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Recap of Sean Oliver on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 05/30/2012

by Vic Schiavone

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries back for his fourth visit to IYH Wrestling Radio. The interview kicked off with a discussion of the upcoming live YouShoot with Vince Russo that was taking place on Friday, June 2nd on IPPV. Sean said he was really looking forward to this YouShoot because Vince Russo is the most controversial guy and the most prominent lightning rod in the business right now, and that it would make for a great interview for the public to send him questions and confront him over whatever they wanted to talk to him about. He said that Vince Russo is very aware of his place in the wrestling world, and if he is open with his answers that this interview could not only be an atonement or cleansing for things he’s done in the past but could very well be the launching point for the second phase of his wrestling career and people’s perception of him.
Sean took several questions during this interview and touched on a variety of topics, which included but were not limited to the following:

Sean told a hilarious story about the recent interview he did with Sandman for the Timeline History of ECW 1995 DVD involving Sandman bringing his son to the 3-hour interview while the boy’s mother waited outside in a car. He also talked about some outtakes he included with the end-of-credit sequences of Sandman’s reactions to things he had no idea he had been involved in.

Sean was asked about security for the Russo YouShoot, and he said that not only was there going to be security there but he was making a “Special Features” DVD on arranging security for the show.

Sean was asked about his most fun interview, and said that while they were all fun two of his favorites would have to be his interviews with Sean Waltman and Danny Doring.

When asked what wrestling book would he want to have if he was stranded on an island, Sean answered that he would want to have Mick Foley’s first book because it was told in such an authentic voice with Bret Hart’s autobiography coming in a close second because it was everything that a memoir should be.

Sean was asked would he rather do an interview with a hologram Eddie Guerrero or a zombie Chris Benoit. Sean said that while an interview with Benoit would make a lot of money, he would never do anything with Benoit because when you do something with the gravity of what he did at the end of his life it basically replaced and erased everything he had done before. The interview closed with one more mention of the Russo live YouShoot on June 2nd, with Sean again pointing out that Russo is aware of all the negativity towards him and that he is anxious to hear his answers to what will be some interesting questions.

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