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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

The ECW (3/10) Extreme Examination

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, takes a look at one of the strongest ECW shows in many years. He’s really happy with what he saw and thinks you will be to.

The show opened with a preview of the tri-branded Battle Royal that would determine the 7th person to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 25.

The grinding guitar riff that announces The Miz echoed off the arena walls. Miz had John Morrison with him. Matt Striker sent it to last week’s Dirt Sheet. Miz and Morrison worked Butt masks and made fun of Primo and Carlito Colon. John Morrison joined the announce team. Miz’s opponent was Primo (Colon). Carlito and the Bella Twins joined the younger Colon for the battle.

Primo d The Miz
Non-titles match

The Finish:

The two men started through fists. Primo hit a Flying Back Elbow and a Clothesline. Primo did a flip in the ring and then nailed a Dropkick. Primo hit a Springboard Dropkick but only got a two count. Miz came back with a modified Stroke on Primo but the ref only counted two before Primo kicked out. The two men tried for Roll-ups on each other but neither could get a pin. Primo went for a Springboard Crossbody but Miz turned it into a Powerslam. Miz went for the Full Body Clothesline but missed. Primo nailed the Back Stabber (Lung Blower) to score the win.

Grade: A+
Jay’s Thoughts: This feud really should be used to unify the belts. I’ve always thought that two tag belts was over-kill. This feud is really rather lame. I mean Miz and Morrison have nothing better to use that “butt jokes”? They are two of the best promo men in the business, right now. They deserve such better material than this. As far as the action, it was completely top-notch. Primo really impressed me with his skills. I’ve always thought Miz was seriously under-rated as a wrestler. He’s still a little rough around the edges but he’s so much stronger than he used to be. My only complaint is that Primo really needs his own finisher, not one borrowed from his brother.

The Colons and the Bellas left together. Matt Striker and Todd Grisham sent it to a video about 12 Rounds, the new John Cena movie. Khali and Singh talked backstage. Khali would be in the Money in the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal, later in the show.

The WWE Extreme Rewind focused on Natalya‘s defeat of Alicia Fox via the Sharpshooter. After the match, Tyson Kidd attacked D.J. Gabriel. Gabriel sent Kidd to the floor with a European Uppercut.

Tyson Kidd came out with Natalya for the next match. The Dance Dance Revolutionaries, D.J. Gabriel and Alicia Fox, came to the ring. Neither were really into dancing, this week. Fox did boogie a little before the match started.

Tyson Kidd d D.J. Gabriel

The Finish:

Kidd hit a pair of sharp kicks to Gabriel’s thigh and chest. Kidd went for the Wheelbarrow Bulldog but Gabriel turned into a Release Back Suplex. Kidd hit like a sack of mud. Kidd did kick out at two. Gabriel tried for a Belly to Back Suplex but Kidd blocked it. Gabriel kicked Kidd in the ribs and lifted him for a Stall Suplex. The two got near the ropes and Kidd shifted his weight. Kidd hit a Reverse Hot Shot on Gabriel. Kidd then Iced the Cake with Springboard Savage Elbow.

Grade: A+
Jay’s Thoughts: Kidd is perhaps the strongest person on the roster, right now. That means he’s due for a loss. ECW seems to like to build up a character, only to have them drop a bunch of matches (see Jack Swagger and Ricky Ortiz). I’m hoping for a Evan Bourne v Tyson Kidd feud. D.J. Gabriel needs to move over to Raw or Smackdown.

ECW ran a promo for Undertaker v Shawn Michaels. That is going to be the Match of a Lifetime.

ECW returned with another video package about Evan “Air” Bourne. Evan remindes me so much of Chris Benoit circa 1994. I’m comparing Bourne to the positive, talented wrestling machine, not the real-life person that Benoit became.

Grisham and Striker sent it back to the entire Triple H “home invasion” issue. That was such a flashback to the whole Steve Austin/Brian Pillman “gun” vignette of so many years ago. HHH came to Orton’s home and attacked him. HHH was supposed to battled Legacy but no-showed. Orton ended up thrown through a bay window. Cops hauled HHH off to the pokey, as Raw faded out.

The entrants began to arrive for the Money In The Bank Battle Royal. Cryme Tyme showed up first. Vladimir Kozlov was the next to arrive. The crowd exploded as Christian came out to battle. William Regal, with Layla, strolled from the back. The Great Khali, with cool new music, stomped from the back. The others would arrive while ECW took a break.

Before the match began, WWE profiled Wrestlemania IX, which came from my old home town of Las Vegas, NV. Hulk Hogan defeated Yokozuna, after Yokozuna defeated a salt-blinded Bret Hart.

Christian d Shad, JTG, William Regal, The Great Khali, Goldust, Vladimir Kozlov, Chavo Guerrero, Paul Burchill, Kung Fu Naki, Ricky Ortiz, Jimmy Wang Yang, Charlie Haas, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and Tommy Dreamer.
Money in the Bank Battle Royal Qualifying Match

The Finish:

Christian slid under Chavo and threw fists to the face. Chavo came back with punches and kicks. Chavo went for the Three Amigos (Yes, Striker, I do know THAT movie). Chavo went to the top rope but saw Christian coming. Chavo safely dove into the ring. Christian tried to pull the KillSwitch but Chavo countered. Chavo went for a Belly to Back Suplex but Christian blocked it. Christian tossed Chavo over the ropes but Chavo didn’t end up on the floor. Chavo tried, several times to flip Christian to the floor but Christian countered. Christian slipped between the ropes. Chavo blasted Christian in the chest. Christian fell back and Teeter Tottered his legs into Chavo’s face. Chavo flew to the floor.

Grade: A+
Jay’s Thoughts: What a great main event. I expect Christian to take the Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania. Everyone got to look good in this one. Creative finally got a main event right. I wish ECW could run this kiind of show, every week.

Final Grade: A+
Final Thoughts: Now this is how to do a Tuesday night show. The prelim matches were solid and the main event was near-PPV level. The show wasn’t bogged down with an over-flow of vignettes or meaningless interviews. Straight up action, that’s what ECW presented. Way to go!


–Jay Shannon
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