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Fan Slam: The Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention takes place on Saturday, June 21st at the Holiday Inn on Rt. 46 West in Totowa, NJ from 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. Not only will there be tons of wrestlers there signing autographs, question and answer sessions, and lots of vendors selling merchandise; but there will be tons of other activities happening through out the day. One of those activities will be the FIRST EVER LIVE John Cena Sr. Show!


The John Cena Sr. Show will be a part of the Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention. Mr. Cena will have Scott Taylor (Scotty 2 Hotty), Nick Dinsmore (Eugene), Vito, and Daivari on the show as his guests. What does Mr. Cena have in store for both his guests and you the fans? One thing is for sure, this talk show is going to be a classic! Move over Jay Leno! Letterman who? There is a new hot talk show host and he will be debuting his talk show live for the first time at Fan Slam!

Appearing live at the Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention on 6/21 include:

*Current TNA Superstar: Tomko
*Former WWE Superstar and Head Trainer of OVW: Al Snow
*Former WWE Tag Team Champion: Scott Taylor (Scotty 2 Hotty)
*Former WWE Superstar: Nick Dinsmore (Formerly Eugene)
*Former WWE Superstar: Daivari
*Former WWE Superstar and Trainer: Bill DeMott
*John Cena’s Father: John Cena Sr.
*Former WWE Superstar: Vito
*Leader of the Four Horseman: J.J. Dillon
*Former WWE Announcer: Kevin Kelly

The day kicks off on June 21st with the first ever PRO WRESTLING TRICKY TRAY at 9 A.M. A Tricky Tray is really nothing more than a massive raffle. It’s also known as a “Chinese Auction.” You purchase tickets for all of the items and put them in whatever bucket you wish for the prize(s) that you want. You can put 1, 25, 50, or even 100 tickets into a bucket of any prize you want. Some of the items at the Tricky Tray that day include: Bruno Sammartino autographed robe, Rey Mysterio autographed mask, Jake “The Snake” Roberts autographed tights, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper autographed boxing glove, Iron Sheik autographed head dress, Ultimate Warrior autographed picture, Rey Mysterio autographed mask, Carlito autographed T-shirt, Cactus Jack autographed Wanted Dead or Alive T-shirt, tons of autographed pictures, autographed Classic Superstars figures, and more.

There is also a very special doors prize. YOU CAN WIN A AUTOGRAPHED PAIR OF HULK HOGAN TRUNKS!

There will also be a very special event for the fans to take part in for the Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention. Can you imagine if every wrestler was alive today and in their prime? Can you imagine Ricky Steamboat against John Cena or Sting against Undertaker? Would you like to book the greatest line-up in the history of the professional wrestling business? Do you think you can book? Well now is your chance to prove it! Fan Slam Wrestling will be presenting a very special contest at Fan Slam called “So You Think You Can Book?” Wrestling fans will have the chance to book their ultimate dream card. The winner of the contest will get to have LUNCH WITH J.J. DILLON at Fan Slam!

The Developmental Debate will also be taking place at Fan Slam on June 21st! Al Snow and Bill DeMott will take the panel and discuss being the top two trainers of WWE’s developmental program. The debate will be hosted by former WWE developmental talent Danny Inferno, who worked under both Snow and DeMott.
What did Snow think of his time in OVW? What did Bill DeMott think of his time in Deep South Wrestling? Their thoughts on Tough Enough? Find out all of the answers to these questions and more come Fan Slam!

There will also be a very special live Shoot Interview at Fan Slam with current TNA Superstar Tomko! Anyone that is a fan of Tomko will not want to miss this one! What are Tomko’s thoughts on WWE? What was it like working for Vince McMahon? His thoughts on working with Christian Cage? His future? All of these questions and many more will be answered come Fan Slam!

W—O–R—M! There will be a very special Worm Contest at the Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival hosted by the originator of the move, Scott Taylor! Children ages 14 and under will have the chance to try and win over Taylor with their worming skills. The winner of the contest will receive a Worm Champion Trophy! Sorry adults, this one is just for the kids!

Prom Night with Vito will also be a part of the Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention. Want to go to the prom with Vito? No problem! Only he’s not wearing the dress. You are! That’s right, you can get your picture taking with Vito at Fan Slam wearing a prom dress! Come to Fan Slam and have some fun with Vito on June 21st!

Some of the vendors already scheduled to appear include: Missy Hyatt, Cauliflower Alley Club, Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, and more!

All of this and much more takes place on Saturday, June 21st at the Fan Slam Wrestling Fan Festival 15th Anniversary Convention! For further information on the convention you can log onto FanSlamWrestling.com