WWE NXT 10 18 2017

WWE NXT Results
October 18, 2017
Winter Park, FL (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Renallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Report by Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We open with a video package hyping the main event between SAnitY and Undisputed Era, before the NXT intro brings us to a packed crowd at Full Sail as Sonya Deville makes her way to the ring for tonight’s opening match. Out next is Ember Moon, followed by Ruby Riot. The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Triple Threat Women’s Championship Qualifier
Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot

We start with a test of strength between Riot and Moon, and they try to get Sonya to join to no avail, as she kicks Riot before she’s rolled up by Ember for a nearfall, and Riot gets a nearfall on Ember. Headscissors takedown by Riot takes Moon out of the ring, and Sonya takes Riot down with a lariat for a nearfall. Riot reverses a whip into an arm drag and a flurry of offense on Sonya as Ember gets back in the ring. Riot takes Moon and Sonya down, Sonya rolling out of the ring as Ember and Riot exchange holds. They knock Sonya off the apron before focusing on each other again, Moon getting a nearfall before Sonya comes back in. Ember takes Sonya down to get a nearfall, and gets a nearfall on Riot as well. Sonya back up, hitting some hard kicks on Ember as we go to break.

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Back from break, Sonya is in control with a gut wrench suplex on both Moon and Riot. Riot drives the head of Sonya into the corner, before throwing Ember into Sonya. Ember dodges another attack, throwing Ruby out of the ring before getting a nearfall on Sonya. Ember hits the ropes, only to jump right into a spear by Sonya for a nearfall. Ruby breaks it up as Ember rolls out of the ring, as Ruby and Sonya exchange blows. Sonya gets the advantage with a knee to the gut of Ruby, but Ruby manages to get Sonya out of the ring before going for a dive…running right into a forearm by Sonya! Ember goes on the attack now, but Sonya throws her into the apron before climbing on. She leaps off, only for Ember to hit a dropkick on her! Ruby climbs up top as the other two women get up, and she leaps off onto them! Ruby’s ankle is hurt as she brings Ember back into the ring, hitting a hard kick on Ember but favoring the leg as Sonya slides into the ring, locking in the ankle lock on Ruby! She applies the grapevine, causing even more damage as Ruby struggles to get to the ropes and escape. Sonya brings her back in, locking the ankle lock back on! Ruby looks like she could tap out any second, but Ember hits an Eclipse on Sonya from behind! Sonya rolls out of the way as Ember ends up pinning Ruby for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ember Moon

Ember celebrates in the ring as we get replays of the match. Commentary hypes the Fatal 4-Way Match for the title at Takeover: Houston, as we have just one more space to fill! Later tonight is a big six-man tag match as SAnitY takes on Undisputed Era, and we go to security footage earlier in the week as Undisputed Era appears to talk to Roderick Strong, handing him a shirt. Moments later, Strong hands them back the shirt before walking off. We’ll hear from the NXT Champion Drew McIntyre later tonight, but up next Aleister Black is in action!

Backstage, William Regal addresses the final qualifier for the NXT Women’s Championship match when the Iconic Duo interrupt, saying Regal was going to announce Kay was in said qualifier. Regal agrees, but adds that she will be in a battle royal with the rest of the women’s division…and the winner of that will advance to the title match at Takeover: Houston. An angry Kay walks off, Royce scolding Regal before leaving as we go back to ringside, where Raul Mendoza makes his way to the ring for the next match. Out next is Aleister Black, slowly making his way to the ring before leaping into a seated position in the middle of the ring. The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Raul Mendoza vs. Aleister Black

Velveteen Dream jumps up on the apron, putting on the vest of Black which provides a distraction that Mendoza takes advantage of with a flurry of offense on Black. Dream taunts Black as Mendoza hits a springboard senton for a nearfall. Black is back on his feet as Mendoza goes for a kick, which Black catches and reverses with a kick of his own that brings Mendoza down hard. Black gets a head of steam as he hits some more hard kicks followed by a springboard moonsault and the Black Mass for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Aleister Black

Black sits in the ring, refusing to look at Dream as we get replays of the match. Dream retreats up the ramp with Black’s vest, and Black finally looks in the direction of Dream as he walks away. Later tonight, SAnitY takes on Undisputed Era, and Kassius Ohno is set to be in action, but up next we’ll have an exclusive interview with Drew McIntyre!

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Back from break, Christy St. Cloud is standing by with Drew McIntyre, who talks about what’s been happening in NXT and becoming champion, the tough journey to this point and dealing with his release from WWE before. He talked to his dad who asked if he was going to be okay, especially since he and his girlfriend had moved into an apartment four days prior and in talking to his girlfriend (now wife), she noticed a fire was missing when he was released…but after a while, he found that the fire came back and he was going to be okay. Some time later, he came back and four months later became champion. He talks about what he wants to do in NXT at this point, helping to inspire people…suddenly, we see Zelina Vega walk in and interrupt, saying she’s taking over the interview. Vega talks about Drew and Andrade having a lot in common as Almas was on a downward slope before she came along. She asks Drew why he’s been avoiding Almas, but Drew says to talk to Regal. Vega retorts that the champ has the most pull with Regal. Drew understands what’s happening, and tells Vega to have Almas come to him directly, look him in the eye, and say that he actually wants the match. Vega agrees to this, walking off as we go back to ringside where Kassius Ohno is headed to the ring for the next match. Out next is Cezar Bononi, and this match is underway!

Kassius Ohno vs. Cezar Bononi

Things kick off with a kick to Ohno by Cezar, to which Ohno responds with some hard chops. Cezar answers with a dropkick and a nearfall, followed by a chin lock and some hard knee strikes that gets him another nearfall. Cezar stays on the attack whipping Ohno to the corner and hitting a dropkick that sends Ohno out of the ring! Cezar brings him back in the ring, and only gets a nearfall before hitting a suplex for another nearfall. Ohno blocks a whip and dodges a dropkick, hitting a senton splash on Cezar. Ohno charging in the corner takes a big boot by Bononi, but Ohno responds with one of his own that sends Cezar out of the ring. Cezar comes back in, but Ohno unloads some more offense before hitting the rolling elbow for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kassius Ohno

Ohno celebrates in the ring as we get replays from the match, and Ohno heads up the ramp as commentary hypes our six man tag main event, as SAnitY takes on Undisputed Era next!

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Back from break, commentary hypes Johnny Gargano taking on Fabian Aichner in two weeks, and next week’s battle royal to determine the final contender for the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover: Houston! Back at ringside, Undisputed Era of Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Adam Cole (BAYBAY) make their way to the ring for our main event of the night. Out next is SAnitY, accompanied by Nikki Cross as they head to the ring. SAnitY stare down Undisputed Era as the bell rings, and this main event is underway!

Main Event: Six Man Tag Match
SAnitY vs. Undisputed Era

Wolfe and Fish kicking things off with a lock up that leads to Wolfe shoving Fish to the corner, but Fish hits some hard kicks on Wolfe before he hits a forearm and a European uppercut. Fish drives Wolfe into the turnbuckle before tagging in O’Reilly, who walks into a body slam by Wolfe who tags in Young. They hit a double team as Dain tags in, launching himself into O’Reilly for another double team as Young tags in, Wolfe hitting a gut buster and Young getting the cover for a nearfall. Things start to break down as Cole and Fish get involved, allowing O’Reilly to hit some hard kicks and knee strikes before tagging in Fish. Fish hits some hard right hands on Young, hitting a snapmare for a nearfall. Cole and O’Reilly get involved and Fish hits a hard kick on Young, sending him out of the ring as we go to break.

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Back from break, Undisputed Era still in control as Cole continues the attack on Young. Cole with a sleeper hold on Young, who’s struggling to get to his feet. Young gets tossed into the corner of the Undisputed Era as Kyle tags in, hitting some hard strikes before tagging in Fish and hitting a double team for a nearfall. Fish brings Young back to their corner, tagging in Cole for another double team. Cole taunts Young before hitting a boot on him, throwing him back in the corner before tagging in Fish. Tag to Kyle as they double team Young, allowing Kyle to get a nearfall. Kyle continues the attack in another corner with some hard kicks, before taking out Wolfe on the apron. Kyle goes after Young, but Young evades and goes for a tag to Dain to no avail as Kyle tags in Fish, who gets kicked off as Young makes the hot tag to Dain! Dain unloads on Fish and O’Reilly. Dain with avalanche splashes on both Fish and O’Reilly, and a kick by Fish does nothing to stop Dain as he picks up Kyle AND Fish for a Samoan drop and fall away slam combo! Dain slams Fish, hits a senton splash and a Vader bomb but Cole hits a kick to the back of Dain’s head. Wolfe comes in, as does Kyle, and a jumping neckbreaker double team takes him out as Cole realizes he stands alone against all of SAnitY, who stalk Cole outside. Dain grabs Cole’s hair from behind, pulling him back into the ring. SAnitY sets Cole up for a triple team move when the Authors of Pain come out to the ring! Wolfe goes after them first, him and Young getting laid out as the bell rings. AOP demolish SAnitY as the Undisputed Era head up the ramp to avoid disaster, and AOP hit the Super Collider on Wolfe and Young as Undisputed Era look on from the stage, Paul Ellering raising the hands of AOP to close the show.

Winner: No Contest

Quick Results:

* Ember Moon def. Ruby Riot & Sonya Deville
* Aleister Black def. Raul Mendoza
* Kassius Ohno def. Cezar Bononi
* SAnitY vs Undisputed Era results in a No Contest