust off the side. Ziggler hits a Superkick.

Stardust comes in but Bryan comes in and kicks him in the head. BNB tries to come in but Bryan sends him over the top rope. All three faces in a line to do a suicide dive, Bryan and Ambrose hit it but Harper ran in too quickly and hit Ziggler with a big boot! Harper hits a sit down powerbomb but Ziggler kicks out at 2! Harper can’t believe it. He puts him in a torture rack but Ziggler fights out and hits the ZigZag. Bryan tags in and hits the high running knee for the win!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose

Michael Cole in the ring with a mic congratulating Daniel Bryan on the win. Ziggler grabs the mic and says yeah DB! Stole one from him for the win but it’s a win! He gets it! Wrestlemania season! Ambrose says congratulations to both; Daniel stole the win, Ziggler stole the show…like Ambrose stole the Intercontinental Championship. Which was his idea in the first place. He thinks that Dolph has a bit of an inferiority complex, see Dean thinks that Ambrose doesn’t think he’s as good as Daniel and that really bothers him. Ambrose says everyone tends to think Daniel is a really nice, good guy, but Ambrose knows the truth…he’s a turd. Ziggler says he doesn’t agree with Ambrose on a lot of things, but he agrees…he’s a turd.

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