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PLEASE NOTE:   This weekly News & Notes is in no way affiliated nor associated with the NWA brand owned by International Wrestling Corp, LLC, nor should it be used by any neither website nor news services as being affiliated nor associated with the current NWA in any fashion, nor should the NWA logo nor brand be displayed with this report.   Neither current NWA nor NWA licensee news will be reported.  Only references to NWA will be historical, if any.   Thank you.

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A.J. Styles Autobiography  (UPDATE)

AJ Styles (TNA) is close to completing his autobiography that will be published by Louisiana based VIP INK PUBLISHING. www.http://www.vipinkpublishing.com/   Contributing to the book so far are Bret Hart, Vince Russo, Terry Taylor, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Jerry Jarrett, Les Thatcher, Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne), Air Paris, Jimmy Rave, Christopher Daniels, Bob Ryder, Rob Vaughn, David Young, Jeff G Bailey, Dan Wilson, Bill Behrens, Gabe Sapolsky, Jim Kettner, Frankie Kazarian, Howard Brody, Larry Goodman & more.   The book should be released by October of this year.


Allen Neal Jones (born June 2, 1977), better known by his ring name A.J. Styles is an American professional wrestler currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He gained his early experience in NWA Wildside then ROH and was briefly signed to WCW. He, James Storm, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss (who wrestled under the name Justice) are the only wrestlers to perform on the inaugural NWA-TNA pay-per-view event on June 19, 2002, and still be employed by the company in a wrestling role today. Since he joined TNA, Styles has been a four-time World Heavyweight Champion, having held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship three times and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship once, the very first TNA X Division Champion, while also sharing the record for most reigns (six) with Jay Lethal, a six-time World Tag Team Champion (4 NWA and 2 TNA), and a two-time Television Champion. With having won the TNA X Division, NWA World Tag Team, and NWA World Heavyweight Championships, Styles was the first to complete the TNA Triple Crown Championship. Styles would later complete the Triple Crown three more times, making him the only man to complete it more than once. His victory over Booker T for the TNA Legends (now Television) Championship made him the first man to have ever won the TNA Grand Slam Championship, which he has done twice. Also, he is the only wrestler in TNA to have held every male championship owned and sanctioned by TNA at any point during the company’s history. All totaled, he has won 18 championships in TNA. In 2010 he became the first TNA contracted wrestler to rank in at #1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated annual PWI 500 list.

AJ Styles now has an official website at www.AJStyles.org .

FACEBOOK PAGE (PLEASE VISIT & LIKE) http://www.facebook.com/pages/AJStylesOrg/110336188978264?ref=ts



Rave was twice NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, and appeared in ROH in memorable feuds with CM Punk and AJ Styles, and as the Crown Jewel Of The Embassy Group. In TNA he teamed with Lance Hoyt as the Rock & Rave Infection. He appeared for WWE in 2005. He toured Japan with Dragon Gate and New Japan. Rave twice was voted booker of the year in Georgia for his work with Rampage Pro Wrestling which was named Georgia Promotion of The Year in 2010 and 2011 as a result. Rave was featured in the King Ra Ring project in India, and returned to both ROH & TNA for matches in 2011. Rave is based in Atlanta, GA where he works as the Director of a Peer Support and Wellness Center

Rave returned to ROH at their iPPV in Chicago Ridge, IL on Saturday 3-2-13,  joining the SCUM group headed by Steve Corino, and took part in the TV tapings held on Sunday 3-3-13 too.   He  appeared at the ROH House show in Asheville, NC on Saturday 3-30-13 teaming with Jimmy Jacobs to defeat Grizzly Redwood & Mike Mondo, and wrestled in a 10 Man Match at the ROH iPPV in NYC April 5.


Jimmy Rave (James Guffey) recently spoke at the Georgia State Capitol as the Chair of Georgia Mental Health Day.  Also in attendance was Governor Nathan Deal.  Rave/Guffey is the Director of the Georgia Peer Support, Wellness, and Respite Center in Bartow County.

Center Focuses on Mental Health Recovery Through Peer Support



MIKE POSEY & COREY HOLLIS as ALABAMA ATTITUDE returned to ROH at the TV Tapings in Baltimore on Jan 5, 2013 losing to Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish.  The match was in a recent ROH TV Episode and in online now for ROH RINGSIDE Members at http://www.rohwrestling.com/tv/watch-now .  Posey is also seen being tossed from the ring at the end of the new TV open.

Posey & Hollis returned to ROH for the  house show in Ashville, NC on 3-30 to facing ROH Tag Team Champions, Fish & O’Reilly in a UNDERDOG CHALLENGE rematch, and will appeared at the ROH TV Taping in NYC on April 6 facing QT Marshall & RD Evans.


ROH World Tag Team Titles

reDRagon def. Alabama Attitude

Fish & O’Reilly successfully retained their ROH World Tag Team titles after the brainbuster/kick combo. Was said to have been a good match. Fish then proceeds to tell a child in the audience that the Easter Bunny is a hoax!

Posey appeared for ANARCHY WRESTLING in CORNELIA, GA on December 22 defeating Drew Adler and challenging Franklin Dove.  Seth Delay accepted the challenge and faced & defeated Posey on Dec 29.  Posey & Hollis returned to face the Anarchy tag team champions, The Movement on 3-9 and faced Slim J & Seth Delay on 3-23.



MIKE POSEY – The Birmingham, AL native performed as a wrestler and referee initially in Alabama & Georgia, most notably for NWA Wildside. He joined TNA as a referee, and also wrestled in a feud with David Young as “Dropkick” Posey. He resigned from TNA to try-out for WWE and after several dark matches was the 1st referee to join WWE’s development promotion Deep South Wrestling, initially without a WWE contract. Soon he was signed. When the ECW brand was launched he joined the WWE roster as one of its refs, eventually becoming the brand’s Sr. official. In his time in WWE he was a ref in matches on all three WWE brands and appeared at two WrestleManias. Returning to wrestling in 2009, Mike Posey teamed with former WWE Referee, Wes Adams, as the Official Express and Corey Hollis as Alabama Attitude in ROH. Posey won numerous singles titles including RPW TV Title, NWA Ultimate Tag Team Title, APW North Georgia Title, Alabama Junior Heavyweight Title, NWA Tennessee Junior Heavyweight Champion, NWA Pro South All Out & Tag Team Champion, and more. Posey was ranked in the 2012 PWI 500 at 333 up from 438 in 2011 and 470 in 2010.



http://www.scrippsnews.com/node/43937 ALEX MARVEZ SCRIPPS NEWS INTERVIEW on OWD “Obsessive Wrestling Disorder”

MIKE POSEY pinned JEFF LEWIS after the Alabama Jam at the ROH House Show in Charlotte, NC


Mike Posey also wrestled Tomasso Ciampa on the 9-8-12 ROH TV Episode online at


Posey & Hollis facet Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shawn Banks) at the TNA House Show in Mascon, GA at the Coliseum on Saturday 10-20-12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL6sdRt0W_c&feature=youtu.be




Dan Wilson’s MIDNIGHT BLACK MASS: 5 interviews w/BILL BEHRENS on NWA Wildside

PT 1


PT 2


PT 3


PT 4


PT 5


Classic NWA Wildside Episodes are now being posted at


NWA Wildside TV eps 103 from 2001 is online now.


SHOW #103






Multimedia section at www.nwawildside.com or http://twnworldwide.tv/nwawildside.html

NWA Wildside featured stars like Current TNA Heavyweight Champion, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (TNA/WCW), Ron Killings (WWE/TNA), Abyss (Justice) (TNA), Jimmy Rave (TNA), Amazing Red (TNA), Tony Mamaluke (WWE/WCW/TNA), Air Paris (WCW), Hotstuff Hernandez (TNA), David Young (TNA), Kenn Phoenix (Kenn Doane/Dykstra) (WWE), Luke Hawx (Altar Boy Luke) (WSX), Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) (WWE), Delirious (ROH), Mike Posey (WWE/TNA), “The Original Gangsta” New Jack (ECW/TNA) and many more. NWA Wildside served a development promotion for WCW and featured stars like The Beast (Bob Sapp), David Flair, Tank Abbott, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Mark Jindrak, Sean O’Haire, Elix Skipper, Jimmy Yang and many more. Wrestling legends like Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk, Jr., Terry Taylor, Larry Zbsyzko, James E Cornette, The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky & Robert), Abdullah The Butcher, and many more all appeared on NWA Wildside TV.

The NWA Wildside announce team featured Dan “The Dragon” Wilson, Steven Prazak, Scott Hudson, Steve Martin, Bill Behrens, Al Getz, Chris Cruise & others.

Classic NWA Wildside DVD’s are now available at www.sbibookings.com . Relive the excitement of one of the most talked about independent promotions in professional wrestling, NWA Wildside!

All DVD’s may be purchased by using your PayPal account and using the “Send Money” option to [email protected]. Each LAST RITES 2005, FREEDOM FIGHT 2004 or HARDCORE HELL 2005 PT 1 or 2 DVD is only $10, shipping included!

And WILDSIDE TV episodes are available for $5 each or 3 for $10 on DVD with shipping included for free.

Write to Show Business, Inc at [email protected] for info on how to order by mail and on how to order any of the over 300 episodes of NWA Wildside TV, or write to PO Box 941787 Atlanta, GA 31141.





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March 30 Anarchy Wrestling Hardcore Hell Report

From Larry Goodman:

Jerry Palmer’s reign of terror as Anarchy Wrestling commissioner came to a shocking conclusion in the War Games at Hardcore Hell 2013 — shocking in it’s brutality, shocking in it’s finality.

It was precisely one year ago at Hardcore Hell 2012 that Palmer turned against Anarchy and joined forces with former arch nemesis Jeff G. Bailey’s Elite. That storyline has been the primary driver of all things Anarchy ever since.

As the uber disgruntled former owner, Palmer vowed to take back his company and/or burn it to the ground. He came close but no cigar. Rather than regaining ownership via an Elite victory in the War Games, Palmer was subjected to a sadistic beating as a result of the ultimate switcheroo, the surprise return of superstar babyface Mikal Judas replacing Iceberg in the cage to dish out Palmer’s five minutes of hardcore hell.

Take it from someone that saw the first War Games ever from the second row, no promotion on the planet, large or small, gives the War Games match its proper due like they do in Cornelia, GA.

As good as the War Games was, Hardcore Hell was no one trick pony. There wasn’t a bad match on the show, and there were several pleasant surprises.

A full house of 200 rocked the Anarchy Arena. For a change, the building was cracking with energy all night long.

Bill Behrens opened the show with a touching speech under difficult circumstances. Behrens said Anarchy star Bryan Casanova’s significant other was suffering with leukemia and in need of bone marrow transplant. The couple has two kids. One of them is autistic. Behrens channeled the talents of Bert Prentice in the best way, saying every day we wake up is a blessing from God, and asking fans to buy a raffle ticket to help the cause.

Behrens then talked about the Flair family. Behrens reflected on how David Flair came to Cornelia when NWA Wildside was a WCW development territory and broke down crying after his first match because he couldn’t be his dad. Behrens said David learned to be more comfortable in his own skin, and went on to become an NWA Wiidside Tag Team Champion. Behrens said David wanted Reid to have the same opportunity to learn, but Reid decided against it. “I never had a chance to meet him, and now I never will.” Behrens said Reid’s death at the age of 25 was a tragedy.

“Cherish every single day of your life, and thank God every day for the opportunity.”

Anarchy honored Reid with a 10 bell salute.

(1) Joey Rhymer & BJ Hancock defeated Bobby Moore & Adrian Hawkins in 8:07. Moore has a thing for Rhymer. He took credit for getting his mystery partner’s suspension lifted. Hawkins interfered and the heels put Rhymer in the torture chamber. A unique double down spot saw Hawkins and Rhymer have the same idea, causing dueling springboard back elbows to crash and burn. The match broke down to where ref Dee Byers would have been pulling his hair out if he had any to pull. Byers correctly ruled that Moore’s pin attempt on Joey was illegal. In exasperation, Moore pulled out the loaded elbow pad, and wouldn’t you know it? Hawkins ended up eating it. Rhymer pinned Moore after teaming up with Hancock on a top rope combo.

Postmatch, Moore embarrassed himself with a kicking, screaming fit on the ramp.

(2) Se7en (with Jeff G. Bailey) defeated Seth Delay in 12:28. This match exceeded my wildest expectations. Se7en turned in his most compelling Anarchy performance ever. Per the stipulation, Delay was gone from Anarchy if he used the brass knucks. Se7en missed the big boot, and Delay cut the big man down to size with a dropkick to the knee. Delay blocked an early chokeslam attempt and busted out a flip dive. Se7en started the dismantling process. Se7en wanted to use a chair, but Delay dropkicked it into the monster’s face. Delay then drove Se7en through a freaking table with a top rope splash — a stellar choice to create believable vulnerability. Delay hit a top rope elbow. Se7en powered out at two. Se7en started shrugging off the damage. Delay took a full rotation bump onto his face off a backdrop. Se7en hit a killer powerbomb, but clutched at his knee before covering and Delay kicked out. Delay countered a chokeslam with an ankle lock. Se7en connected with the big boot but Delay kicked out at 2 and 3/4. Se7en got the chokeslam and Delay rolled a shoulder. Delay gave Se7en a superplex. Not the prettiest of moves but still an impressive sight given the size difference. Se7en went for another chokeslam and Delay countered with a triangle. Se7en broke the hold with a haphazard buckle bomb. Se7en was beating Delay to death, so Seth kicked him low. Delay missed a moonsault. Bailey hit Delay with brass knucks and Se7en finally put him away with the chokeslam.

Bailey twirled the knucks on his finger in a sickenly smug manner after the match.

Next up was a handicap match with Todd Sexton going for revenge against his brother, heel referee Brent Wiley, who has been screwing him at every turn in his feud with Bo Newsom. The heat for Miss Rachael’s introduction of Wiley and Newsom was massive. Rachael said she too would have disavowed Sexton if he was part of her family. Wiley came out wearing a shirt, tights, and boots all with matching referee stripes.

(3) Todd Sexton defeated Brent Wiley & Bo Newsom (with Miss Rachael) via submission at 10:11. Sexton wanted a piece of his slimeball of a brother in the worst way. Wiley spent most of the match running and hiding and interfering, and let Newsom take the abuse. Wiley’s offense was appropriately pathetic and brother Todd wouldn’t sell for it. Sexton tried to chase Wiley down and ran smack into Newsom’s spinebuster. Wiley applied Todd’s trademark sharpshooter. Sexton powered out with ease and delivered a vicious chop. Newsom accidentally clocked Wiley when Sexton ducked out of the way. With Wiley down on the floor, Sexton gave Newsom a piledriver and played possum. Seeing Sexton down, Wiley seized the moment. Sexton kicked out right away. Wiley knew he had been had and tried to bail, but all three refs forced him back into the ring. Wiley got what was coming to him and the crowd loved it. It was time to make Wiley tap. Rachael ran distraction so Newsom could smash Sexton with her clipboard. Wiley covered and the crowd popped in relief when Sexton kicked out. Sexton dispatched with Bo and gave Wiley a superplex before making him tap to the sharpshooter. This match gave the fans exactly what they wanted.

(4) Billy Buck defeated Jacoby Boykins to retain the Anarchy TV Title in 13:10. Boykins came out of the gate like a raging bull. It wasn’t working. Buck hit a twisting splash off the ropes that sent both men sprawling to the hardwood floor. Buck blocked a slam on the ramp (the move that put Buck out of action). Boykins blocked Buck’s vaunted superkick. Boykins covered up to defend against a second superkick, so Buck went after his arm. Boykins survived a figure four leglock and sleeper. Buck survived multiple power moves. The selling in this match was very effective. That’s nothing new for Buck. Boykins got it across that he didn’t have his full powers because of the damage to his arm. In the end, Boykins hit his big spinning powerslam, but was slow to follow up, and Buck grabbed the ropes. Boykins sprung off the ropes and ran right into Buck’s superkick for the 1-2-3. Sound psychology. Good match.

(5) CB Suave defeated Tommy Penerelli and Champion Stryknyn to become the new Anarchy Young Lion’s Champion at 7:40. Would Hot Commodity be able to maintain a united front? The champion didn’t wait for an answer. He set out to destroy both of them and his offense was looking good. Double crossing ensued. Hot Commodity exchanged heated words. Stryknyn broke up the argument with a double clothesline off the top. Penerelli saved Suave from a spear. Suave rescued Penerelli from the Tourniquet. Hot Commodity started working together again, but a miscue caused referee Wes Grissom to get bumped. Stryknyn speared both of them. Anthony Henry hit the ring, speared Stryk and fired a snot rocket at him, erasing any lingering doubts about his heel turn. Suave got an arm over Stryknyn for the three count.

Suave and Penirelli left each clutching one end of the belt. This should be interesting.

(6) Najasism & Vandal defeated Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) to retain the Anarchy Tag Team Championship in 11:02. They tried for a flashy, fast-paced show stealer. It had some really good stuff and a fair amount of sloppy spots. Vandal has a certain charisma, but his work isn’t on the same level as the other three. The crowd was hot in spots and died out at others. Bullets nailed Vandal with a combination of Naja’s Iron Boot and a backcracker. The crowd got behind Vandal when he kicked out. The Bullets messed up. Naja hit the Iron Boot on Jon and Vandal pinned him with a neckbreaker.

Bret Wolverton auctioned off a chair signed by all the Anarchy wrestlers with the proceeds going to Casanova’s family. It went for $100.

(7) Team Elite (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis & Geter & Shaun Tempers & Jagged Edge with Jerry Palmer) Team Anarchy (Brodie Chase & Slim J & Azrael & Jeremy Vain & Iceberg with Franklin Dove & Reverend Dan Wilson) in 21 minutes of pure carnage. Palmer did a number on one of the security guards with his axhandle before the match ever got underway. Lots of blood. Jackson, Tempers and J bled buckets. Azrael and Nemesis also got color. Jackson and Slim did the first five minutes. A new wrestler entered every two minutes after that. Team Elite had earned the man advantage at the previous show and made the most of it throughout the match. Nemesis brought a barbed wire bat. Azrael brought a sickle. Azrael and J pulled off some indescribably unorthodox acrobatic double teams. Jagged Edge had a bullrope and a trash can lid as his weapons of choice. The returning Jeremy Vain got a huge babyface pop, which was a surprise since he left as a heel. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess. Jagged Edge gave J a piledriver, and his head bounced off the mat like a pogo stick. Geter was the last member of Team Elite to enter, and he inflicted massive damage on Team Anarchy before Iceberg arrived on the scene. The match ended shortly after all 10 men were in. J hit a flying reverse DDT off the top of the cage, and Tempers surrendered to the STF. The pop for the finish was the loudest I’ve heard at the Anarchy Arena in quite some time.

Iceberg said this moment with Palmer had been five months in the making, and he knew the people wanted to see him whip Palmer’s ass…BUT he had done a lot of soul searching and come to the conclusion that Palmer was right. “I can’t fight you. We have too much history. I can’t but this guy right here can.”

The crowd exploded when they heard Judas’ music. Judas was thrilled to be there. His issues with Palmer were far more than five months in the making and included serious injury.

(8) Mikael Judas defeated Jerry Palmer in 4:50. The members of Team Anarchy pulled up chairs at ringside to watch. The fans chanted “whoop his ass” and an ass whipping is what they got. This was brutal. Palmer offered to shake hands with Judas. Judas accepted and brought Palmer to his knees. Palmer bled after the first shot into the cage. I thought Palmer was going to fly right through the damn thing. Two more followed. When Judas hit Palmer with the trash can lid it sounded like a bomb going off. Palmer was in la la land. Judas kicked Palmer right in the face and pinned him with one foot.

Bailey and Geter entered the ring. Bailey berated Palmer. Geter crushed Palmer with two running splashes. Bailey wasn’t satisfied. Geter was going to end it with a splash off the ropes. At that moment, Team Anarchy came to Palmer’s aid. Enough was enough.

Bailey lost it on his way out. He used Palmer’s ax handle to knock down the chairs set up at ringside, naming each one of them for an Anarchy team member as he went.

Palmer received some applause as he was helped to the back by Team Anarchy. Palmer had taken his beating like a man. Justice had been served. The score had been settled.












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Anarchy star, Slim J, announces the launch of his new website www.slimj.com .

The website features pics & videos of Slim J, plus very soon fans will be able to purchase Slim J T-Shirts & DVDs. Slim J also create original music & beats that are available for purchase using paypal.

If you want to get trained as a professional wrestler you will find info on the NWA Anarchy Wrestling School at www.slimj.com too.

SLIM J appeared in the JAN/FEB edition of MENTAL FLOSS magazine.

Dan “The Rev” Wilson podcast:

Thursday at 11:30 PM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/dragonsrejects

The Rev’s Midnight Black Mass – bringing you the most in unique and sinister coverage of all entertainment “On The Fringe” (Pro Wrestling, Music, Horror Films, TV, Comics, Stand Up Comedy and More)





Rampage Pro Wrestling presented another three hour taping Sunday, March 24 iat Johnny G’s Fun Center in Warner Robins. In hour one, Sensation Steve Stiles stopped Zac Edwards with a distraction from Stile’s manager Miss Allie. Then, the RPW Commissioner, Ben Masters, announced that the RACE TO THE GAYTON CUP would begin on Sunday, April 14 when RPW returns and that the Blacklist and the Rampage Nation would each have equal representation in the Gene Gayton Memorial Cup Tournament which will culminate with the Gene Gayton Memorial Mayhem Super Card! “Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore was victorious over the BFF’s Adorable Anthony Andrews with what many saw as yet another “assist” from Miss Rachael Freeman, who was one again the ring announcer. This was followed by an in ring interview with Miss Allie and Sensation Steve Stiles and a long awaited “face to face” between Miss Allie and Miss Rachael. After several traded insults, Allie slapped Rachael in the face and left the ring. In singles action, American Mayhem’s Chris Jacobs scored an upset win over one half of the RPW tag team champions, Murder One following outside interference by JROD.

In hour two, Steven Stiles got a victory over The BFF’s Marvelous Michael Stevens, Murder One did an interview giving the Blacklist’s intentions on winning the Gayton Memorial Cup and then called JROD out for a one on one encounter which ended with Murder One victorious after a run in my RPW champ, AJ Steele. The new RPW Tv champion, Mike Cruz, retained his title with a hard fought win over the former champion Drew Adler with a rolling reverse cradle.

Hour three began with tag team action, as The BFFS were defeated by the team of Steven Stiles and Bobby Moore with Miss Allie at ringside. This match ended with a pull apart brawl between Miss Allie and Miss Rachael which began with Miss Allie being kicked in the stomach by Miss Rachael. JROD came out and did an interview announcing his alliance with Francisco Ciasto in the Rampage Nation and said the Nation would be well represented in the Gayton Memorial Cup. In yet another RPW TV title defense, Mike Cruz again retained his title over the man he captured the title from Kyle Matthews via submission in a MUST SEE match-up! Finally, AJ Steele retained the RPW Heavyweight title with a Dark Hole Slam on challenger Francisco Ciatso.

Be sure to join us live on Sunday, April 14 when RPW begins the “Race to the Gayton Cup!!”


Watch RPW TV each Saturday on Macon’s Fox 24 at 9:00AM and MY41.2 at 10AM and Cox Communications Cable 11 in Middle Georgia Thurs 8PM & Sat noon or anytime at www.rampageprowrestling.net , plus Rampage Rewind on Cox Communications Cable 11 M, W, & F 5PM Fri & Sat 11:30PM & My41 Sat noon and at http://highspots.tv/category/video/free-videos/

RAMPAGE 1 HOUR COX 11 Thurs 8PM & Sat noon

My41.2 Sat 10AM

Fox 24 Sat 9AM


WPLA-AM 1670 Fox Sports Saturday 10AM hosted by SAL RINAURO & MICHAEL STEVENS


Rampage Website:


Rampage Facebook:





ProSouth Wrestling

627 Southern Avenue

Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets are $6 and free for children under 5. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information, call (256) 447-3825.

ProSouth Wrestling was in Piedmont, AL on April 5th. Results: Dakota Outlaws (w/James Hardy) defends Sean Nelson & Ace Haven (w/Amy) to retain the ProSouth Tag Team championships. Big Tomb defeated Taylor France. Najasism defeated Oriental Assassin. Dameon Ceretone defeated Jed Johnson to win the ProSouth All-Out championship. Stupid (w/Tweety) defeated Steven Michaels and Ace Haven (w/Amy) in a 3 way to retain the ProSouth championship.




Deep Southern Championship Wrestling was created in March of? of 2010 and started running shows once a month in Ellijay, Ga. We started out in a place known as Gilmer Golf and games. Our first show drew a crowd of 35 or 40 people. DSCW didn’t get discouraged though we kept giving good quality matches at a fair price and got our crowds up to 150 or more. We had to move to gyms and civic centers to support our fan base, drawing close to 600 on some of our big shows.

http://youtu.be/vWKPRAqVpI4 Taking the Bump: A story of semi-pro wrestling

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling was in Blue Ridge, GA on March 29th. Results: The Hard Knock Saints (Shawn Bell & Joey Idol) defeated The Good Ole Boys (Cousin Cletus & Cousin Shaggy). Torque defeated Crash Test Dummy and Mike Posey in a triple threat match when Torque pinned Dummy. Jason Collins & Brandon Collins defeated Ray Ray & Rick Vidol. The Scorpion defeated the All-Star by DQ. All-Star retains the DSCW Heavyweight championship. The Movement (Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) defeated the Lumberjacks (Big Will & Cody Aires). Kyle Matthews defeated Shaun Tempers to earn a spot in the fatal 4 way for the vacant AIWF World Heavyweight championship. Gunner defeated Cyrus the Destroyer by DQ.

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling will be at the DSCW Arena in Blue Ridge, GA on April 13th. Advertised: “Semper Fi” Cody Roberts vs. “Mr. Showtime” Josh Cantrell for the DSCW Southern States championship. Also scheduled: “Nitestick” Eddie Brown, AIWF Women’s champion Mia Svenson, AIWF Super Heavyweight Tourney champion Cyrus the Destroyer, DSCW Heavyweight champion The All-Star, AIWF New South Tag Team champions The Movement, RCW Heavyweight champion Wes “OMG” Blaze, SCW Tag Team champions Brothers Grim, EWA Heavyweight champion Joey Idol, RWC Heavyweight champion “Dirty” Hector Sanchez. Tickets are $8 adults and $4 children under 13. Bell time is at 8:00.




Latest episode at: http://www.youtube.com/alternativepro

APW has live events each Friday at the Cherry Street Gym in Royston, GA 8PM Belltime.




APW News and Notes: Spring Break Bash 2013 will be held on April 19th at the APW Arena in Royston, GA.

April 5 Alternative Pro Wrestling Report from Royston, GA

From Rex Van de Camp:

Kevin Ballenger lost to the debuting Stitch Sypher via Canadian Destroyer pile driver.

James Boulevard pinned Mike Rafferty.

APW North Georgia champion Wade Adams pinned Jamie Cruz with a small package after Cruz was caught using the ropes as leverage in an abdominal stretch attempt on Wade by the referee.

Jeremy Vain and Stryknyn defeated Scott Mason and Jaxon Carter. After the match, APW Champion Jacoby Boykins, APW Commissioner Jacob Ashworth and Adryan Hawkins attacked Vain and Stryknyn, only to be driven from the ring by APW tag team champs Seth Delay and Da Fireman. This prompted Ashworth to schedule a tag match later in the evening pitting himself and Boykins against the tag champs.

Bowie defeated Yasir Akbar with a modified F5.

Adryan Hawkins came out to the ring for his scheduled match with The Sin Cty Saint Brandon Parker. After a few plays of Parker’s music, the big screen displayed Parker in the back putting the boots to his upcoming Spring Break Bash opponent James Boulevard. Parker came to the ring and, after what some thought was the match of the evening, Parker pinned Hawkins.

The APW Tag Team champions Seth Delay and Da Fireman faced APW Champion Jacoby Boykins and APW Commissioner Jacob Ashworth in the main event. Boykins and Ashworth grew increasingly frustrated with their failure to overcome their smaller opponents as the match progressed and, as the match broke down, Boykins struck the champs with his APW title belt to cause the DQ. After the match, Adryan Hawkins hit the ring and joined Boykins and Ashworth to continue their attack. Jeremy Vain and Stryknyn came to the ring to make the save and end the evening in a high note.

APW Spring Break Bash takes place on April 19th. Matches signed include James Boulevard vs Brandon Parker and Jeremy Vain and Stryknyn vs APW Southern States champ Jacoby Boykins and APW Commissioner Jacob Ashworth.



We’re there every First and Third Saturday of the month!

2001 Main Street

Porterdale, Georgia 30070

(20 East, Go right off of Exit 88, 3.5 miles go left at the four-way stop, building is on the left side of the street)




Empire Wrestling Entertainment will be at the Empire Arena in Rossville, GA on April 13th. Matches to be added. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 7:00 and bell time is at 8:00.

Building an Empire – Huge Amount of Professional Wrestling Talent in a Small North Georgia Town

by Scott Hensley

On the heels of professional wrestling’s biggest event, WWE’s Wrestlemania, I look back at where I had the opportunity to first see some of the stars before they were stars. On WWE’s Monday Night Raw show several weeks ago, The Rock talked about his time as a wrestler at the fairgrounds in Nashville. I grew up in middle Tennessee watching USWA, which ran the Nashville Fairgrounds and did feature a lot of future WWE stars; and while I don’t remember seeing a young Rock –I do know that at some point most superstars pass through this area within just a few hours from where I call home on their way to stardom as a part of independent professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling is certainly not as popular as it was during the “Monday Night Wars” in which stars like The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Degeneration X,The N.W.O., Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Sting, and many others stood front and center as the world embraced them. Some may even say professional wrestling has “died off” in the mainstream to more popular mixed martial arts fighting like UFC. The mainstream culture may not accept professional wrestling as it once did but millions of fans still tune in every week to WWE’s flagship program Monday Night RAW and in the small town of Rossville, Georgia – a town with a population of just over 4,000 people – wrestling is alive and well for local promotion Empire Pro Wrestling. The promotion had over 300 in attendance for its 2nd Annual “Tooth and Nail” event on Saturday, April 6th, one of the best top to bottom wrestling events that will happen in the entire state during the year of 2013.

The North Georgia/Chattanooga area was once a hotbed for professional wrestling and almost everyone who lived in the area during the 1970’s will brighten up with a smile and a story about Nick Gulas and Harry Thornton’s shows that they saw at the Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga. WCW grew to fruition just a couple of hours south in the 80’s and 90’s and the 2000’s brought on talent flocking to Nashville for upstart rival TNA, as well as proven training ground NWA Wildside a few hours away in Cornelia, Georgia.The bright spots for talent and up-and-comers were really bright but there were plenty of dark spots in between. Local thrown-together promotions featuring fat guys, skinny kids, and unathletic performers in t-shirts and gym shorts “playing” wrestling blossomed up on seemingly every corner with many areas having three to four promotions running in the same weekend, earning the distinction of being labeled “rasslin” rather than professional wrestling. These “rasslin” shows, which were often in dirty and run down buildings just large enough to fit a ring in, gradually killed off a great deal of local interest in professional wrestling with many of those shows fighting over the remaining fans willing to attend. The majority of wrestling fans in the area retreated to a mainstream product they can enjoy from the comfort of their living room.

A little over two years ago, a warehouse building in Rossville, Georgia was transformed into a wrestling venue and Empire Pro Wrestling was born. It started with chairs and a barricade around a ring and grew to include an impressive stage, lights, fog machines and black curtains along the walls. The building is clean with plenty of helpful staff members and security at ringside to welcome fans and protect them when the action spills to the outside. The crowd is loud and enthusiastic for the wrestlers they love and love to hate. The building is also easy to find and just minutes from downtown Chattanooga, located off of Mission Ridge Road at 22 Austin Avenue in Rossville, Georgia.

The in-ring talent is the perfect combination of skilled veterans and up-and-coming young workers eager to master their craft and make a name for themselves. The veterans include many hard-working and talented competitors that have competed and made appearances all over the United States for promotions such as NWA Wildside/Anarchy Wrestling, Chikara, Ring of Honor, TNA, and even WWE. Some of the veterans you may find at Empire include commissioner Drew Delight, Adam Jacobs, Andrew Alexander, Rufus Black(the former Jessco Blue), leader of the Devil’s Rejects “The Reverend” Dan Wilson, Tank, Ace Rockwell, Shaun Tempers, Adam Roberts, Bobby Hayes, Ben Thrasher, Jason Hampton, and Lamar Phillips. Also known to make guest appearances are respected workers Chrisjen Hayme, Seven, Patrick Bentley, Bobby Moore, Anthony Henry, Chip Day, Corey Hollis, and Kyle Matthews. The veterans and guests are just the start though because Empire has some of the hungriest young talent in any independent wrestling promotion. The quartet of Johnny Viper, Cyrus, Brandon Collins, and Jason Collins are known as the Illuminati and each brings a wealth of talent and passion to the ring that sets them apart from other competitors. Matt Fortune, a talented high flyer,along with his hilariously obnoxious manager Steve Dave have formed a partnership with former NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Shaun Tempers as Team Temptation. Logan Alvey, who was trained by Ace Rockwell and possesses an extremely impressive physique, is a newcomer with a wealth of potential. Chris Ganz, Chris Lightning, and the young team of The Double Dragons, KT Hamill and his underdog brother “The Chunky Dragon” Keith Hamill, are young fan favorites that go all out in the ring to impress.

Several Georgia promotions put on quality events each month and have earned favorable reputations with local wrestling fans and critics. These promotions such as Anarchy Wrestling, Platinum Championship Wrestling, and Rampage Pro Wrestling boast impressive rosters of talent, entertaining feuds, and quality matches. In its current state, Empire Pro Wrestling is right there at the same level with all those promotions. The matches build and keep fans on the edges of their seats. The events deliver a full evening of exciting wrestling action for only $5 and is hands down the best weekly professional wrestling product within hours of the Chattanooga area. I really encourage you to experience Empire Pro Wrestling at 8:05 PM each Saturday night off of Mission Ridge Road at 22 Austin Avenue in Rossville, Georgia.









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Plus Bonus Footage featuring comments from: Shawn Michaels, Jerry Lawler, Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman, Tammy Sytch, BG James & Kip (fka New Age Outlaws), Chris Kanyon

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