WWE NXT 07 12 2017

 Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Renallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
OWW Staff

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We open with a video package focused on Tommasso Ciampa explaining his actions at Takeover: Chicago. We see clips from that match as Ciampa talks about his injury, and looking across at his best friend and at the crowd…and realizing that just like the crowd was going to replace him, Gargano was going to replace him. If he was going away for a long time, Johnny Wrestling was going away for a long, long time. Takeover: Chicago was MY moment. We end the video with the news that Johnny Gargano is here tonight to address Ciampa. We go to commentary, who confirm the news before going to last week, with Roderick Strong seeing his fiancee and mom after losing to Bobby Roode. Commentary hypes Bobby Roode being here tonight, as well as the NXT Championship match as the Authors of Pain defend against Heavy Machinery in our main event. With that we go to ringside, as Aleister Black makes his way to the ring for our opening match. He heads to the ring, a leap over the rope into his seated pose in the middle of the ring. Out next, introduced as making his NXT debut…it’s Bobby Fish! The former Ring of Honor TV and Tag Team Champion has entrance music, on his Network debut! Fish is as excited as the crowd is, as he makes his way to the ring. The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Fish

They have a feeling-out process with some kick attempts, before exchanging holds. Black wringing the arm of Fish, who tries to reverse to no avail. Fish finally reverses, but Black changes it into an armbar of sorts. Leapfrog by Fish as Black runs the ropes, sitting down on the canvas. This confuses Fish, who goes for a kick but Black dodges before giving Fish a hard kick. Both men lock up and Fish has Black in a side headlock, but Black gets out before they exchange kicks with Fish getting the upper hand. Fish taunts Black, who charges with a kick that’s caught by Fish…but Black unleashes a flurry of offense that sends Fish out of the ring as Black does a backflip off the ropes into a seated position. Fish grabs Black on the apron, chokehold that he lets go before the five count. Fish catches Black off-guard with a leg sweep before heading back into the ring as we go to break.


Back form break, Fish is still in control with some kicks and a snapmare before hitting a senton for a nearfall. Fish with a hard kick on Black, who backs off from Fish who continues the attack. Fish dodges a punch to hit some lefts and rights, grabbing Black’s leg for some kicks before hitting a dragon screw leg whip that brings Black down hard. Fish continues to work the leg of Black, before locking in a single-leg Boston crab. Black reverses, getting Fish on his shoulders for a nearfall. Fish grabs Black’s leg before putting him in a sleeper hold, Black fading fast before building back up to a vertical base. He backs Fish into the corner to break the hold, but Fish puts it back on. Another backup into the corner breaks the hold again, but Fish hits a boot on Black who responds with a knee…only for Fish to hit an exploder suplex into the corner for a nearfall! Fish taunts Black, driving his boot into his head. This angers Black, who hits some forearms and kicks that send Fish into the corner. He charges at Fish with a forearm, and as Fish comes out of the corner Black hits a backflip kick followed by a knee that knocks Fish out. Black sets Fish up, hitting the Black Mass for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Aleister Black

Black meditates in the ring as we get replays from the match. Black stands tall, looking down at a fallen Fish as we go back to last week and the tag match featuring Hideo and Itami, along with their drama from a lack of understanding. We go to exclusive video of Itami being frustrated and Ohno trying to talk some sense into him. Itami insists they lost because of Ohno, and Ohno says he’s done trying to talk to Itami. Commentary hypes a Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match as Vanessa Borne takes on Jayme Hachey, and that match is up next!

– VIDEO PACKAGE: Street Prophets coming soon –

Commentary talks up Street Profits before hyping up the Velveteen Dream, and we go back to two weeks ago when Dream refuses to be interviewed because it’s not the right atmosphere. Back at ringside, Vaness Borne makes her way to the ring for a Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match. Out next is Jayme Hachey, and this match is underway!

Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match
Vanessa Borne vs. Jayme Hachey

Both women lock up and exchange waist locks before Hachey takes Borne down with a shoulder tackle. Running of the ropes and Hachey hits a sunset flip, only for Borne to flip out of it hitting her with a kick to the spine. Hachey with a knee, picking Borne up for a sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Hachey drives her knee into the back of Borne, who gets to her feet before sending Hachey into the corner. Double chop by Borne, and she’s picking up a head of steam now with a kick to the gut, picking Hachey up with an impressive side suplex for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Vanessa Borne

Borne celebrates as commentary hypes our main event NXT Tag Team Championship, as well as Johnny Gargano’s return to NXT coming up next!

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Back from break, we go back to last week with a video showing SAnitY’s Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe attacking Drew McIntyre. Officials come out to stop the assault as Wolfe mocks McIntyre.

Backstage, William Regal is talking to Bobby Roode about future challengers to the title, noting the undefeated streaks of Drew McIntyre and Killian Dain. Roode suggests McIntyre and Dain face off, which Regal agrees is a good idea…before announcing that the winner of that match will face Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at Takeover: Brooklyn.

Johnny Gargano returns

Roode smugly walks off as we go back to ringside, where Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring for the first time since Takeover: Chicago. Chants of “JOHNNY WRESTLING” as Gargano gets a microphone. After a while, Gargano starts to speak saying he’s missed the chants. That, and the ring are irreplaceable, so thank you very much. When I used to hear the music I used to get excited, because it meant something special. But you all saw what happened at Takeover: Chicago…and just like you, I didn’t see it coming. I had no idea that the guy I took a bullet for would pull the trigger on me. I’ve sat back and tried to rationalize the decisions made, asking myself why. I don’t get it, and I just don’t understand…and I don’t think I ever will. I’m not here to dwell on the past, I’m here to move forward, to look at the future. Sometimes things happen in life that you can’t control, but what you CAN control is how you react. I’m standing right here, and I need to get back to doing what I love to do…being in this ring, in front of all of you. Takeover: Brooklyn is the biggest show of the year, and I need to be there! I need to be Johnny Gargano again…but more importantly, I need to be Johnny Wrestling! The crowd shows their appreciation for him as commentary hypes the tale of the tape for the NXT Tag Team Championships, coming up next!

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Back from break, commentary hypes Drew McIntyre taking on Killian Dain next week for a shot at the NXT Championship at Takeover: Brooklyn! Also next week, Ember Moon takes on Ruby Riot! Back at ringside, we get ready for our main event tonight as Heavy Machinery make their way to the ring. Out next are the NXT Tag Team Champions, the Authors of Pain, accompanied by Paul Ellering as they approach the ring. We get ring introductions for the challengers and champions, and this main event is underway!

Main Event for the NXT Tag Team Championships
The Authors of Pain (c’s) vs. Heavy Machinery

Tucker and Akam start things off with a lock up, neither man quite getting an advantage until Akam blocks a charge by Tucker, stopping him long enough to tag in Rezar as Otis tags in. Show of strength from both men now as Rezar goes for a shoulder tackle, only to be knocked down by Otis! Akam comes into the ring, as does Tucker, and the ref is doing all he can to control the situation as we go to break.

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Back from break, Akam is in control keeping pressure on the head of Tucker before Rezar tags in. Double team by the champs gets a nearfall as Tucker struggles to get a tag from Otis. Rezar cuts him off at the pass, cranking on the head of Tucker before hitting him in the head. Tucker gets to his feet, only for Akam to tag in. Tucker starts to fight back, but Akam hits him in the head with a knee for a nearfall before tagging Rezar back in. More constant rotation by the champs, Tucker tries to fight back only to be dropped with a side slam for a nearfall. Rezar back in, messing with Tucker…only for Tucker to hit a HUGE clothesline that sends him off his feet! Big tag to Otis as Akam tags in, and Otis is a man possessed hitting clotheslines on both Authors before delivering a belly to belly suplex! Tag to Tucker and a double team gets Heavy Machinery a nearfall, and they’re feeling the end might be near…but Rezar stops the Compactor, and the Authors hit the Last Chapter for the win!

Winners via pinfall (and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions): The Authors of Pain

The champs celebrate in the ring as we get replays of the match. Heavy Machinery regroup outside the ring as the champs continue to celebrate…when suddenly, the music of SAnitY hits! Dain, Wolfe, and Cross come out to the stage and paper starts falling down from the ceiling…commentary speculates whether the sheets of paper are pages from the Book of Dominance as the show comes to a close.

Quick Results:

* Aleister Black def. Bobby Fish
* Mae Young Classic Qualifier: Vanessa Borne def. Jayme Hachey
* The Authors of Pain def. Heavy Machinery to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships