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Ring Roast 2 happened this past Friday night, the day before Legends of the Ring at Monroe NJ’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. The room was packed with fans, both casual and workers in the wresting business who came to salute the one and only Terry Funk.
The wrestlers on the dais included Kevin Sullivan, Kevin Von Erich, King Kong Bundy, Dennis Stamp, Superstar Billy Graham, New Jack, Missy Hyatt, Mike Graham, JJ Dillon, Mick Foley and the event was hosted by Bill Apter. Other TV wrestling personalities in attendance were Al Snow, Ken Anderson, Luna Vachon, Mark Lewin, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Terry Runnells, LaceY Von Erich and many other people who packed the room to give tribute to this legendary superstar.

The event opened with Bill Apter disguised as a grandma who escorted Terry into the room and told stories about when they first met, Japan and how by dressing as a “grandma”, he had finally gotten even with Terry for things that happened years ago while Apter was singing Karioke (sp?).
Next up was comedian Ryan Mahar who opened the show and started what seemed to be an overload of jokes about Missy Hyatt’s sexual prowess, Terry Funk’s many retirements and  how Terry had also done movies and started with such luminaries as Sylverster Stallone, Patrick Swaize (sp?) and more. Then he went around the room throwing “shots” against almost every wrestler in attendance.
Next up was New Jack, who delivered story after story about his relationship with Terry Funk including the fact that Paul Heyman kept him off the first PPV and yet delivered a 28 minute tribute to him before the PPV. He then went on to talk about certain incidents that happened over the years including Mass Transit and through it all thanked Terry Funk for helping him when he was with Smokey Mountain and other territories.
Next was King Kong Bundy who started off with comedy before talking about he and Funk being in Texas and delivered some funny stories about getting started with the Funk Family.
Next up was Kevin Von Erich who told people he was not funny but delivered some great stories about the Funk and Von Erich family and telling people that as a kid, he used to hang with Terry and one day, while gigging for frogs, Terry steered him toward a 10 foot hold in the pond where Terry laughed while Kevin tried to tred water.
Next up was another comedian Sean Morton (who tried but rather than give a tribute to Terry, wound up almost getting attacked for shoots on New Jack). Security as well as Mick Foley handled the matter and it was quicky resolved without an issue.
After that was Florida Championship Wrestling’s Mike Graham, who like Kevin Von Erich, had some great stories about growing up with the Funk Family. Mike told the crowd right up front he was not very funny, but was indeed very entertaining to the crowd.
The leader of the 4 Horsemen, JJ Dillon went to the podium and told people that while everyone remembers him as a manager, he was indeed a wrestler who had been taught a lot by Terry Funk and brought up stories about Florida, Georgia and other territories.
Next up was Kevin Sullivan who told stories about ECW, WCW, Florida Championship Wrestling, Japan and more. Kevin Sullivan is a master story-teller and had the full attendion of everyone in the room.
After that, we had Dennis Stamp head to the podium who proceeded to tell what a great humanitarian Terry was, giving his time to children and those who were sick and showed the selflessness side of Terry Funk, that had tears in many eyes in the room.

Not to be outdone was Superstar Billy Graham who told stories about the different territories and how proud he was to call the Funks, not just Terry but Dorry Jr. & Sr. as well as friends and family. Graham mentioned how much time Micealangelo put into working on the Sisteen Chappen, dedicating 7 years of his life to the project and told Funk that he had his own dedication and presented a drawing of Terry (among his many retirements…that joke never got old).
After another comedian, Matt Bridgestone (with a so-so imitation of Randy Savage including presenting a Slim Jim to Terry Funk), it was time to let Missy Hyatt get her revenge on everyone and told stories about each and everyone who had attacked her during the night. Then she went and told a nice story about Terry and that he was one of the true gentlemen of wrestling.

Finally we had Mick Foley who told everyone about stories in Japan, WWE, ECW (November to Remember), and how he wanted to know how Terry could punch and make it look so good (the truth be told, according to Mick Foley is that the punches were real, which is why they looked so good).
After everyone had thier say, Terry Funk took the microphone and thanked everyone for coming to see him and showed an award presented to him earlier in the day. He also showed off the painting by Superstar Graham and went and told some remarkable stories about working with each and every wrestler in the room). He then talked about what the business has become today and not keeping it old school and keeping the business safe.
This is just a short synopsis of the Ring Roast 2 and the tape is available for ordering by contacting [email protected]