WWE NXT 03 29 2017

March 29, 2017
Orlando, Florida (The Venue at UCF)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Report by Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The NXT intro brings us into a packed crowd at The Venue as commentary hypes up Takeover: Orlando as well as tonight’s Loser Leaves NXT match as Kassius Ohno takes on Elias Samson in our main event! At ringside, Johnny Gargano is accompanied by Tommaso Ciampa for tonight’s opening match. Out next is Dash Wilder, accompanied by Scott Dawson, and after that Rezar and Paul Ellering accompany Akam to the ring. The bell rings, and this preview of the NXT Tag Team Championship at Takeover is underway!

Triple Threat Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Dash Wilder vs. Akam

Akam focuses on Wilder to start, allowing Gargano to hop on Akam’s back…but Akam tosses him off with ease. Wilder and Gargano quickly team together to take Akam down with an enziguri from Gargano before Wilder sends him out of the ring with a dropkick. Wilder suggests they take a dive together, but goes for a stomp on Gargano that is blocked. Gargano unloading a flurry of offense on Wilder before he’s taken down hard by Akam, who goes after Wilder before Dawson pulls him out of the ring and The Revival are headed to the back as we go to break.

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Back from break, Akam is in control as he hoists Gargano up on his shoulders for a Torture Rack as the crowd chants “JOHNNY WRESTLING.” Gargano looks out of it as Akam tightens the hold, but Gargano now fighting out of it. Gargano getting a head of steam as he continues the attack, trying to get Akam off his feet. It takes a spear through the middle rope to do this, and he gets a nearfall in the process. Another flurry of offense from Gargano, but Akam responds with a big boot from the corner that brings Gargano down hard! Akam goes for a powerbomb but Gargano gets out, turning things around with a set of superkicks before Rezar pulls him out of the ring, looking to do some damage before Takeover. Ciampa gets involved now, and things have broken down. Back in the ring now are Akam and Gargano, with Gargano going for a DDT off the ropes but Akam blocks it, setting Gargano up on his shoulders. Akam launches Gargano into the ropes, driving Gargano into the mat with a huge powerbomb! Before he can go for the cover, Akam is stopped by Dawson grabbing him by the leg. The distraction allows Wilder to slide into the ring, covering Gargano for the cheap victory!

Winner via pinfall: Dash Wilder

The Revival quickly hightail it up the ramp as the Authors of Pain are clearly upset at what happened. We see DIY trying to to recover as commentary hype the NXT Women’s Championship Contract Signing later tonight.

– Video Package: Heavy Machinery, in action up next! –


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– Video Package: Aleister Black debuts at Takeover: Orlando –

Back from break, commentary hypes the big debut for Black as he takes on Andrade “Cien” Almas at Takeover: Orlando. We thank I Prevail for their song “Come And Get It,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Orlando! Back at ringside, Heavy Machinery make their way to the ring for the next match. Their opponents are already in the ring, and this match is underway!

Tag Match
Heavy Machinery vs. Jonathan Ortagan & Mike Marshall

Tucker starts things off against Ortagan, driving him hard into the mat with a hip toss. Ortagan goes for a cross body but lands in the arms of Tucker, holding him in a bearhug as he tags in Otis. Otis locks in a bearhug of his own before Ortagan escapes, tagging in Marshall. Otis sends him into the ring hard before tagging in Tucker, and they hit a double shoulder tackle on Marshall, following with a double headbutt. Ortagan runs in, but gets taken down easily by Heavy Machinery. Ortagan and Marshall manage to get some offense in, but Tucker takes them both down hard with a double clothesline. Otis comes in, unloading on both men before hitting a big belly to belly on Ortagan for a nearfall as Marshall breaks it up. Marshall gets taken out of the ring, and a couple double team moves is all she wrote as Heavy Machinery pick up the win!

Winners via pinfall: Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery celebrate in the ring as we get replays of the match. Commentary hypes the contract signing for the NXT Women’s Championship! Backstage, William Regal is standing by with both the champion and challenger. Ember Moon says she knows who Asuka is. She’s a great champion, and since Ember came into NXT she knew this war was inevitable. Asuka has changed, but Ember warns that while the champ’s fate is to become the greatest of all time, Ember’s fate is to dethrone her. Ember signs the contract and Regal hands it over to Asuka, who says she knows who Ember is and knows that she is not ready. Ember says she’s been ready for a long time, to which Asuka simply laughs before walking off. Regal finishes the signature in the contract, wishing Ember the best of luck as commentary hypes the Loser Leaves NXT match later tonight. Up next, we’ll take a look at the history between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura ahead of their NXT Championship battle at Takeover: Orlando!


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We thank Baroness for “Shock Me,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Orlando! In a video package, we see Bobby Roode watching the title match he had against Shinsuke Nakamura in Toronto. Roode’s lifestyle is shown as we focus on the challenger Shinsuke Nakamura and his rise in NXT, who says there is nothing “glorious” about Bobby Roode. Fate will decide the future of NXT as the King of Strong Style takes on the Glorious One at Takeover: Orlando! Commentary hypes the upcoming special, including the NXT Tag Team Championship match! Backstage, Paul Ellering is backstage with the Authors of Pain as he promises DIY and The Revival that their fate is in the hands of Authors of Pain at Takeover! Up next, Kassius Ohno takes on Elias Samson in our main event with the loser being forced to leave NXT!


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We thank for “Loud,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Orlando! Commentary hypes a new match signed for Takeover, as SAnitY takes on the team of Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, and the newest member of NXT, Ruby Riot! Back at ringside, we are gearing up for our main event as Kassius Ohno makes his way to the ring. Out next is Elias Samson, and this main event is underway!

Main Event: Loser Leaves NXT
Kassius Ohno vs. Elias Samson

Crowd chanting “DRIFT AWAY” as we start things off, and both men lock up before Samson rolls Ohno up for a nearfall. They lock up again, and Ohno gets a nearfall off a rollup this time. Headlock by Samson, but Ohno fights out of it wrenching the arm of the Drifter. Ohno getting a head of steam with some offense, hitting a senton for a nearfall. Samson rolls out of the ring but Ohno catches him. Samson throws Ohno into the steel post, bringing him down hard as we go to break.

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Back from break, Samson is unloading on Ohno before he gets a nearfall. Ohno tries to roll Samson up, but Samson catches him with a crossface! Ohno is in danger here as he struggles to the ropes. Ohno rolls onto his back, but Samson gets right back on it. Kassius tries again, but Samson won’t allow it. Ohno finally makes it to the bottom rope, forcing Samson to break the hold. Right hand by Samson, who hits a chop only for Ohno to hit a hard forearm thrice over, and another for good measure before Samson brings him down with a clothesline line for a nearfall! Samson puts the boot on Ohno, but Kassius hits a jumping knee strike followed by a spinning boot for a nearfall! Samson in the corner as he surprises Ohno with a cover, getting the boots up on the ropes as the ref starts to count the fall but stops when he sees the feet on the ropes! Samson with a backslide for a nearfall, and continues with a neckbreaker for a nearfall as well. Samson is doing everything he can, but gets laid out with a rolling elbow giving Ohno the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kassius Ohno

We get replays of the match as Ohno leaves the ring. It’s announced that Elias Samson must leave NXT as the crowd chants “NA NA NA NAH, NA NA NA NAH, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE” and “DRIFT AWAY.” Officials enter the ring to get Samson to leave. Security starts to force him out, but Samson says he’ll leave if they just give him his guitar. Ohno is back in the ring now with Samson’s guitar, telling Samson to come into the ring to get it…and stomping his boot right into it instead! Samson is beside himself as he is escorted out of the arena. Ohno leaves the ring with the guitar, destroying it further as the show comes to a close with a video package for NXT Takeover this Saturday.




Quick Results:

* Dash Wilder def. Johnny Gargano and Akam
* Heavy Machinery def. Jonathan Ortagan and Mike Marshall
* Loser Leaves NXT: Kassius Ohno def. Elias Samson

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