WWE SmackDown 06 19 2018

WWE Smackdown Results
June 19, 2018
Toledo, Ohio
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Smackdown Live kicks off with general manager Paige talking about Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank. She states that tonight we will have a first ever 5 man gauntlet match where the winner will become the number 1 contender to AJ Style’s WWE title. Big E, Rusev, The Miz, Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan are the five participants.

Carmella, James Ellsworth and Asuka segment

WWE Smackdown Live women’s champion Carmella comes down to the ring. She says she wants to be real for just a second and that believe it or not when she was younger, she dealt with a lot of self confidence issues. How she never felt special or good enough. But she didn’t just sit back, she became the author of her life. She worked harder than everyone and saw something beautiful in herself before anyone else ever could. And she became the champion. What she’s trying to say is she just wants every young girl or boy out there who ever feels they are not good enough to look in the mirror and repeat these words. Mella is money!

She jokes about how everything she just said was a lie. She was moon walking and trash talking since she was in diapers. The real lesson is just give up because you can work twice as hard as her and you’ll still only be half as good.

She talks about how she won the Money in the Bank contract, became champion and she beat Charlotte Flair twice. And this past Sunday, she did the unthinkable and beat Asuka. She says the best part is she did it all by herself.

Asuka’s music hits. Someone dressed as Asuka comes down to the ring and the commentators are hinting that it may not be Asuka. The person takes the mask off and it’s James Ellsworth. He and Carmella hug and laugh.

Ellsworth grabs the mic and says no one was ready for Ellsworth. Especially not Asuka. He says he has soemthing very special to say to his princess. When you love someone, let them leave and well, nevermind. What’s important is that he is back. He is back to serve the greatest women in history. He says she is better than Charlotte Flair, better than Lita, better than Trish Stratus, Mother Theresa, Beyonce, better than Ronda Rousey but last and certainly least, she is better than Asuka.

Asuka’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. James Ellsworth takes his robe off and steps up to Asuka. The two start arguing and Asuka kicks him in the stomach and takes him down. Carmella superkicks Asuka down. She grabs Ellsworth and they both leave the ring.

Backstage Becky Lynch is seen getting ready for her match against Billie Kay next.

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Billie Kay vs. Becky Lynch

Billie Kay makes her way down to the ring with Peyton Royce. Billie asks Peyton where are they? Peyton butchers the name of the city and asks what does one do in Toledo? They joke about how they have that nice zoo and that explains why they have all these smelly animals. And speaking of things that smell, Becky Lynch. Peyton says she can talk about Becky or to Becky. Peyton then goes on to impersonate and make fun of Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring.

The bell rings and Becky takes Billie Kay down and starts pounding on her. Billie Kay rolls to the outside of the ring and Becky hits her with an uppercut. Becky with another uppercut and throws Kay into the ring. Peyton distracts Becky who was on the ring apron as Billy hits Becky off the ring apron.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Billie Kay has Becky Lynch in a headlock in the ring. Becky starts fighting back and gets out of it but Billie counters it into a rolling forearm taking Lynch down. With the referee distracted, Peyton Royce knees Becky in the head. Billie goes for the cover but Becky kicks out.

Becky fights Billie Kay away and climbs the top rope. Becky jumps off the top taking Billie down. Becky with a few drop kicks onto Billie Kay. The Becksploder and she goes for the cover but a 2 count only. Becky throws Billie Kay to the outside. Becky jumps off the ring apron and Billie moves out of the way as Becky lands on Peyton Royce. Meanwhile, Peyton back in the ring, Becky runs in as Billie goes for a suplex but Becky reverses it into the dis-arm-her! Billie Kay taps out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Highlights of last Tuesday’s Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy match. Jeff is backstage and says that last Sunday at Money in the Bank, AJ Styles is victorious and has moved on. But he has a memory that won’t allow him to move on. And that is Nakamura kneeing him in the face. Jeff says Nakamura’s actions made hi sharper focused. He says his eyes were closed before but now they are open.

A promo of SANitY airs as up next it is The Usos against SAnitY.

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Renee Young with Daniel Bryan

Renee Young is backstage with Daniel Bryan. She congratulates him for his victory against Big Cass and tonight is the gauntlet match. She says he will be the first competitor in the match and asks him how he will survive. He says he won’t survive, he will win. He says size does not matter. He says he has gotten to where he is today thanks to legs, lungs and heart. He says he wants to ask her a question. He asks her if she thinks he is ready to take on the biggest and baddest superstars in WWE? She says Yes and he says he loves that word as the fans chant YES.

The Usos vs. SAnitY

The Usos come down to the ring an USO chant from the crowd. They start off by saying that it looks like they have a whole new tag team here on Smackdown Live. And they’re out here wanting to make a name for themselves. They joke about how they looked like the Ultimate Warrior coming out of Sesame Street when they showed up with all the face paint. They said they have to show heart, give 100% and they did that.

They come to the ring and with the music still paying, The Usos attack the three men. All three men beat on The Usos and stand on top of them gloating.

Gallows and Anderson are backstage and they talk about how they are in the best shape of their lives. They show off Anderson’s abs.

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Nakamura is backstage with Renee Young. She mentions the loss to AJ Styles at Money in the Bank and he says what is a loss? How did he lose? He is standing right now. The only reason AJ is still WWE champion is because the referee counted really fast and he didn’t count in Japanese which is unfair. She asks him about Jeff Hardy’s comments from tonight. Nakamura says if Jeff Hardy crosses him again, he will close his (Jeff’s) eyes.

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WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
The Bludgeon Brothers (c’s) vs. Gallows and Anderson

Back from commercial and Gallows is in the ring with Rowan. On the outside, Harper throws Anderson onto the ring steps. Rowan has Gallows on the top rope and Rowan with a big suplex! He goes for the cover but Anderson breaks it up. In comes Harper who throws him to the outside. Both Harper and Rowan double team Anderson on the outside. Rowan back in the ring with a running splash onto Gallows. He goes for the cover but Gallows kicks out.

Rowan tags Harper into the match. Harper with a chop onto Gallows and a right hand. Harper tags Rowan in who elbow drops Gallows. Gallows starts fighting back with right hands but an elbow by Rowan takes Gallows down. Harper is tagged in. Both men with right hands to the back of Gallows. Harper sends Gallows to the corner but as he’s running, he big boots Rowan taking him out. He turns around and he takes Harper down. Gallows tags Anderson in who flies off the top rope and takes Harper down. Anderson with a spine buster onto Harper. He goes for the cover but a 2 count!

In comes Rowan but Anderson throws him to the outside. He turns around and Harper with a big slam. He goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out. Rowan back on the apron with Gallows still on the outside. Harper goes to tag Rowan but Gallows pulled Rowan to the outside. Rowan big boots Gallows out. Anderson goes for a quick fall but Harper kicks out. Harper tags Gallows in and a big power bomb by Rowan onto Anderson. He goes for the pin and gets the win.

Winners and still Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Bludgeon Brothers

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and as he’s walking down to the ring, he gets in between The Bludgeon Brothers. He stares at them and continues to the ring.

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Gauntlet Match: Big E vs. Rusev vs. The Miz vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan

Joining Daniel Bryan is Big E who coems down to the ring with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

The bell rings and we are under way. Daniel Bryan with an arm bar head lock but Big E simply picks him up and throws him away. Big E with a big shoulder block onto Daniel. Bryan gets back up, Big E goes for another shoulder block but Bryan trips him and gets Big E into a dragon sleeper. Big E gets out of it as Daniel Bryan starts with the kicks. Bryan with an arm lock onto Big E who gets out of it. Big E with a belly to belly suplex. With Bryan below the bottom rope, Big E gets on the ring apron and delivers a big splash onto Bryan who falls onto the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Daniel is on the top rope and misses the diving headbutt from the top rope. Big E goes for the cover but Daniel kicks out. Daniel gets up and a running clothesline onto Big E. Daniel Bryan in the corner as Big E runs towards him but Bryan trips him as Big E falls face first onto the turnbuckle.

Daniel Bryan with Yes kicks. He picks Big E and lifts him to the top rope and a hurricanrana by Daniel Bryan. Big E again in the corner and running dropkicks by Daniel Bryan onto Big E. He goes for another one but a big clothesline by Big E onto Daniel Bryan. Big E lifts Bryan up and drops him back first onto his knee. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out.

Big E grabs Daniel Bryan’s leg and wraps it around his neck as he lifts him up. Bryan reverses it and tries to go for the yes lock. Big E fights out of it but a triangle hold by Daniel Bryan. Big E lifts Daniel Bryan up who lets gol of the hold and Bryan goes for the heel hook but Big E grabs the ropes.

An uppercut by Daniel Bryan as Big E fights back. Bryan running to the ropes as Big E throws him onto the ring apron. Big E with a big spear through the ropes as both men go down onto the outside.

Big E throws Daniel Bryan back into the ring. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Bryan gets out of it and throws Vig E into the ring post. Bryan runs towards Big E and a double kick to the face. He goes for the cvover and gets the 3 count as Big E is eliminated.

Big E is eliminated.

In comes Samoa Joe.

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Samoa Joe with chops onto Daniel Bryan. Daniel fights back with chops and kicks but Joe catches Bryan with a running powerslam. He goes for the cover but Daniel kicks out. Joe with punches and chops as he goes for a back drop but Bryan lands on his feet and some more punches, chops and kicks by Bryan. He runs to the ropes but Joe catches him with a power bomb. He transitions the powerbomb into a Boston crab. Joe turns it into an STF and into a crossface. Bryan puts his leg on the bottom rope.

Back up, Joe goes for a kick but Bryan catches his leg and a drag screw. Bryan slides to the outside of the ring and smashes Samoa Joe’s leg onto the ring post. He grabs his leg again and smashes it into the ring post. Back in the ring, Bryan with an uppercut. He runs to the ropes but an atomic drop by Joe onto Bryan. And a big splash by Joe. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and Joe is kicking and chopping Bryan. Both men exchange right hands as Joe goes for the sleeper but Bryan throws him to the outside. Daniel Bryan runs off the ring apron and a flying knee onto Samoa Joe. Bryan throws Joe into the ring as he climbs the top rope. He jumps off and a drop kick onto Joe.

Daniel Bryan with kicks to the chest. He goes for another kick but Joe catches his foot as Bryan turns it into an inzighuri. Bryan goes for the knee to the face but Joe rolls to the outside. Bryan tries to slide onto Joe but Joe cathces him with the Coquinaa Clutch. Both men are outside as Daniel Bryan gets out of it and runs to the ring. The referee counts to 10 and Samoa Joe is counted out.

Samoa Joe is eliminated.

In come Harper and Rowan who attack Daniel Bryan.

The Miz runs to the ring and delivers the Skill Crushing Finale onto The Miz and pins him.

Daniel Bryan is eliminated.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Rusev catches The Miz and he delivers a fall away slam. He goes for the cover but The Miz kicks out. Rusev runs towards The Miz but The Miz lowers the rope and Rusev to the outside. The Miz with a double kick onto Rusev.

A loud Rusev day chant from the crowd. The Miz throws Rusev into the barricade and throws him into the ring. The Miz with a kick to the face and goes for the cover but Rusev kicks out. A sleeper by The Miz. Rusev fights out of it with right hands. He goes for another right hand but The Miz with a neckbreaker. He goes for the cover but another kick out.

Rusev in the ocrner as The Miz chokes him with his boot. The Miz gets on the top rope and a double axe onto Rusev. Once more he goes for the cover and again Rusev kicks out. The Miz with the headlock.

Rusev gets to the ropes and The Miz breaks up the hold. He runs towards Rusecv but a big boot onto The Miz. Both men exchange right hands. A big kick to the chest by Rusev onto The Miz. Rusev with a spinning heel kick takes The Miz down.

Rusev goes for the Mochka Kick but The Miz reverses it and tries to go for the Skull Crushng Finale but Rusev fights out of it and a big kick by Rusev. He goes for the cover but The Miz kicks out. The Miz rolls to the outside. Rusev throws The Miz back into the ring. Rusev on the ring apron but The Miz trips him up. The Miz slides to the outside and throws him into the ring steps. He throws Rusev back in the ring and goes for the cover but Rusevk icks out.

The Miz with kicks to the chest. He goes for another kick but Rusev ducks, he goes for the Accolade, The Miz reverses it and a DDT. He goes for the cover but Rusev kicks out. The Miz runs towards The Miz but Rusev catches him with the Mochka kick and the Accolade. The Miz taps out and Rusev wins.

Winner: Rusev

AJ Styles’ music hits and he walks down to the stage and into the ring. Styles lays the title down on the mat and the two men shake hands. In comes Aiden English as he extends his hand and AJ goes to shake it but Aiden pulls his arm away. AJ Styles knocks him down.