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Andrew Martin, who wrestled as “Test” in WWE, was found dead in his Harbor Place apartment last night, just days before his 34th birthday, by police in Tampa, FL, according to information from The Tampa Bay Tribune Online.

Police say there is no indication of foul play at this time.





Police responded at about 8pm to a report from a neighbor that she could see Martin through his apartment window, and that he had seemed to be motionless for several hours. When police entered, they found Martin was dead. He was taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy. It is not yet known when the autopsy will be conducted.

Test had recently returned from a tour of Japan, according to his MySpace page. He was supposed to leave for a tour of Europe on March 16, the day before his birthday.

He had posted on the MySpace page:

“This is with the crew from Ireland. These guys hold a special place in my heart because they stuck by me when I was going thru some hard times and we all ended up becoming good friends. Great guys and fantastic people to work for, from Martin, to Mick, Joe, Jamie, Grant, Patty, Justin Shape, Lizzy, Anne, Ken, the whole crew are just great and I’m looking forward to this trip.”

He was born March 17, 1975, in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. He was trained by Bret Hart, Leo Burke, and Dory Funk, Jr., and made his wrestling debut in 1977.

Our deepest condolences to Martin’s family and friends.

Andrew Martin’s profile is at OnlineWorldofWrestling.com