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Rock N Roll Buck Zumhofe Interview Recap
By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(over 450 shows reviewed!)

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Zumhofe joined Jack, OIB and Barbie on September 16th. Zumhofe notes that he started a Rock N’ Roll wrestling company and after seven years they haven’t had a weekend off. Zumhofe goes over the daily events of the company. Zumhofe still loves the wrestling business. Zumhofe mentions he started a year earlier than Ric Flair. He also went to the same school that Flair went to.

Jack asks how difficult it was for Buck to train with Verne Gagne. Buck says that a person will become a wrestler as long as they “pay their money and not their dues”. Buck says that Gagne was focused on the talented wrestlers. Buck talks about having to do 500 of everything.

Buck plugs his website www.rocknrollwrestling.com

Buck says that he is the first person in wrestling to have any kind of song. Buck talks about Bobby Heenan breaking his radio and how big of deal it was when Heenan broke his radio. The match that this happened is on Youtube. Buck discusses his matches with Steve Regal (not the WWF Regal) and Mike Graham.

Buck really goes over his history in the AWA. For all the AWA fans who would like to hear Buck reminisce about those days this would be a perfect interview!

When AWA went of business Vince McMahon wasn’t interested in signing guys like Buck. Buck had a few years of doing nothing wrestling related but got back into it and creates his current Rock n’ Roll wrestling company. Buck talks about having a few women involved, wrestlers and midgets! Buck makes it clear that he is NOT running against any other company and is only concerned about his company.

A caller asks about Larry Nelson. Buck says that Larry was a nice guy and would party with the wrestlers.

Buck tells a story of how he started to collect ties and how he has managed to get roughly 400 ties.

Buck says that when they did AWA television tapings he would put Jerry Lee Lewis music on his boom box to keep the boss happy. He continues to play the same music he used back then.

When asked if he liked wrestling for AWA or WCCW Buck says that he enjoyed wrestling in Oregon.

Jack brings up Buddy Rose. Buck was best friends with Buddy and is still upset about his passing.

Buck at first never thought that their would only be one major wrestling company. However, he then started to witness it with his own eyes.

Buck says that he use to make $320 per week back in the 1970’s and that was plenty of money. However, there are still people today that are only making $320 and that is before taxes.

Buck believes that Shawn Michaels will return to wrestling within a year. Buck talks about working with the Midnight Rockers and how he was seen as a goof before Shawn and Marty came around. Buck mentions that he has worked a few shows with Marty in the Minnesota area.

Buck says that wrestling changed drastically from the 1980s to the 1990s. Buck talks about the few areas wrestlers would go to get trained and how all the guys wrestled the same exact way. Buck says that if he wrestles anyone who is stupid in the ring he will beat them up.

The Undertaker is brought up and the fact that Buck was the first person put into a body bag. OIB asks if Buck ever thought the Undertaker would be a successful character. Buck says that Vince McMahon knows what is good for business.

Jack asks what it was like to wrestle Andre the Giant. Buck never wrestled Andre but was instead his tag team partner. Buck doesn’t think Andre really hated anyone.

Buck tells a story of how his daughter Heather got involved with his wrestling company. Buck puts over Heather as being one of the best women wrestlers in the business. He is not just saying that because she is his daughter.

Buck believes he was never a villain because the kids liked him too much. He also believes that he has the best character going today.

Jack asks about Curt Hennig rib stories. Buck says he got the worst rib story and he has never forgiven Hennig. Buck got a phone call from a girl who he was suppose to meet at a parking lot. Buck got all dressed up and went to the parking lot and their never was a girl. Buck also tells a story of getting peed on by another wrestler on the side of the road.

Buck discusses all the steel cages and “hardcore” matches that he had throughout his career with the likes of Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Garvin.

Jack asks if Vince McMahon was approachable. Buck says for him Vince was easy to talk to. Buck mentions that he told Vince, Pat Patterson and others dirty stories about Verne Gagne. He does believe that his size hurt him in the business.

Jack also asks about Eric Bischoff. Buck says that he had talked to Bischoff recently. Buck doesn’t know why TNA and WWE haven’t talked to his daughter. Buck knows that if Heather were to go to any other company his business would go right down the toilet.

Buck says his favorite tag team partner was the Crusher.

Jack asks about Jesse Ventura. Buck likes Ventura and says that Ventura is for himself. Buck wonders if Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota for the state or for himself.

Buck says his wrestling promotion is really just AWA but without the letters. Buck trains his wrestlers the same way he was trained. Buck runs down what you would see on his show. There are five matches on a show.

When asked about the cruiserweights Buck doesn’t really believe that there are any left in the business. Buck says that McMahon has changed the business to more of a big guy business.

When Greg Gagne is brought up Buck laughs for a few moments. Buck says that Greg has two personalities but says you can’t blame him for that. No one talks to Greg or his daughter until after the show and people have had a few drinks. Buck and Greg are good friends because they enjoy throwing dice.

Buck talks about Verne Gagne being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Buck again says that McMahon is in business for himself considering he hired Greg when Verne was inducted but proceeded to fire Greg after getting the AWA footage.

Jack brings up Mean Gene and asks whether or not Gene was fun to be on television with. Buck tells a story about partying big with Gene.

Jack asks about the Iron Sheik. Buck loves Sheik but says Sheik is crazy. Buck also says that you shouldn’t cross the Sheik. Buck says when he wrestled Sheik every night for two weeks he was extremely sore after the series of matches. Buck was very happy the day Sheik left the company for whatever reason.

Buck says the story that Verne offered money for someone to break Hogan’s leg to be “bullshit”.

Buck’s makes it clear that he will never quit the business. He will be involved with the business in some form after he is unable to perform in the ring. Buck says that promoters need to book his daughter.

Be sure to go to www.rocknrollwrestling.com for more information on Buck’s company.

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