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 The entertainment business’ tradition of the comedy roast is decades old.  From Dean Martin and the Rat Pack, to the Friar’s Club, to today’s contemporary versions courtesy of Comedy Central and Howard Stern, legends of entertainment are subject to friendly skewering from their counterparts and comedians.  On October 23, Terry Funk was the subject of “Ring Roasts 2,” pro wrestling’s one and only version of this time-honored tradition, and today the DVD of the event has gone onsale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.

The annual event has solidified itself as wrestling’s most unpredictable evening. Last year’s Iron Sheik roast featured an uninvited and unwelcome visit by Scott Hall, and this year New Jack was in rare form, going at anyone and everyone who mentioned his name.
Mick Foley’s set was peppered with reverence and some polite jabs at Terry as well.  He credits Terry as being a major inspiration, even after coming to the realization that the magic behind Terry’s realism was that he was never faking it, just potatoing everyone.
Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver says the event and resulting DVD have the full spectrum of emotions.  “This night ran the gamut from hilarious, to dangerous, courtesy of New Jack, to extremely touching,” Oliver said.  “The peaks and valleys were exhausting.  JJ Dillon described it best as an ’emotional rollercoaster.’  I think that’s accurate, given the gear-shifts from drop-dead hilarity and uncensored comedy, to Dennis Stamp’s recollection of a dying boy’s love for Terry.  There’s nothing in the wrestling world like Ring Roasts.”  The annual event is co-promoted by Kayfabe Commentaries and Legends of the Ring.
Another standout moment of sincere emotion occurred when Superstar Graham fought back tears as he presented Terry with an oil painting of the hardcore legend, created at Graham’s own hand for this event.  Awesome Kong came out and presented it to Terry as Graham and Funk embraced.
On the comedic side, comedians Ryan Maher, Sean Morton, and Matt Bridgestone took a proverbial swing at everyone on the dais.  Bridgestone and New Jack, who had left the stage to sit in the audience by this point, went at each other for a time with verbal fisticuffs to the delight of the audience.  Missy Hyatt also shocked the room with a very risque and hilarious set, getting one of the biggest pops of the night.
Mick Foley, Superstar Billy Graham, New Jack, Kevin Von Erich, Mike Graham, Roastmaster Bill Apter, Kevin Sullivan, King Kong Bundy, Missy Hyatt, JJ Dillon and more star in this nearly three-hour, 2 disc set.  The DVD went on sale this morning at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.