WWE NXT 08 10 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: San Jose, California| Date: August 10, 2010

Matt Striker & Michael Cole & Josh Mathews: This was a segment earlier in the day of Matt Striker explaining how a rookie will be eliminated tonight. Matt had a punching bag machine (the type you find in arcades and bars that shows how strong your punching power is) set up for the challenge, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews demonstrated how it worked.

Matt Striker & WWE Pros (Kofi Kingston & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Cody Rhodes & Michelle McCool & Layla & Zack Ryder & John Morrison & Montel Vontavious Porter) & NXT Rookies (Kaval & Husky Harris & Alex Riley & Michael McGillicutty & “Lucky” Cannon & Percy Watson): All the rookies and pros came onto the stage. Matt said due to the injuries sustained at the hands of Nexus Mark Henry would not be there tonight. Matt said someone else would be eliminated tonight. Matt said 3 weeks stood between the rookies and their dreams. Matt said they would have to do everything in their power to impress everyone tonight. Matt showed them the power of the punch challenge. Matt said 6 of them had to share the spotlight on RAW last Monday but whoever wins this challenge gets an individual appearance on RAW next week. Michael McGillicutty went first and got 862. Kaval went next and got 297, but since he kicked instead of punched he was disqualified. Percy Watson went next and got 716. Cannon got 743 and nearly tipped over. Husky Harris only got 380. Alex Riley got 882; winning the challenge. Matt asked him if he had a strategy. Alex said he had no strategy and is simply the best. Alex said Miz is a reality TV star but he is a star in reality. Embarrassingly Josh Mathews beat most of these rookies.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & John Morrison: Miz told John he was short one member and since John Cena and Bret Hart already asked him for help, he wants John Morrison to do it too. John Morrison said he wouldn’t ask him and if he was so sure they should have a match tonight so he can show why they don’t need him.

Kaval & “Showtime” Percy Watson & “Lucky” Cannon defeated Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris & Alex Riley: Cannon and Husky started off. Cannon wrenched the arm and brought Husky to the corner. Percy tagged in and went for the arm. Husky took down Percy with a flying cross body and tagged in Alex. Alex went for the arm of Percy but Percy managed to enziguri Alex right out of the ring. Cannon tagged in and also went for the arm. Alex Riley retreated from the ring and took a breather so Cannon jumped onto him. Back from commercial Husky was tackling Cannon into the turnbuckle. The heels continued to work on Cannon until he finally clotheslined Michael and got the hot tag to Kaval. Kaval exploded on Michael and put in a dragon sleeper but Husky broke it up. Everything broke down and Kaval was able to sidestep the swinging neckbreaker and hit the warrior’s way for 3.

WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated John Morrison: John was in control at the beginning of the match, even hitting a standing shooting star press until Miz managed to knee John in the gut moments later. Miz went for the running corner clothesline but John moved and turned it into a backslide for 2. Miz rolled out of the ring so John hit him with a flying corkscrew. Back from commercial Miz had a headlock in. Miz choked John on the middle rope and followed up with his corner clothesline. Miz elbowed John in the head several times and walked over him. Miz put the headlock back in but John fought out if it and rolled up Miz for 2. John exploded on Miz and hit the springboard kick for 2. Miz managed to duck another kick and big boot John in the skull. John kicked Miz in the head twice but Miz dodged starship pain and a follow up pele kick. Miz finished off John with the skull crushing finale.

Matt Striker & NXT Rookies (Kaval & Percy Watson & Michael McGillicutty & “Lucky” Cannon & Husky Harris & Alex Riley): Matt asked the rookies who should be eliminated. Michael McGillicutty said Cannon should be eliminated because he’s lucky to even be there. Kaval said Cannon hasn’t really made an impact. Percy didn’t want to answer the question but ended up saying Alex Riley because he talks too much. Cannon said anybody but him should be eliminated because he wants it the most. Husky Harris said Cannon should go home because he hasn’t even won yet. Alex Riley said besides Matt Striker, Michael should be eliminated. Kaval was ranked #1. Michael McGillicutty was ranked #2. Percy Watson was ranked #3. Husky Harris was ranked #4. Matt told Cannon and Riley to step forward. Alex Riley was ranked #5 so Cannon got eliminated. Matt asked Cannon what he thought of Kaval and what his parting words are. Cannon said he wasn’t going anywhere about Kaval. Cannon said he wasn’t going to flip out but he was wondering if the WWE Universe has been enjoying NXT season 2 as much as he did. Cannon made fun of a few people and said this wasn’t the last you have seen of him. Cannon tried to shake some hands and left. Matt asked Riley if he thought there was something about his attitude that is disconnecting with the WWE universe. Alex said he is not there to cater to the fans. Alex said he will not change who he is. Alex wanted to know how he fell from #3 to #5. Alex said he will prove in the next few weeks and next week on RAW that he is going to win this contest and one day be the WWE champion. Matt told them not to get too comfortable because next week there will be 2 eliminations.