WWE NXT 10 25 2017

WWE NXT Results
October 26, 2017
Winter Park, FL (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Renallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Report by Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We open in the office of General Manager William Regal, who announces that Nikki Cross will have another opportunity to qualify for the Women’s Championship match at Takeover: Houston by participating in the battle royal tonight. He would be remiss not to talk about the confrontation between Undisputed Era, the Authors of Pain, and SAnitY. He’s spoken to each of them about their conduct, and next week the Authors of Pain will get their Tag Team Championship rematch against SAnitY…and the member of SAnitY not competing will be banned from ringside.

With that, the NXT intro brings us to a packed crowd at Full Sail as Oney Lorcan makes his way to the ring, quickly followed by Danny Burch for the opening match of the night. Out next are their opponents, as Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss make their way to the ring. The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Tag Match
Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

Moss and Burch start things off as Lorcan lays into Moss with a chop and some hard uppercuts before Moss shoves him into the corner and hits a shoulder block. Lorcan fights back before tagging in Burch, who lays into Moss before Moss drives him into the other corner tagging in Tino. Double team by Tino and Moss before Burch fights back, hitting a missile dropkick for the nearfall. Tino takes a couple European uppercuts by Burch but responds with a hard clothesline before tagging in Moss, who drives a boot into Burch before mocking Lorcan. Tag to Tino, double team and a dropkick by Tino gets him a nearfall. Tino with a sleeper hold as Burch fights to get back on his feet, only for Tino to shove him into the corner and get a tag to Moss. Double team attempt is dodged by Burch, who gets a tag to Lorcan! Lorcan unleashes on Tino and Moss in the corners with uppercuts and more, but Moss catches him with a fall away slam into the corner. Moss knocks Burch off the apron before tagging in Tino, hitting a Gory Special combined with a running bulldog for the win!

Winners via pinfall: Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

Tino and Moss celebrate in the ring as we get replays from the match. They head up the ramp as Burch checks on Lorcan, and commentary talks about what happened two weeks ago when Undisputed Era sent Taynara Conti to interfere and prevent Nikki Cross from winning a Triple Threat match to qualify for Takeover. Commentary hypes the NXT Women’s Championship match at Takeover, and up next is the battle royal to determine the final competitor! Vanessa Borne, Bianca Belair, Sage Beckett, and Mercedes Martinez are introduced as we go to break.

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Back from break, more of the women have entered the ring for the battle royal as Candice LeRae enters to a big pop from the crowd. Billie Kay enters next, and last out is Nikki Cross who enters from opposite the stage, staring her opponents down before entering. She charges at Taynara as the bell rings!

NXT Women’s Championship Qualifying Battle Royal

It’s chaos from the jump as Nikki eliminates Conti, who pulls Cross out from under the bottom rope before throwing her into the barricade. Royce throws Cross into the stairs as we go back to the insanity inside the ring. Near eliminations taking place on each side as Rhea Ripley gets eliminated by a combined effort followed closely by Zeda!

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Back from break, the chaos continues as we see Dakota Kai being eliminated and several near eliminations in the process! Lacey Evans fighting to stay in as Sage Beckett eliminates Aliyah. Nikki comes back in, leaping off the top to hit a cross body on most of the women in the ring! Cross unloads on all of them before hitting an inverted DDT and a bulldog. She eliminates Vanessa Borne and Sage Beckett in quick succession, followed by Santana Garrett and Abbey Laith. Kay goes on the attack on Cross as Belair fights off two others in the corner. Sarah Logan gets knocked out of the ring off the top rope by Belair and Martinez! Lacey Evans gets eliminated by falling off the apron after sweeping the leg of Candice LeRae, who tries to stop Belair from eliminating her as Cross fights Martinez in the other corner. Belair lifts LeRae up in a military press, throwing her over the rope to eliminate her! Final four are Cross, Belair, Martinez, and Kay as Belair looks to eliminate Kay, who hangs on for dear life by the hair of Belair before getting back in the ring. Belair responds by whipping Kay with her hair before Martinez intervenes, as Cross goes after Kay and the two of them fall through the ropes to the outside. Belair lifts Martinez up to eliminate her but Martinez responds with some hard chops into the corner, setting her up on the top turnbuckle before hitting a running boot that nearly drops Belair to the outside! Martinez charges at Belair, who blocks her and gets her on the apron before hitting some forearms. They exchange blows until Cross charges at them, eliminating them both! Kay tries to take advantage by dumping her over the top rope, but Cross is able to hang on to the rope and catches Kay’s leg on the top rope, rolling into the ring and dumping Kay over the top rope for the win!

Winner via elimination: Nikki Cross

Regal is in the middle of the ring with the Women’s Championship as Royce and Cross get into it until Ember Moon’s music hits, bringing her down to the ring to confront Royce and Cross when Kairi Sane’s music hits, bringing the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner to the ring as commentary hypes Roderick Strong taking on Andrade “Cien” Almas later tonight. Up next, Aleister Black is in action!

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Back from break, we go to earlier this week as Drew McIntyre was confronted by Zelina Vega in regards to Almas getting a shot at the NXT Championship. Drew reminds her that Almas has to confront him face to face and ask for the match. Vega refuses to answer any questions, walking off as we give a shout out to Marmozets for “Play,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Houston. Back at ringside, Aleister Black makes his way to the ring for the next match…but Velveteen Dream pops up behind him, attacking him outside the ring before bringing him in to continue the damage. He ties Black up in the ropes, shouting at Black to say his name before slapping Black in the face!He yells at him again, and again he slaps Black in the face. Dream runs the ropes, but gets caught with a kick to the face as Black gets out of the ropes. Dream leaves the ring, heading up the ramp as we cut backstage to Roderick Strong getting ready for the main event up next!

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Back from break, we thank Power Trip for “Exceutioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe),” another theme song of Takeover: Houston!

Next week, SAnitY defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against the Authors of Pain!

Back at ringside, Andrade “Cien” Almas is accompanied by Zelina Vega as he makes his way to the ring for tonight’s main event. Vega has a mic, and says we don’t get the amount of success that Vega has by being a patient woman. Andrade has been waiting a week for a contract for an NXT Championship match against Drew McIntyre, and here we are…still no contract! I understand that climbing the mountain of success is hard, and that’s exactly what you did at Takeover: Brooklyn…but just like the last time you were in WWE, you’ve realized that the higher you climb the mountain, the harder it becomes to breathe! Drew McIntyre is ducking Andrade because he knows, just like Roderick Strong will find out soon enough, that Drew is not man enough to breathe the rarified air of a champion! Roderick Strong’s music hits as he comes out to the ring next.

The bell rings, and this match is underway!

Main Event
Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Roderick Strong

Things start quick with a lock up and a shoving contest between the two men, before Strong stays in control with a headlock. Exchange of holds by both men leads to a pendulum backbreaker by Strong for a nearfall. Chop by Strong and a whip to the corner, but Andrade goes for a suplex on the apron. Andrade hits a backbreaker and clothesline that drives Strong onto the apron before going back into the ring as we go to break.

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Back from break, Andrade charges into Strong with a chop! Strong fighting back, throwing Almas into the ropes but Almas poses before locking Strong in an armbar of sorts before breaking the hold. Almas focuses on the arm, wrenching it as Strong struggles to his feet. Strong back to a vertical base and hits an arm drag and sends Almas out of the ring! Almas back in the ring now, but takes a hard kick by Strong! Strong with some hard chops and a whip into the ropes, hitting a high knee. Misses a slam but hits a pop up gut buster. Strong charges into the corner but takes a boot to the face for his trouble, as Almas goes for that armbar again…but this time, Strong locks in a Boston Crab of sorts on the ropes to stop Almas in his tracks! Almas catches Strong on the ropes, but Strong hits a step up enziguri and backbreaker right onto the apron…but only gets a nearfall! Strong with some forearms in the corner, setting Almas up on top…Almas fighting back now, hitting a tornado DDT for a nearfall! Almas looking for the hammerlock DDT, reversed by Strong, reversed by Almas into a head scissors takedown. Almas with a back elbow that sends Strong into the corner, and Almas hits the double knees for a close two count! Almas going for the hammerlock again but Strong reverses. They exchanges blows again and Almas goes for a double knee in the corner again…only for Strong to hit a high knee out of nowhere! Angle slam and another knee before Strong sends Almas out of the ring. Strong throws Almas into the ring but as the ref is distracted, Vega jumps off the apron hitting a head scissors that sends Strong into the steel steps! Almas comes out of the ring, bringing Strong back in to hit a hammerlock DDT for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Andrade “Cien” Almas

Almas and Vega celebrate in the ring as we get replays of the match. We see them coming up to the commentary table, as Vega grabs Mauro’s headset to issue a warning to Drew McIntyre: next week, Andrade will meet you face to face! They head to the back as Strong is left in the ring when Undisputed Era make their way to the ring to have a chat with Roderick. Cole tells Strong he is not a loser, and that he needs to join them. Cole even hands Strong an armband, which Strong reluctantly accepts as they tell him the world will be “ours” before leaving the ring as the show comes to a close.

Quick Results:

* Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss def. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan
* Nikki Cross wins a Battle Royal to compete for the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover: Houston
* Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Roderick Strong