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Sunset Flip Presents ROH Please Bring In

by Jim Boy Star

 In a few weeks, Ring of Honor is having a pay per view. More specifically, on Saturday September 11th, 2010, it is Glory by Honor IX LIVE on PPV. I am going and am very excited about going. So excited, that this Friday I am going to go over the PPV on Ringrust with Mark Jabroni. For those that do not know, every time WWE and TNA have a PPV I do a preshow on Mark’s show. I am going to try to do this experiment with the Ring of Honor PPV. So check that out on Friday at 1130am EST on www.chmr.ca

Throughout the years, Ring of Honor has had many wrestling greats stop by. Name such as Mick Foley, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Bret Hart (before he became a sellout and hypocrite), Dusty Rhodes, and Bruno Sammartino. Yes, that Bruno Sammartino. There are many others as the list can just go on and on. So I was thinking of who I would want to appear in the near future.
This will only apply to people that I want to appear and not necessarily wrestle. If I want to go the route where it is anyone that I want to see wrestle, this column would be at least ten pages long.
Macho Man Randy Savage
Most people that appear in Ring of Honor appear because they respect how hardworking ROH wrestlers are. We have seen Macho Man in TNA Wrestling and it was not great. We will probably see him back in WWE at some point in the next two years. Whether that return will be good matters on the creative team, which means it will suck. Macho Man Randy Savage’s appearance and a segment on the show just thanking fans would be awesome.

Shawn Michaels
I am very disappointed that Shawn Michaels chose to do overpriced, must-be-in-a-certain-place birthday parties over Ring of Honor. I think it would mean the world to some of these younger wrestlers to have Shawn Michaels compliment their work. I do think Shawn Michaels will eventually make an appearance there but the way it looks now, it is not heading in that route.
The Steiner Brothers
As of late, Ring of Honor has been pushing their tag team division. Unfortunately, some of the best teams such as the British Bulldogs and Legion of Doom are short a member. One of the best tag teams of all time that can be put together are the Steiner Brothers. I have always liked the Steiner brothers together, not so much when they were/are apart.

So if Ring of Honor officials are reading this, I hope that an attempt is made to get some of these guys for an appearance. I think the Ring of Honor would love it, I know I would.

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Jim Boy Star

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