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amy lee

One of the FIRST guests to appear on the original Wrestling Guys radio/internet show back in the mid 90?s was none other than “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee, and she’s back on with John & Phil for this podcast for the first time in almost 11 years!

Amy’s career is legendary on the indy circuit.  She was the only person other than Missy Hyatt to manage the late Eddie Gilbert.  As a wrestler, she has held the following:  NWL Ladies Champ; Dangerous Women Of Wrestling Champ; Women Of Extreme Champ; NWS Ladies Champ; WSU Tag Champ (w/Taylor Wilde); 2009 WXW-C4 Empress of the Ring.  She has traveled the entire country, and has had successful matches against virtually every name in the business.  She retired recently, but has a VERY successful career outside of the pro wrestling business.

Amy spends time talking about her career, especially her time at Women’s Extreme Wrestling as well as WSU.  She comments on what’s gone on at WSU since the new owners have taken over, and about womens wrestling in general.  Then, near the end of the interview, she dropped a bombshell by announcing that she’s returning to the ring just ONE MORE TIME, and you’ll never guess against who!!

Listen in, and find out on 30 Minute Radio, with The Wrestling Guys!