WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell PPV

October 2, 2011

New Orleans, LA

Announcers: Michael Cole & Jim Ross & Booker T
Sheamus defeated Christian
Good Sin Cara defeated Evil Sin Cara
Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston beat Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie
Mark Henry (c) defeated Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Title Hell in a Cell)
Cody Rhodes (c) defeated John Morrison (WWE Intercontinental Title)
Beth Phoenix  defeated Kelly Kelly (c) (WWE Diva’s Title Match)
Alberto Del Rio  beat John Cena (c) and C.M. Punk (Hell in a Cell 3-WAY)


Sheamus defeated Christian: The Miz and R-Truth were in the audience but security pushed them back. Sheamus managed to defeated Christian with a brogue kick.

Matt Striker & World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry: Matt was going to ask Mark a question but Mark told him to shut up. Mark impersonated Matt and said Matt was going to ask him how he was going to do for his first time in Hell in a Cell. Mark said he doesn’t care where he faces Randy Orton, Randy is going to join the hall of pain.

Good Sin Cara defeated Evil Sin Cara: In a match that the crowd surprisingly hated, Sin Cara defeated Sin Cara with a sunset flip powerbomb.

CM Punk & David Otunga: CM Punk was getting ready when David Otunga came in and Punk asked him if he had ambulances to be chasing. David laughed and said he was representing the rights of all WWE superstars. Punk said he didn’t need a Harvard lawyer representing him because he has his own voice. David said if he wins the title he might change his mind. Punk said he would win the title, he wouldn’t change his mind, and he hated lawyers. Punk told David to vanish.

WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) defeated Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero to retain: Evan hit Jack with a middle rope hurricarana while Kofi took care of Dolph for the 3. After the match Vickie got mad at Jack for losing.

World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton to retain: In an okay match Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton by reversing the punt into a WSS for 3. After the match Mark put a chair on Orton’s ankle and went for the Vader bomb but Orton moved and beat the crap out of Henry with the chair.

Josh Mathews & Alberto Del Rio: Alberto said tonight wasn’t fair and he shouldn’t be in this brutal match. Alberto said when an animal is trapped it’s when he becomes more dangerous and viscous. Alberto said tonight they will see a side of him they didn’t know existed.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes defeated John Morrison to retain: Cody said many fans are watching from home wearing paper bags. Cody said they haven’t gotten to Halloween yet but he wouldn’t let half of the fans there on his street. Cody said the current IC championship should be put to rest. Cody threw the title in a paper bag. Cody told his assistant to hand him a velvet bag. Cody pulled the old white IC title out. Cody said this was the classic IC title. Cody said the very same that was held by greats like Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Macho Man, and even Stone Cold. Cody said in honor of them he will wear the classic IC title. Cody said he will wear it with more pride and dignity than any of them. Cody said unlike them he will defend it against any man, any time and any place. Johnny Ace came out. Johnny said Triple H demanded he come out to inform Cody he will be defending the title tonight against John Morrison. Cody dodged the beautiful disaster and rolled John up for 3.

Triple H & Johnny Ace + The Miz & R-Truth & Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston: HHH was backstage on the phone when Johnny said they had a problem. HHH told Johnny to shut up. Johnny said Miz and Truth were in the building. They ran to some room and Truth and Miz had beaten up Kofi & Evan while security guards pulled them away. HHH yelled at Johnny and said if it happened again it was his ass.

Beth Phoenix w/Natalya Neidhart defeated Kelly Kelly w/Eve Torres to win the WWE Diva’s titleNatalya threw Eve into the barricade. Beth locked in a weird submission while Natalya told her to scream on the microphone. Kelly got to the ropes and while the ref was breaking the hold Natalya hit her with the microphone. Beth hit the glam slam for 3.

Alberto Del Rio defeated CM Punk and John Cena to win the WWE championship: Ricardo grabbed the key from the ref and gave Alberto a pipe. Cena attacked Ricardo and was hit with the pipe and locked out of the cell. Del Rio beat Punk up with the pipe and pinned him for 3. After the match Miz and Truth hit the ring and the cell was lowered again. Miz and Truth beat the crap out of everyone while the locker room surrounded the cell. Some cops showed up with bolt cutters and Miz and Truth surrendered. The cops cuffed them and were taking them away when HHH attacked both of them. Two people pulled HHH off while Miz and Truth got taken away.