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Grab your swords, grip your wrist, and let out your Viking battle cry because – HUSS! –  ClubWWI.com is proud to welcome the craziest one in WWF history. “The Berzerker” John Nord goes Clubbin’ in a rare and exclusive 30 minute shoot interview with James Guttman that no one will want to miss.

No matter where he went, John Nord sent fear into the hearts of men with his insane antics and loud barks.  In the WWF, he was the first man to nearly kill the Undertaker when he narrowly missed stabbing him with his sword during a televised match.  Now, the Berserk One joins ClubWWI.com and it’s a shoot interview with a man tailor-made for The Insanity!  From the infamous “muffler story” that saw Dusty Rhodes ask him if he remembered to put toilet paper in his butt before a big match to nearly stabbing the Undertaker with his sword, Nord leaves no topic off limits.  For the full list of topics, head to: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com

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John Nord may be best known for his run as the insane WWF Viking, The Berzerker, but his career has had many other twists and turns throughout his run.  The hard hitting, barking behemoth spent a good amount of time learning from the legendary Bruiser Brody (Frank Goodish) before making it to the WWF.  He speaks with James Guttman about Brody and the influence that Bruiser had on him.  In fact, long before he entered the WWF with his Viking helmet, Nord was set to join the company with the hardcore legend, until tragedy struck.  John explains to ClubWWI.com members:

“Back in ’88, before Brody got killed, we were talking to Vince (McMahon) then.  We were gonna go in as a tag team.  Actually, Frank was talking to them.  I was young and he was my mentor, kind of deal.  He was talking to them and we were pretty well set to go in as a tag.  I was really excited about it, but then Frank got killed in July of ’88.  So that yanked the rug on that.”

Nord goes on to talk about how he ended up debuting a few years later, the wrestler instrumental in getting him that spot, his famous pro wrestling high school graduating class, the Berzerker gimmick, the nightmare of having to travel with a giant sword, and more. 

In fact, despite that false start, John Nord’s eventual debut in the WWF lead to some major moments.  For example, today the Undertaker seems to be targeted for death on a weekly basis.  But it was the Berzerker who did it first.  Shortly after the Dead Man joined the good side, he had a televised match with Nord that saw the Viking try to stab him with his non-gimmicked sword.  It was a memorable moment that many will never forget – John included.

“First of all, you’ve got to get the break to actually wrestle a top guy.  Once you do it, you better do something no one else has done.  So I remember going to the arena that night.  I was looking at it.  I had the sword in my bag and I remember going over and kind of feeling the ring cover, you know, where the guys were setting up the ring.  I thought, I wonder if I tried to stab him, if he did move, would the sword stick or would it break and I’d have to get a new sword?”

John goes on in his ClubWWI.com shoot to discuss the timing involved with the stabbing angle, working with Taker, the personalities of wrestlers in the 1990s WWF including Bret Hart‘s obsession with titles, Damien the Snake going to the bathroom in the wrestler showers, the only title Nord ever cared about, trying to carry a giant chain onto a plane and more…including the infamous “muffler story” you have to hear to believe.  You’ll never look at Dusty Rhodes the same way again.

As John prepares to meet and greet his fans on July 10th at the K and S HeatWave Wrestling convention in New Jersey (www.KandSWrestlefest.com), the obvious question is whether he’d be up for a return to wrestling.  The Berzerker rules nothing out – Huss!  Huss!

“I didn’t lift or train or nothing for about five years.  The last year, I’ve been lifting and training, getting back to my 300 pound fighting deal, but it’s not the same.  You just can’t move like you used to be able to and that, but I might.”