WWE Fully Loaded 2000

July 23, 2000 – Dallas, Texas – Reunion Arena drawing ???
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  1. 6PERSON TAG: The Hardy Boyz & Lita beat Test & Albert & Trish Stratus..
  2. MATCH: Tazz beat Al Snow via submission..
  3. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Perry Saturn pinned Eddie Guerrero to win the title!
  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Acolytes beat Edge & Christian (Champs) via DQ..
  5. WWF I-C Champ Val Venis beat Rikishi (14:10) in a “steel cage” match..
  6. MATCH: The Undertaker pinned Kurt Angle..
  7. LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: Triple H beat Chris Jericho..
  8. FEDERATION TITLE MATCH: The Rock pinned Chris Benoit to retain..