WWE NXT 04 05 2011

NXT April 5th, 2010

Announcers: William Regal & Todd Grisham

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina



Matt Striker & Maryse & Titus O Neil & Jacob Novak & Lucky Cannon & Byron Saxton & Conor O Brien & Darren Young

Maryse said tonight’s challenge is answering trivia questions. Matt said he’ll ask a question, and each rookie will give an answer until someone screws up. The first question was name a WrestleMania 27 winner, Darren Young said Bret Hart for some reason and was eliminated. When it got to Lucky Cannon he asked Matt if he knew where his girlfriend was last night, so he was eliminated. When it got to Conor again he couldn’t name anyone else so he was eliminated. The next category was naming any inductee to the 2011 hall of fame. After a few rounds Jacob couldn’t think of anyone and was eliminated. The last category was naming NXT rookies. After naming about 100 Titus was finally eliminated, making Byron the winner.


Conor O Brien w/Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jacob Novak w/JTG

Conor won with a roll up.


Lucky Cannon & Yoshi Tatsu + Maryse Ouellette + Ted DiBiase Jr.

Lucky apologized to Yoshi for being so mean. Yoshi told Lucky to apologize to Maryse. Lucky said Maryse was all his and said she liked him. Yoshi asked Maryse out but before she could answer Ted DiBiase showed up to no reaction and attacked him. Ted asked Maryse if Yoshi could afford to be her boyfriend. Ted said he’s going to teach Yoshi a lesson later.


Vladimir Kozlov & JTG

Vladimir was making fun of JTG or something. JTG said it takes more than winning a match to be successful in the WWE (you know because JTG has been so successful in the WWE). JTG said he’ll make his rookie better than Vladimir’s and they shook hands.


Titus O Neil & Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young

Titus won the match with his sit out spinebuster.


Yoshi Tatsu defeated Ted Dibiase Jr. by DQ

Ted got disqualified for stomping Tatsu in the corner and not stopping. After the match Maryse screamed at Ted in French. Ted said she had a week to chose between NXT or him.