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Courtesy of Wikipedia: Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II is an album released by the World Wrestling Federation in 1987. It featured actual vocal performances from several of the wrestlers themselves.

The original vinyl LP release of Piledriver featured a head shot of Hulk Hogan wearing a construction hard hat on the front cover. It has not yet officially appeared in the CD format, whereas every other WWF/WWE album has. In addition to the album, a VHS videotape version was also issued in 1987 by Coliseum Video. This tape featured music videos for 8 of the songs from the album (the songs “Crank It Up” and “Waking Up Alone” did not have music videos made for them).

Several of the songs on the album would be used as entrance themes for the wrestlers. Strike Force used an instrumental version of “Girls in Cars” until their split in 1989, Koko B. Ware used “Piledriver” into 1990, Honky Tonk Man used his self-titled track for the majority of his career, “Demolition” was used for the team until late 1990, “Jive Soul Bro” was used as the theme of Slick and several of his wrestlers until 1990, and “Crank It Up” was used for the tag team of The Young Stallions (a storyline was created in which Jimmy Hart wanted to use the song for The Hart Foundation, but the Stallions “stole” it).

Here is the classic video for “Jive Soul Bro”!  Enjoy!