WWE NXT 10 02 2019

WWE NXT Results
October 2, 2019
Winter Park, Florida
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

Then… Now… Forever…

A drone shot over Full Sail University sails… Corey Taylor, lead singer of Slipknot, tells us… if you are looking for something more, welcome home. This is NXT.

Full Sail is rocking as Mauro Ranallo tells us that while this show is with limited commercial interruption, the first 30 minutes will be commercial free! Matt Riddle makes his way down the ramp, the NXT Championship Match is kicking us off! We’re reminded of last week’s match Riddle had with Killian Dain to earn him this shot at the title. Adam Cole, NXT Champion, makes his way to the ring… here we go!

NXT Champion Adam Cole v. Matt Riddle

The lights come on, Riddle with a waistlock takedown of Cole. Twice… A third… he tries for the Fujiwara Armbar but Cole slips out to the ropes. Cole and Riddle lock up and corral to the corner. Cole with punches and kicks, the referee admonishes him away. Cole tries for a kick, Riddle counters with a sidestep into a waistlock… three successive gutwrench suplexes! The cover… kick out at 2.

Riddle kicks Cole down with every time he tries to stand up. Cole is now on the outside, Riddle tries to bring him in but eats an ensiguri sending him tumbling to the floor. Cole sends Riddle into the steel steps, then into the ring to the corner for more kicks to the midsection. Tussling between the two out of the corner leads to a vicious back elbow off the ropes by Cole! Swinging neckbreaker to follow… the cover… kickout at 2.

Riddle battles his way to his feet, but misses a kick! Ushigaroshi by Cole! Cover… another kickout at 2. Cole now wears down Riddle in the center of the ring with headscissors into a pin! Kickout at 2! Riddle pops up… Big boot by Cole!

Riddle battles back to his feet with a flurry of palm strikes. Cole is now in the corner, Riddle with two running forearms and an Exploder suplex out of it. Off the ropes, Riddle misses a Penalty Kick… misses a Moonsault but lands on his feet… hits a Senton… and NOW hits the Penalty Kick! Cover… kickout at 2!

Riddle has Cole set up for an Alabama Slam… Cole slides off. Cole tries to pull Riddle down for the cover, Riddle rolls back to his feet. Penalty Kick misses… Cole with a schoolboy pin try… Riddle to his feet… he hoists Cole up for a powerbomb… Cole floats around onto his feet… Cole misses with a clothesline, Riddle has his wrist… he pulls Cole in for a sick knee to the face! Still has the wrist clutched, hooks the leg, Fisherman’s Buster! Cover… Kickout at 2! Riddle gets up, deadlifts Cole from around the waist into a bridged German Suplex! Kickout at 2!

Riddle brings Cole up into a Fireman’s Carry, Cole with elbows to Riddle’s jaw to get out of it. On his feet from behind, Backstabber! Cole with the cover… kickout at 2!

Cole and Riddle battle on their knees then to their feet. Riddle continuously slapping the chest of Cole until Cole stomps on Riddle’s bare foot. Cole Superkick misses… Riddle boots Cole’s injured arm… Cole hits the Superkick but Riddle is still up… he charges in, Riddle floors him with a knee to the face! Cole on a knee, bounces up with an Ensiguri… but Riddle isn’t phased! Riddle with a waistlock… high arc German Suplex! Riddle brings Cole up for a Suplex float… Cole counters to an Ushigoroshi! Cover! Riddle kicks out at 2!

Cole has now rolled to the apron, Riddle meets him there separated by the ropes. Cole misses a lariat, Riddle hits with a kick to the temple. Riddle has Cole up in a Fireman’s Carry on the apron! Cole slides off back into the ring and boots Riddle off the apron to the floor. Cole leaps from the apron for an axehandle, eats a Riddle knee instead. Riddle rolls Cole into the ring, he’s climbing to the top rope… Corkscrew Senton… Cole gets the knees up! Cole races to the opposite corner, standing on the second turnbuckle waiting for a dazed Riddle… Panama Sunrise! Cover… Kickout at 2!

Cole brings down the kneepad trying for the Last Shot…but can’t get it off as Riddle collapses in a heap. Cole goes to the turnbuckle for another Panama Sunrise… Riddle catches him… floats to a Fireman’s… GO TO SLEEP! Follows it with a Powerbomb! Knee to the face! To the top rope… Corkscrew Senton! Cover! Kickout at 2….

Riddle climbs the top rope, Cole crotches him. Cole meets him there but is chopped off! Riddle slingshots from the apron into the ring, eats a Cole superkick! Another one to the back of the head! Cole to the second rope again… another Panama Sunrise! Cole off the ropes looking for the Last Shot… Riddle ducks! BROMISSION! DEAD CENTER! Cole slides out of it… FJUIWARA ARMBAR! Riddle brings him to the center of the ring… Cole writhes away into the corner… Riddle rushes in and BIG elbow to the face! LAST SHOT!!! 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: NXT Champion Adam Cole by pinfall

Adam Cole celebrates in the ring until… the music hits… FINN BALOR has come home!!

We’re shown a video package of Candace LaRae and Shayna Baszler hyping their title match for later tonight.

Velveteen Dream is lying on a couch surrounded by lovely women, challenging Roderick Strong to an NXT North American Title match where he won’t have Undisputed Era there to help.

A video package airs hyping Lio Rush and his title match with Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak for next week’s NXT.

Io Shirai is making her way to the ring… and Mia Yim does as well for their match.

Io Shirai v. Mia Yim

Io wants nothing of Mia’s sportsmanship-like handshake, but misses a dropkick. Yim with two arm drags and a dropkick sends Yim to the corner. Follows with a big boot! Cover… kickout at 2.

Yim brings Shirai up, atomic drop sends Shirai stumbling through the ropes to the outside. Baseball slide by Yim. Yim starts to chop Shirai around the ring perimeter. Shirai turns the tables with a Tiger Feint kick along the apron and then rolls Yim into the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Shirai rushes into a Yim elbow from the corner. Shirai rushes again, catches Yim’s attempted kick, Dragon Screw Legwhip. Dropkick to a prone Yim… cover… kickout at 2!

Shirai and Yim battling with slaps and forearms on the mat. Shirai brings Yim up, off the ropes.. flapjack. Shirai handstands over Yim and drives her knees into Yim’s stomach! Cover… kickout at 2.

Shirai runs in for double knees in the corner, Yim rolls away. Shirai brings Yim up, double-underhooks her… Yim powers out with a back body drop… Shirai lands on her feet! Shirai off the ropes… overhead belly-to-belly throw by Yim!

Yim and Shirai battling back and forth, back and forth. Yim now kicking Shirai, but she begs for more! Yim off the ropes, huracanrana by Shirai! Yim gets up, rushes to Shirai, drop toe hold onto the second rope… Tiger Feint Kick by Shirai! Springboard off the top rope, missile dropkick! Cover… kickout at 2!

Shiria brings Yim up… Yim kicks her in the stomach… CODE BLUE! Cover… kickout at 2. Shirai rolls to the outside… Yim meets her out there with a suicide tope!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Yim is scaling the top tope but Shirai is meeting her there. Superplex! Shirai slowly makes her way up, connects with am evil swinging low kick to Yim’s face. To the top… MOONSAULT! 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Io Shirai by pinfall

WWE Hall of Famers Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are at ringisde for tonight’s show!

Street Profits and Bianca Belair have also arrived to Full Sail.

A video hyping the return of Tegan Nox airs, as she shows her battle from a debilitating knee injury.

Johnny Gargano is making his way to the ring, and his opponent Shane Thorne does so as well.

Johnny Gargano v. Shane Thorne

Gargano and Thorne exchange wristlocks and headlocks, leading to Gargano trying for a crucifix pin but Thorne slides out. Gargano trying for the Gargano Escape, Thorne scrambles to the ropes. BIG European uppercut by Thorne, follows it with a belly-to-back suplex!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Thorne sends another uppercut to Gargano’s grill. Tries for another belly-to-back, Gargano sends elbows and hits a knee as Thorne tries to lift him! Gargano is fighting back… a rolling kick sends Thorne to the outside. Gargano is off the ropes… eats a forearm from Thorne! Gargano is unphased, hits the Suidico Tope anyway! Rolls Thorne into the ring, Slingshot Spear! Cover… kick out at 2.

Gargano is on the apron waiting to connect the Thunderstruck DDT. He leaps over the ropes but Thorne has him in a Fireman’s. Gargano slides off, pushes him into the ropes. Hits the running double knees… but Thorne follows him to the opposite corner for a running leg lariat! A head of steam! CANNONBALL! Thorne hoists Gargano up… High Angle Powerbomb! Cover! Kickout at 2!

Thorne and Gargano hitting each other with strikes back and forth… hits and misses left and right, but Gargano eventually connects with a Reverserana! Gargano in the corner… kick to the jaw. Cover… 1… 2.. 3!

WINNER: Johnny Gargano by pinfall

After a rundown of this Friday’s Fox Network premiere of “Friday Night Smackdown”, Candice LeRae makes her way to the ring. Shayna Baszler does as well, without the aid of her fellow horsewomen, and here we go!

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler v. Candice LeRae

The lights come on and Baszler has taken LeRae down, practically toying with her. But LeRae makes her way up, step-up Ensiguri sends Baszler to the apron. Baszler sits there and takes a dropkick from behind, sending her to the floor. LeRae on the apron, springboard crossbody to the outside!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and LeRae is scaling to the top turnbuckle. Baszler pushes her leg out and hangs her up over the top rope, sending her to the floor. Baszler takes her time going to the outside and slings LeRae into the steel steps. Baszler weaves LeRae’s wrist into an opening of the steel steps… steps back… and kicks LeRae’s elbow!

LeRae leaps up, crying in agony, rolling back into the ring to escape Baszler. Baszler with a knee into LeRae’s face in the corner. Cover….. kick out at 2! Baszler begins to work and grind on LeRae’s mangled wrist. LeRae makes it to the ropes breaking Baszler’s clutches and finds respite sitting on the apron.

Baszler goes through the ropes, out of the ring to meet LeRae on the apron. She misses a lariat and LeRae is trying to German Suplex Baszler off the apron to the floor but Baszler is grabbing for dear life to the ropes! A back elbow breaks the hold but LeRae connects with a DDT onto the apron. LeRae off the ropes… TOPE!!! LeRae off the ropes for ANOTHER TOPE! A THIRD!

Baszler rolled back into the ring and LeRae scales to the top turnbuckle. Baszler is to her feet and kicks LeRae in the head, stunning her on the top rope. Baszler scales up to her, LeRae pushes her off but Baszler goes to her again, gutwrench suplex from the top rope!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and LeRae just launched Baszler with a snap German suplex! Both are back to their feet, exchanging strikes, LeRaw missing… KIRAFUDA CLUTCH! But LeRae rolls backwards and out of it, and locks Baszler in a KIRAFUDA of her own! Baszler to her feet and slings LeRae off of her. Baszler tries to lock it in again but is backed into the corner. That doesn’t stop her, as she has LeRae in the Kirafuda standing on the second rope, hanging LeRae!

LeRae escapes, a big right hand stuns Baszler sitting on the top turnbuckle. LeRae scales to her, swinging neckbreaker from the top! Cover… kickout at 2! Baszler trying again for the Kirafuda, LeRae rolls backward again this time to pin Baszler’s shoulders. She rolls out! LeRae tries for a backslide, hits a Double-Arm DDT! LeRae for a springboard moonsault… Baszler moves out the way and locks in the Kirafuda! LeRae tries to get to her feet but can’t stand!… She tries scrambling to the ropes… but is forced to tap.

WINNER: Shayna Baszler by submission

Stephanie McMahon, Mark Henry and Alundra Blaze are in the crowd enjoying the show.

We’re given a rundown of this Sunday’s “Hell in a Cell” PPV.

A video airs reminding us of Imperium’s intrusion on Kushida’s match two weeks ago, because next week, Kushida faces NXT UK Champion WALTER in a non-title match.

The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne makes his way to the ring and his opponent, Danny Burch does so as well!

Pete Dunne v. Danny Burch

A series of holds and counterholds is what were brought to… armbar counters…. crossface counters… BIG swings and BIG misses as Burch and Dunne stare down.

Locked up, Dunne sends Burch to the ropes… duck under… leapfrog… another duck under… and a MASSIVE clothesline sends Burch down.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and the referee is slipping on the latex gloves as Dunne kicks out of a Burch cover. The two to their feet exchange forearms back and forth. Dunne sent to the corner, he steps off the turnbuckle and flips over a charging Burch! Ensiguri to Burch’s temple, German suplex! Stomps on Burch’s hands! Kick to the back of the head! Hoists him up… Sit-Out Powerbomb! Kickout at 2!

Dunne grabbing Burch’s wrists, looking to stomp a mudhole in him! Burch pulls and rolls him for a schoolboy. Kickout at 2. The two collide shoulder-first looking for uppercuts. Dunne charges Burch, kicks off the turnbuckle again but Burch scouts it. Headbutt to the back of the neck! Burch sends Dunne to the ropes, Pop-up Powerbomb! A knee strike to follow! Burch hoists Dunne up, hanging him by the feet on the top rope, Hangman’s DDT! Cover! Kickout at 2!

The two battle each other up to their feet. Burch misses a right and Dunne has his fingers! SNAP!! Dunne sets him up… BITTER END. 1… 2… 3.

WINNER: Pete Dunne by pinfall

As Dunne celebrates, the lights go out except for a spotlight on him. Suddenly, Damian Priest appears attacking him from behind.

After a commercial break, entrances, and all this pomp and circumstance video montage about the NXT Tag Team Championship…. Let’s do this!!!

NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) v. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford)

Back from break, Ford is in the opposing corner taking body shots from O’Reilly. Fish tagged in, kicks to the midsection is followed by an Abdominal Stretch. O’Reilly occasionally reaches through the ropes aiding Fish’s leverage. The referee sees it but O’Reilly tags in before the full 5-Count… Ford hip tosses Fish over… Belly-to-Back by O’Reilly… Ford lands on his feet! O’Reilly charges into the corner but misses a leaping Ford! Fish misses wildly with a kick as Ford rolls under and leaps for the Dawkins hot tag!

Clotheslines to both O’Reilly and Fish! Dawkins is cleaning house! 360 splashes to both in different corners! O’Reilly stumbles to the center of the ring… Dawkins launches him into the corner where Fish is prone! O’Reilly leapfrogs Dawkins’ spear but Fish takes it! Striking exchange between Dawkins and O’Reilly leads to Dawkins nailing a Leg-Capture Suplex! Cover! Kickout at 2!

Dawkins waiting for O’Reilly to get up for a Spear… but eats a knee. O’Reilly punches Dawkins into their corner. Dawkins legs is hanging over the second rope and Fish dragon screws it from the floor! O’ Reilly off the ropes, Dawkins back body drops him over the ropes onto Fish! Dawkins is crawling to his corner for a tag but Ford is nowhere to be found. O’Reilly leaps from the top rope with a knee drop onto Dawkins’ leg and goes into a Heel Hold!

Ford makes it to the apron, Dawkins is trying to get to the ropes but Fish comes in dragging O’Reilly back to the center of the ring. Ford makes his way into the ring but Fish meets him with a Guillotine chokehold! Ford bounces off the ropes and plows Fish into O’Reilly, breaking up the submission holds.

O’ Reilly and Fish striking in the center of the ring. Dawkins strikes O’Reilly back into his corner, Fish makes the tag. Fish walks over to the opposite corner, scales to the top looking down on a crawling Dawkins to get to his corner. Fish leaps… but Dawkins leaps and gets the Ford Tag! Ford on the top rope! Frog Splash! Cover… Kick out at 2!

Dawkins hoists Fish up in an electric chair… Ford is climbing the ropes again. O’ Reilly gets back in the ring, yanks Fish off of Dawkins’ shoulders. Fish and O’ Reilly roll out of the ring to the outside, the walk back to their corner but Dawkins is there to strike! The three are brawling, Ford launches himself over the top turnbuckle onto all three! HE grabs Fish and rolls him into the ring!

Ford scales the top but Roderick Strong has come to ringside and is now on the apron! He tries to distract Ford but eats a spear from Dawkins! Through the distraction, Fish pulls Ford off the top… O’ Reilly tagged in… High-Low Combo! 1… 2… 3!

WINNERS: NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era by pinfall

The three of them are in the ring celebrating with their respective titles as Adam Cole walks to the top of the aisle to show his appreciation for them as well. Suddenly… the music hits… Tommaso Ciampa is back! He circles around Cole… gazing at his once lovely Goldy. And that’s how we end it!