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Sunset Flip Presents Stop the Screwjobs
From Jim Boy Star

This past Thursday, we witnessed the “Olrando Screwjob” and of course the wrestling community is up in arms. For those that missed it, TNA did a screwjob ending for Kurt Angle‘s match against AJ Styles. AJ puts Angle in the ankle lock and then the referee rings the bell. Hulk Hogan comes out and Angle spits in his face.

Terrible. That’s one word to describe it all. Terrible. But then again, this is nothing different than WWE does. WWE brings the screwjob ending every once in awhile and most recently used it this past September at Breaking Point during the Undertaker vs CM Punk match.

I could write about how this further proves that Bret Hart has gotten over the Montreal Screwjob. That he had closure for many years and the wrestling world seems to get over it. I’m not going to that though. I want to take a look at the effects of the screwjob and why it benefits absolutely nobody involved.

 It should be pointed out that the screwjob in Montreal was a very real situation that occurred. Only a few people knew what was going to happen. So it came off as real when it occurred. Everything after that, for the most part, not so much.

 The screwjob ending is not a real ending. Nothing is gained with exception to the first time it happened, the Mr. McMahon character was born.

 The champion in the situation does not get a win because the match never ended. So when all is said and done, he does not look strong nor is he putting anyone else over. He would actually look better if he left the ring and lost by countout because the announcers could say “he outsmarted his opponent because he realized you can only win the title by pin of submission”.

 The challenger is made to look weak because he allows it to happen. The challenger comes across as stupid that he did not see it coming. All the momentum that the challenger brought into the match is now gone.

 The referee is made to look like he can’t do his job right. It appears that he should be fired but yet somehow remains with the company. From a kayfabe standpoint, all the referee needs to do is count to three, count people out, or disqualify someone. In a kayfabe standpoint, the referee is probably the most disposable person on the roster other than a ring announcer (I’m talking to you Lillian).

 Now that I think about it, one person may benefit from it. The authority figure in question benefits in some cases.

 So let’s review. Champion looks weak, thereby lowering the status of the respective title. Challenger looks like a joke and you have rebuild a character to get credibility again. People now wonder why a certain referee still has a job. But guest what! The authority figure MAY get lucky and get some heat. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Making your talent look like crap so that someone who doesn’t even wrestle can look good.

 To WWE, TNA, and any other promotion that exists in the world….. STOP THE SCREWJOB ENDINGS!

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 Jim Boy Star

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