WWE Money in the Bank 2014

WWE Money in the Bank
Location: Boston, MA
Date: June 29, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler

The 2014 WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff pre-show kicks off as fans are piling into the TD Garden in Boston. Renee Young is joined by Booker T, Alex Riley and special guest Christian. There’s a large Booker T chant to start. Renee hypes Daniel Bryan’s pre-show appearance. We go backstage to Tom Phillips in the social media lounge. He asks fans to tweet their favorites to win with the hashtag #MITB. We get a video package on Bryan.

Christian says the variables of the ladder match make it a toss-up. Riley picks Bray Wyatt to win. Booker picks Randy Orton to win because of Kane being there. Byron Saxton is backstage with Roman Reigns. Reigns talks about taking his spot at the head of the table where he belongs and showing why he runs the yard later tonight. Renee leads us to the Money in the Bank by the numbers video. She announces Bad News Barrett won’t be able to compete tonight due to the shoulder injury. We get more hype for tonight’s matches before going to a preview for the WWE Network Vickie Guerrero special. We come back and Michael Cole is in the ring to bring out Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan comes out to a nice pop and is no longer wearing the neck brace. We see Jerry Lawler and JBL on commentary. The music stops and fans start chanting Bryan’s name. A big “yes!” chant breaks out. Bryan jokingly tries to hush the crowd but they chant “no!” at him. Bryan says, “well ok” and gets a much louder “yes!” chant going. Bryan says he doesn’t know when he’s going to be back. He’s got some “bad news” he jokes. He says the strength isn’t coming back in his arm and doctors are talking about doing another surgery. Bryan said when he does come back, he will be better than ever. Cole asks how Bryan feels about someone winning the title tonight. Bryan would much rather be wrestling tonight but says he will win the title when he comes back. Cole has some fan questions now. Bryan brings up Cena, Orton and Reigns as possible winners. He says Reigns is incredible. He then talks about feeling disrespected when he got stripped of the title because they didn’t even tell him. Bo Dallas’ music interrupts and out he comes. He jokes that it must be a pain in the neck that Bryan can’t compete tonight. Bo goes on and tells Bryan to Bo-lieve. Bryan says Bo is acting like a bo-ner. Fans chant “boner” now. Bryan tells Bo to bo-leave the ring. Bryan’s music hits and fans chant “yes!” with him as Bo looks on with a confused look before leaving the ring. Bryan poses for the fans as they chant and we go back to Renee and the panel for a few last comments on tonight’s show. That’s it for the pre-show but before it ends, The Wyatt Family appears and Luke Harper tells The Usos that they’re coming.

The 2014 WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view kicks off with a video for tonight’s ladder matches. We’re live from the TD Garden in Boston as Michael Cole welcomes us.

WWE tag team title match: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. WWE tag team champions The Usos

We go right to the ring and out come WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. The lights go out and out comes Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. They’ve got another new theme song. Harper starts off with Jey Uso and they go at it. Jimmy Uso tags in and they double team Harper to bring him to one knee. Harper comes right back with a big dropkick. Rowan tags in and drops Uso with a big shoulder for a 2 count. Rowan with a boot to Uso’s face now. Rowan beats Uso up in the corner now. Harper tags back in for some double teaming. More tags from Harper and Rowan and they control the match. Jey finally tags back in and staggers Rowan with a kick and right hand. Jimmy joins in for the double team. Jey covers for a 2 count. Jey tries to mount some offense but Rowan catches him. Uso slides out of a slam and dropkicks Rowan out to the floor. Jey runs off the barrier and nails a big forearm. Back in the ring, Uso nails a crossbody for 2. Jey decks Harper on the apron. Jey goes up top to splash out onto Harper but Rowan shoves him off the top. Uso flies face first into the barrier and goes down. Harper comes back in to keep Jey down. Harper yells and slingshots Uso under the rope for a 2 count. Rowan comes in and drops an elbow to the heart for a 2 count. Rowan applies a claw and tosses Uso with it. 2 count by Rowan. Rowan misses a big leg drop as Jey rolls out of the way. Harper runs in and knocks Jimmy off the apron. Harper nails a big boot on Jey for a close 2 count.

Rowan comes back in with a big slam but misses a splash. Rowan charges but Jey moves and Rowan hits the ring post. Harper and Jimmy tag in. Jimmy unloads on Harper. Rowan gets on the apron but gets knocked off. Jimmy hits a big Samoan Drop on Harper and one on Rowan. He then hits the Rikishi splash on Rowan and a splash off the top on Harper for a 2 count. Jimmy sends Rowan to the floor and superkicks Harper twice. 2 count for Jimmy. Jey leaps off the apron but Rowan catches him. Jimmy leaps over the top and takes them both down. Harper is left alone in the ring. Harper knocks Jimmy down on the apron with a big boot. They go for a double team move but Jey blocks it. Jimmy rolls Harper up for a close 2 count. Harper with a sit-down powerbomb for 2. Fans chant “this is awesome.” Harper leaps out onto Rowan and Jey. Jimmy leaps out but Rowan takes him out. Harper and Rowan stand tall as both Usos are down on the floor. Rowan and Jimmy are the legal men now. They hit a double chokeslam and Rowan covers but Jey barely breaks the pin. Harper gets kicked out to the floor. Rowan takes out Jey. Rowan goes to the top for a big splash but Jimmy crotches him. Jimmy climbs up for a superplex but Rowan fights him off and to the mat. Jimmy comes right back. Jey comes in now. They both climb up and nail a huge double superplex on Rowan. Jimmy comes in and nails the big splash. Jey comes right behind him with a second splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos

Cole talks about the former members of The Shield. We see a backstage promo with Dean Ambrose cutting a promo on Seth Rollins. He says “daddy” (Triple H) is going to be mad at Rollins when he loses tonight.

WWE Divas title match: Naomi vs. WWE Divas champion Paige

We go to the ring and out comes Cameron and Naomi. Out next comes WWE Divas Champion Paige. They lock up to start and tumble out of the ring, still locked up. They tangle all over the floor before breaking the lock. The referee brings them back in and they both nail a dropkick. Paige plants Naomi on her face. Naomi rolls to the floor to catch her breath. Naomi yanks Paige off the apron and slams her on the floor. Naomi runs the ropes and leaps over the top, taking out Paige on the floor. Paige barely makes it in before the 10 count. Naomi decks her again for a 2 count. Naomi hits a crossbody from the top but Paige rolls through for a 2. Naomi rolls through that for a 2 count. More back and forth. They trade close roll-ups a few more times. Naomi gets Paige in a sick submission. Cameron looks on from ringside and she’s not impressed. Paige breaks the hold and crotches Naomi. She climbs up and they both fall out of the ring to the floor and land hard. They make it back in and Paige applies the submission before turning it into a 2 count. Naomi makes a comeback and nails a dropkick. Naomi with an uppercut and the Rear View for a 2 count. Naomi with a big kick to the head. She goes for the split-legged moonsault but Paige gets her knees up. Cameron smiles when Naomi gets hurt. Naomi counters Paige with a roll-up for 2. Paige counters a move and drops Naomi with a big DDT for the win.

Winner: Paige

We go back to the panel to talk about tonight. They air the Money In the Bank by the numbers video again.

Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow

We go to the ring and out comes Damien Sandow dressed as Paul Revere. He rips Boston and says they will always live in the shadow of New York. Adam Rose and his Rosebuds are out next. Rose says Boston is the place to party. He tells Sandow to not be a lemon, be a Rosebud. Sandow charges and Rose backdrops him to the floor in front of the Rosebuds. Fans begin humming Rose’s theme as we get ready to go. Sandow gets the offense going early on. Sandow keeps control and drops the elbow for a 2 count. Rose makes a big comeback but Sandow runs over him with a clothesline. Sandow nails his finisher for a close 2 count. Sandow misses a springboard finisher and Rose nails his finisher for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose

The announcers talk about Bad News Barrett. They don’t know when he will be out but he won’t be in action tonight. We get comments recorded earlier today from the rest of the Money In the Bank competitors.

“Money In the Bank” contract ladder match: Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

We got to the ring and out first comes Seth Rollins as we see the briefcase hanging high above the ring. Rob Van Dam is out next to a pop. Jack Swagger is out next with Zeb Colter. Kofi Kingston is out next after Dolph Ziggler. Finally, Dean Ambrose is out last. He hits the ring and goes right at it with Rollins, brawling out of the ring and into the timekeeper’s area. It’s chaos already. Kofi goes at it with RVD. He brings a ladder in and takes him out. Kofi dropkicks Swagger and positions him on top of a flat ladder. Kofi nails a Boom Drop with Swagger on the ladder. Kofi sends Swagger out of the ring with a ladder shot. Kofi is the only one in the ring. He sets up a ladder, which has a spotlight shining on it, and climbs up. Ambrose tips the ladder over but Kofi uses that to springboard off the ropes and land on RVD, Swagger and Ziggler on the floor. Ambrose climbs up but Rollins pulls him down. Rollins goes up but Ambrose stops him and works him over. Ambrose leans a ladder in the corner. He goes for a suplex on it but Rollins blocks it. They try to suplex each other onto the ladder but Ambrose finally nails it and Rollins lands hard. Ambrose and Swagger take turns going up the ladder and pulling each other down. Ziggler and Kofi run in for the ladder now but they keep pulling each other off. Kofi and Dolph meet at the top, trading shots. Ambrose sends Swagger to the floor. Kofi and Dolph send Ambrose to the floor. Kofi and Dolph run back up the ladder and trade shots in front of the briefcase. They fall to the mat and continue fighting. Rollins takes them both down with a ladder shot. RVD kicks Rollins into a ladder. Fans chant for RVD as he unloads on Rollins. RVD catapults Rollins out of the corner. RVD stands a ladder up in the corner and whips Rollins’ back into it. RVD follows up with a big kick and the ladder falls on Rollins. RVD lays a ladder across the bottom rope now. RVD slams Rollins on it and goes to the other side of the ring, nailing a Rolling Thunder onto the ladder that was on the bottom rope. Ambrose comes in but RVD sends him to the apron and kicks him to the floor. Ziggler comes in but RVD kicks him down. Swagger also runs in but gets taken out by RVD. RVD goes to the top and nails a Five Star Frogsplash on Swagger.

RVD climbs up alone but Kofi meets him before he can grab it. Swagger tips them both over. They take out Swagger and Kofi goes to work on RVD. RVD fights back. RVD goes to the top but Kofi cuts him off. RVD blocks a superplex and Swagger runs up with a ladder to Kofi’s back. Swagger knocks Kofi to the floor with a ladder. Swagger stands a ladder up in front of the turnbuckles, which RVD is still sitting on hurt. Swagger climbs the ladder and pulls RVD on to it by his hair. Swagger goes for a massive superplex from a tall ladder but RVD headbutts him, sending Swagger to the mat by himself. RVD goes to leap out for the briefcase or nail a high Five Star but Rollins stops him. Rollins climbs up and they trade shots. They struggle with a suplex attempt. Swagger comes and powerbombs RVD from high up on the ladder, all the way down to the mat. Ambrose climbs up now. Ambrose nails a massive superplex from the top of the tall ladder. Rollins is out. Ziggler runs in and dropkicks a ladder into Ambrose. Swagger takes Ziggler out and catapults him into Ambrose and a ladder. Swagger tosses Kofi across the ring. Swagger slams a ladder on top of Kofi. Swagger runs the ropes and nails a Swagger Bomb on Kofi and the ladder. Kofi rolls to the floor. Swagger pulls a ladder under the briefcase as Zeb cheers him on. Swagger climbs up but RVD runs in and meets him. Ambrose pulls Swagger down. Rollins pulls RVD down. Ambrose and Rollins run up the ladder now and trade shots. Ambrose unloads and knocks Rollins down to the mat. Ambrose reaches but Swagger runs in and slams Ambrose but Ambrose counters into a DDT. Rollins slowly climbs up now. Ambrose tips the ladder over, sending Rollins to the mat. Ambrose is selling a shoulder injury from the DDT and referees check on him with a medic. The medic says it could be dislocated but Ambrose wants back in. He’s upset and pushes the medics off. Medics tell Ambrose he can’t compete and fans boo. Ambrose walks to the back pissed off.

Rollins climbs up but RVD meets him and they trade shots. Kofi makes a bridge from the top rope to the ladder with another ladder. He climbs up but RVD fights him and Rollins off at the same time. RVD’s leg gets hung up and he falls to the mat, clutching his hamstring. Medics and referees tend to RVD now. Rollins reaches for the case but Kofi backdrops him through the ladder bridge for a sick bump. Kofi has the case but Ziggler pulls him down and unloads. Ziggler blocks a SOS with a big DDT. Swagger runs in but Ziggler takes him out. Ziggler with a big splash in the corner and right hands on Swagger. RVD comes back in and goes at it with Ziggler. We see a replay of Rollins’ fall and it was bad. Zig Zag on RVD. Swagger also goes down. Ziggler misses a ladder shot on Kofi. Ziggler ducks Trouble In Paradise and nails a Zig Zag on Kofi on top of the ladder. Ziggler stands a ladder up under the briefcase again. He climbs up but Swagger runs back in. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock while Ziggler is still on the ladder. Dolph manages to pull himself up the ladder while Swagger still has the hold applied. Ziggler kicks Swagger in the face and looks up at the briefcase. Ziggler is tired but manages to get himself up the ladder. He reaches for the case but Rollins hits his ankle with a chair.

Rollins beats on Ziggler with a chair. Fans chant for Ambrose. Rollins climbs the ladder but Ambrose runs out to a big pop. Ambrose unloads on Rollins with the chair and beats him around the ring with it. Ambrose tosses Rollins to the floor and climbs up the ladder. Ambrose is in pain as he tries to reach for the case with his injured shoulder. The ring explodes with pyro and Kane runs out. Ambrose fights him off with kicks to the head. Kane finally pulls Ambrose off the ladder and chokeslams him. Kane nails a Tombstone on Ambrose as fans boo. Rollins rolls back in the ring now. Kane stands guard and holds the ladder as Rollins climbs up to grab the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, we go to replays as Rollins celebrates. Rollins is making his exit when Triple H’s music hits. He comes out with Stephanie McMahon and they’re clapping for Rollins. They raise Rollins’ arms and the briefcase in victory.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Randy Orton and asks about tonight’s match. Orton says he has better chances than anyone at winning. He’s asked about Rollins winning. Orton says Rollins is a great competitor but needed all the help he could get, while he won’t need any help. We go to more Network commercials.

Stardust and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

We go to the ring and out comes Ryback and Curtis Axel. Their opponents Stardust and Goldust are out next. Axel nails a dropkick on Goldust and keeps him grounded. Ryback tags in and they double team Goldust in the corner. Ryback with a big suplex attempt but Goldust slides out. Goldust goes for a roll-up but it’s blocked. More back and forth. Ryback with a massive chokeslam on Goldust. Stardust finally comes in and unloads on Ryback. He also knocks Axel off the apron. Ryback blocks a shot and puts Stardust on the apron but misses right hands. Stardust springboards in and takes Ryback down. Stardust drops Ryback on his head. Axel runs in but Goldust pulls him over the top. Axel rams Goldust into the barrier. Ryback goes for Shellshocked but Stardust counters with his finisher for a 2 count as Axel barely breaks the pin. Axel charges but Stardust moves and Axel hits Ryback. Stardust covers Ryback for the win.

Winners: Stardust and Goldust

After the match, Axel attacks Stardust and lays him out. Goldust runs in and they drop him with a double team move. Goldust and Stardust pose and do some other odd stuff to end it.

We get a look at the feud with Summer Rae, Layla and Fandango. Byron Saxton is backstage with Fandango, who is in his sparkling referee gear. Saxton asks how he can call this match right down the middle. Layla appears and says he can’t because he’s in love with her. Summer Rae also appears and says no, Fandango loves her. Summer flaunts her legs and Layla flaunts her breasts. They start ripping each other and Fandango sends them off to the ring.

Rusev vs. Big E

We go to the ring and out comes Rusev with Lana. Rusev is waiving a Russian flag on his way to the ring. Lana takes the mic and fans immediately start “USA” chants, which upsets Rusev. Lana screams for them to shut up. Lana says tonight, Rusev’s opponent will be waiving the American flag. Lana rips America and shows us Vladimir Putin on the big screen again. She says Putin is watching tonight. Rusev says a few words also and out comes Big E with the American flag. Big E unloads and runs over Rusev, sending him outside to regroup. Rusev comes to the apron and Big E runs into a big knee. Rusev with a big shot to the back and an overhead suplex. Rusev with big right hands now. Rusev with stomps to the head and more strikes. Rusev keeps Big E on the mat with a submission now. Rusev with more strikes. He goes for a splash but misses. Big E comes back with a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Rusev fights back with big blows, backing Big E into the corner. Rusev beats Big E down with big knees and finally backs off after the referee warns him. Rusev charges but Big E meets him with a big slam for a 2 count. Big keeps control. He runs the ropes for a big splash. Rusev jumps up and tries a kick but misses. Big E sends Rusev to the apron and spears him through the ropes, to the floor. They both land hard on the floor.

Lana screams but they’re both slow to get up. Big E brings it back in for a 2 count. Rusev is bleeding from in his mouth and slowly crawls to the apron. Rusev nails a kick to the head out of nowhere. He comes in and nails a big leaping kick. Rusev hulks up and Lana tells him to crush. Rusev stomps on Big E’s back and locks in The Accolade. Big E tries to fight out of the hold and looks to counter it but Rusev tightens the hold for the win.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev won’t break the hold until Lana comes in and tells him to. We go to replays as they celebrate with a large Russian flag that dropped down.

We go back to the panel for more talk about tonight.

The Bella Twins are backstage. Stephanie McMahon walks up and asks Nikki why Brie is here. Brie goes to speak but Stephanie cuts her off. Brie ends up showing her new favorite video on her phone the video of Stephanie getting slopped on RAW. Stephanie has Brie escorted away by security.

Summer Rae vs. Layla (special referee: Fandango)

We go to the ring and out comes special referee Fandango. Summer Rae is out next followed by Layla. They go at it and Layla strikes first. She tosses Summer out to the floor. Layla flirts with Fandango, allowing Summer to trip her from behind. Summer comes in and splashes Layla in the corner. Summer with a boot to the throat, which causes Fandango to stop and stare at her legs. Summer beats Layla down and goes to kiss Fandango. Layla comes from behind and slams her. Layla with some pin attempts. Layla with a leg submission now. Summer gets out and makes her comeback. Fans chant for CM Punk. Layla ends up dropping Summer and covering for the win.

Winner: Layla

After the match, Fandango and Layla make out as Fandango’s music hits. They leave together and dance to the back as Summer cries in the ring.

The announcers plug the WWE Network as more ladders are placed around the ring. We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

Ladder Match for the vacant WWE world heavyweight title: Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane

We go to the ring and out comes Triple H and Stephanie to watch from ringside. WWE United States Champion Sheamus is out first. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt lights his lantern before telling Boston he’s here. Alberto Del Rio is out next followed by Cesaro and Paul Heyman. John Cena is out next to a mixed reaction from the hometown crowd. Randy Orton is out next followed by Roman Reigns through the crowd to a big pop. Finally, the pyro goes off and out comes Kane.

The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Kane tosses Reigns out. Orton tosses someone out and goes to work on Cena. Kane takes Wyatt to the floor. Orton stomps on Cena now. Kane and Orton look to be standing tall in the ring. Kane grabs a ladder and slides it in the ring but Del Rio kicks it into his face. Orton goes down with a ladder shot. Bray comes in and takes Cesaro and Del Rio down with a shot into the ladder they were fighting over. Cena comes in for an Attitude Adjustment on Bray but it’s blocked. Bray drops Cena, sending him to the floor. Reigns comes in and nails a Samoan Drop on Wyatt. Reigns sets a ladder up but Sheamus nails him in the back, sending him out to the floor. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Kane cuts him off. Kane and Sheamus go at it while Orton and Reigns go at it. Reigns clotheslines Orton, sending him to the floor. Sheamus and Reigns both sandwich Kane with ladders. They stand their ladders up. Reigns climbs but Del Rio stops him. Sheamus climbs and grabs on of the titles. Del Rio and Cesaro have also climbed up. Sheamus gets knocked on the rope. Kane pushes Cesaro and Reigns over. Kane knocks Reigns out of the ring and sends Sheamus over the top. Bray and Kane go at it now. Kane drops him and Cesaro. Kane chokeslams Del Rio. Cena runs in and Kane chokeslams him also. Kane has everyone down.

Kane grabs Orton by his throat but pushes him into the ladder so he can climb it. Orton climbs up but Reigns knocks the ladder over. Reigns runs into Kane with a ladder. Reigns climbs up but Wyatt stops him. Cena comes in and slams Wyatt to a mixed reaction. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Wyatt but Cesaro catches Cena with a big uppercut. Cesaro climbs up but Sheamus meets him at the top and they trade shots. Bray walks around upside down before pushing the ladder over. However, Cesaro and Sheamus are still hanging on to the titles and trading shots while they hang in the air. Sheamus falls to the mat. Del Rio runs in and Wyatt drops him. Cesaro finally falls to the mat and Wyatt splashes him. We see medics tending to Orton after he took a ladder shot to the head earlier. Orton comes back into the mix and sends Del Rio into the steps. Orton is pissed now. Orton brings more ladders from under the ring. Sheamus and Orton brawl on the floor now. Orton gets sent into one of the Spanish announcers. Sheamus makes a ladder bridge from the apron to the announce table. Sheamus slams Orton’s head into it twice. Sheamus stands on the ladder bridge but Orton sweeps his leg out and Sheamus falls on the ladder. Orton hits a draping DDT on Sheamus from the ladder bridge to the floor.

Orton stands a ladder up under the belts and climbs. Cena, Del Rio, Reigns and Cesaro also try to get on it. Kane comes back in, as does Orton. Everyone is going for the ladder or the title now, or pulling another man off. Kane sends Cesaro to the floor. Del Rio misses an enziguri on Kane. Kane tosses Del Rio to the floor. Kane folds up the ladder so nobody can climb it. Kane grabs Sheamus by his neck but Sheamus drops him over the top rope. Sheamus with forearm shots to the chest of Kane now. Sheamus goes to the top and nails a battering ram on Reigns. Sheamus with an Irish Curse on Del Rio. Sheamus with White Noise on Orton. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on Cena and mocks him. Sheamus stands a ladder up as The Authority looks on worried. Sheamus climbs up but Kane pulls him out of the ring. Sheamus whips Kane into the steel steps.

Sheamus climbs back up as Cesaro builds a bridge from the top rope too the ladder. Cesaro meets Sheamus at the top of the ladder and they trade shots. Del Rio uses the bridge to knock Reigns off the other side. Cena takes Del Rio to the floor. Reigns hulks up and tips over the massive ladder with a bridge but it lands on the bridge. Cesaro hands with one arm but climbs back onto the teetering ladder structure. Cena tips it back upright and climbs up. Cesaro has a hand on the title. Wyatt pulls Cena down. Reigns climbs up but Del Rio follows him. Bray causes Cena to take a nasty bump onto the bridge. Kane sends Wyatt face first into a ladder. Kane takes out Del Rio. Kane pulls Cesaro from the top. Sheamus grabs a title but Orton and Kane pull him down. Sheamus’ leg gets caught up as he falls to the mat. Orton kicks Sheamus but he fights back. Orton sends Sheamus to the floor. Kane has the ladder ready for Orton to climb it. Reigns runs in under a ladder and spears Kane. Orton sends the ladder into Reigns’ head and he goes down. Orton poses and taunts the fans while Reigns is down. Reigns blocks a RKO and nails a Superman punch. Reigns runs into big boots from Sheamus. Sheamus goes to the top but Reigns knocks him off with a Superman. Del Rio comes in but Reigns takes him out. Reigns runs to the floor, throws Wyatt into the announcers table and runs around the ring foe the apron dropkick on Del Rio. He runs back around and dropkicks Wyatt on the announcers table. Reigns then spears Cesaro on the floor. Awesome sequence.

Reigns comes back in the ring. Cena meets him and they go face to face before brawling in the middle of the ring. Reigns slides out of an AA and nails a spear on Cena for a big pop. Reigns positions a ladder and climbs up. Orton comes from behind and pulls him down. Orton does a backbreaker off a few steps up on the ladder. The Authority applauds Orton. Orton climbs up but Wyatt pulls him down and nails Sister Abigail. Wyatt gets hype and the crowd pops. The Authority looks worried. Wyatt climbs up but Del Rio stops him and the fans boo. Del Rio with the big enziguri on Wyatt. Del Rio with the huge superkick now. Del Rio climbs up for the title and grabs them but has trouble getting them undone. Sheamus tips the ladder over and nails Del Rio with a Brogue. Sheamus climbs up but Cesaro pulls him off and hits an uppercut on his way down. Cesaro nails the Neutralizer and climbs up. Orton pulls Cesaro down and nails a RKO on his way down. The Authority pops big time for this. Orton climbs up but Reigns stops him. They brawl on the same side of the ladder. They both fall to the mat. Orton climbs back up but Reigns stops him again. Orton is bleeding pretty badly again. Reigns digs at the wound and headbutts Orton to the mat. Orton’s blood is on Reigns. Kane chokeslams Reigns off the ladder. A bloody Orton gets up as Kane holds the ladder for him. Cena runs in and nails an AA on Kane. Cena pulls Orton down and nails an AA on him, dropping him on top of Kane. Cena climbs up and grabs the titles for the win.

Winner and NEW WWE world heavyweight champion: John Cena

Money In the Bank goes off the air with Cena celebrating.

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com