WWE NXT 11 01 2017

WWE NXT Results
November 1, 2017
Winter Park, FL (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Renallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Report by Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The NXT intro brings us to a packed crowd at Full Sail as commentary hypes words from Drew McIntyre on Twitter leading to General Manager William Regal making the NXT Championship match official for Takeover: Houston, and tonight we not only have the contract signing for that match but we have the NXT Tag Team Championship on the line a SAnitY defend against the Authors of Pain in our main event!

Back at ringside, Taynara Conti makes her way to the ring for our opening match of the night. Out next is Nikki Cross, who eyes the NXT Women’s Championship before heading to the ring. She goes crazy on the ropes, eagerly waiting to get her hands on Conti as this match is underway!

Taynara Conti vs. Nikki Cross

Cross charges at Conti, hitting a cross body that’s quickly reverse by Conti, before Cross takes control again. Conti escapes, forcing Cross to chase her out of the ring as she climbs up on the apron. Cross drops her into the apron curtain, whaling on her with forearms before getting her back in the ring. Cross continues the attack before Conti fights back, throwing Cross down by the hair before stomping her in the midsection and hitting the arm as she goes for a cover, getting a nearfall. Cross taunts Conti, who responds with a roundhouse kick twice over and a double wrist lock before Cross escapes, unleashing a flurry of offense before setting Conti up on the tree of woe as Cross stomps down hard on Conti. Cross with a Scorpion Death Drop and a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Nikki Cross

Cross celebrates in the ring as we get replays of the match. We cut backstage, where Paul Ellering stands outside the locker room of the Authors of Pain eagerly awaiting the main event. Commentary hypes Johnny Gargano taking on Fabian Aichner up next!

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Back from the break, we thank Power Trip for “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe),” one of the official themes of Takeover: Houston.

We go back to last week, where Mercedes Martinez is asked for her thoughts on losing the battle royal to qualify for the Women’s title match at Takeover. She expresses her disappointment in losing, but notes she’s won all over the world. When asked to speculate who’s going to win at Takeover, but she won’t speculate who will win, but she’ll tell you who WON’T win, and that’s someone who just can’t win those big matches…and that is Ember Moon.

Back at ringside, Fabian Aichner makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Johnny Gargano, and this match is underway!

Fabian Aichner vs. Johnny Gargano

Both men lock up, and Fabian working the arm of Johnny who reverses into a drop toe hold and a front face lock. Fabian tries to escape before lifting Johnny onto the ropes to break the hold. Fancy footwork on the ropes gets Johnny a nearfall, before he hits a headscissors and dropkick for another nearfall. Gargano wrenches Fabian’s arm in the corner but Fabian gets out, hitting a power slam off the ropes! Gargano with a hard chop before he sends Fabian out of the ring, following him only to get tossed onto the apron by Fabian as we go to break!

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Back from break, Fabian is in control with a bearhug as Gargano elbows his way out, only for Fabian to continue the attack with a European uppercut. Gargano fights back with a back elbow and a rolling kick to the face, gaining some momentum as he hits a slingshot spear for a nearfall. Fabian on the apron as Gargano goes for a suplex, but Fabian catches him with a front suplex before going for a double springboard moonsault, only for Gargano to catch him with a slingshot DDT for a nearfall! Gargano hits a hard chop on Fabian in the corner before setting Fabian up in the corner, but Fabian gets out before reversing a cross body into a backbreaker and a powerbomb for a close nearfall. Fabian with some hard right hands before both men exchange blows, and Fabian catches Gargano with a backbreaker before leaping off the top for a moonsault…but Gargano gets the knees up! Gargano goes for a Gargano Escape, but Fabian reverses into a abdominal stretch package, rolling Gargano up for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Fabian Aichner

Fabian rolls out of the ring to celebrate as Gargano looks on, shocked at what’s just happened. We get replays from the match as Fabian taunts Gargano before heading to the back. Commentary hypes the NXT Tag Team Championship match later tonight, and backstage we see Drew McIntyre signing the contract for the NXT Championship match at Takeover: Houston.

– VIDEO PACKAGE: Aleister Black answers Velveteen Dream’s call for attention, challenging him to a match at Takeover: Houston –

We go to earlier tonight, where Street Profits are seen admiring a Maserati when Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss appear, bragging about their car and making fun of the Profits. The Profits walk off, talking more smack on Moss and Tino as we go back to ringside where Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring with his title and the contract for the title match…and suddenly, Andrade “Cien” Almas runs out and attacks him! He lays the boot to the champ, slamming the title onto him as Vega picks up the contract. Almas signs the contract, grabbing a piece of gum from Vega’s mouth and sticking the contract with it onto the chest of Drew before they walk off.

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Back from break, we thank Marmozets for “Play,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Houston! Commentary hypes the NXT Championship match made official for Takeover, as Drew is set to defend the title against Andrade “Cien” Almas. Also slated for the event is a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship as Kairi Sane, Ember Moon, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross face off for the vacant title! We go to earlier today, catching up with the Iconic Duo as they express frustration with Kay not being in the match. They switch gears to making fun of Sane, who appears behind them and silently threatens them just to get a proper spook, saluting them before walking off. Commentary hypes Kairi Sane taking on Billie Kay next week on NXT! Back at ringside, SAnitY of Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe make their way out for our main event of the evening! Out next are the Authors of Pain, accompanied to the ring by Paul Ellering as they make their way to the ring. AOP confront SAnitY before the ring introductions for the challengers and the champions. The bell rings, and this main event is underway!

Main Event: NXT Tag Team Championships
SAnitY (c’s) vs. The Authors of Pain

Young and Rezar start off with a lock up as Young is taken to the corner, shoving Rezar before he’s taken to another corner but catches Rezar with a right hand. Rezar drives Young to the corner before tagging in Akam, who continues the attack on Young before he’s driven to the SAnitY corner as Wolfe tags in. Double team by SAnitY after a tag to Young gets him a nearfall, but Wolfe tags right back in for another double team. Wolfe catches Rezar on the apron with a boot but gets taken down hard by Akam, who tags in Rezar. Rezar with some clubbing blows for a nearfall, and he hits a boot to the head of Wolfe as he continues the attack before tagging in Akam, who lays into Wolfe as we go to break.

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Back from break, AOP are still in control as Rezar locks in a front guillotine on Wolfe, who struggles to get to his feet before Akam tags in for a double team and a nearfall. Akam lays into Wolfe some more, taunting the crowd before tagging in Rezar and a double team from AOP. Wolfe catches Rezar with a boot to the face, both men going down as the ref begins the ten count when Young and Akam get their tags in, and Young hits a jumping neckbreaker before climbing up top. Wolfe with a German suplex on Rezar as Young hits an elbow drop on Akam…two count! Wolfe tags in and hits a right hand from the top rope, tagging Young back in for a double team for a nearfall before things become chaos in the ring between all four men. AOP hit the Super Collider on SAnitY, and a Last Chapter for the cover…and Undisputed Era run in, breaking the count and beating up all four men as the ref calls for the bell!

Result: No Contest

Killian Dain runs down to help SAnitY, but Undisputed are too much for him as they continue the beatdown until Roderick Strong comes to the ring. Strong presents the armband they handed him last week, putting it on as the Undisputed Era are elated…until Strong attacks them instead! It’s absolute bedlam in the ring as the AOP help Strong out, and Strong removes the armband, throwing it at Undisputed Era. William Regal comes out, calling the situation madness and saying there’s only one way to contain this madness. At Takeover: Houston, it’ll be SAnitY taking on the Undisputed Era, taking on the Authors of Pain AND Roderick Strong in a Triple Threat Match…but it won’t be just any Triple Threat Match, there’s only one match that can contain this chaos…one match so brutal, that it hasn’t been seen in twenty years. At Takeover: Houston, these men will be in TWO rings, in ONE cage, in WAR GAMES! The crowd is electric for this announcement, and everyone but Undisputed Era is excited for this as the show comes to a close!

Quick Results:

* Nikki Cross def. Taynara Conti
* Fabian Aichner def. Johnny Gargano
* NXT Tag Team Championship ends in a No Contest