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TNA crowned new tag team champions on tonight’s taped edition of TNA IMPACT.  Here is a full account of the Hardy Boyz big victory, courtesy of impactwrestling.com:

The four teams brawl all over the ring at the opening bell. After disposing of their opponents, The Hardys and the Dirty Heels (Aries/Roode) come face-to-face. The Dirty Heels gain the advantage after Roode drops Jeff with a clothesline and Aries connects with a discuss forearm to Matt!

The BDC and EC3 & Bram make their way back into the match. The BDC takes control of the Hardys as EC3 and Bram square off with The Dirty Heels. When The Hardys and the Dirty Heels are taken out, The BDC meets EC3 and Bram!

The BDC is sent to the outside where Tyrus attacks. In the ring, Bram shoves EC3 and instructs him to climb the Ultimate X structure to retrieve the gold. EC3 references his arm brace, arguing that it prevents him from climbing. He withdraws a ladder from beneath the ring!

EC3 and Bram use the ladder to begin their ascent. The Hardys make the save and use the ladder as a weapon to dismantle EC3 and Bram, then Aries and Roode. The Hardys begin climbing the structure! The BDC joins them.

All four men scurry towards the Tag Team Championships, until Tyrus begins shaking the entire structure and one-by-one, they all fall down! Tyrus slides into the ring and wreaks havoc on the Hardys and The BDC! Tyrus allows EC3 to climb onto his shoulders. As he moves toward the center of the ring, Austin Aries connects with a missile dropkick to Tyrus’ face!

Bram drops Aries with a savage clothesline before mounting a ladder against the turnbuckle. He whips Aries toward the ladder, but Aries counters with a discuss forearm that sets Bram up for a diving neckbreaker from Roode!

The Dirty Heels send Bram crashing into the ladder! Aries connects with a running dropkick and Roode finishes him with a spinebuster. Roode climbs the structure and guides his hands along the wire, with his feet on Aries’ shoulders. Homicide interferes, taking out Roode and Aries!

Matt Hardy catches Homicide with a Side Effect, and then he and Kenny King begin climbing the ladder. They brawl atop the ladder, until Hardy tips the scales and connects with a Twist of Fate from the ladder!

The moment Matt Hardy’s hands touch the titles, Low Ki flies from out of nowhere onto the ladder! He battles both of the Hardys. He alternates between punching Matt and swinging from the wires, kicking toward Jeff who’s walking on top of the wires! A well-placed kick sends Matt flying off the ladder, but Matt comes off the ropes and shoves the ladder away.

Like Jeff, Low Ki hangs from the ropes! Jeff kicks Low Ki and he loses his grip. Low Ki crashes onto the mat. Jeff hangs on until Matt replaces the ladder and joins his brother at the top to claim the TNA World Tag Team Championships for the first time in their careers!

Winners: The Hardys