WWE Women’s Title

Champion Date Location Event
Fabulous Moolah 09/18/56 Baltimore, MD House Show
NOTES: Won a battle royal finale.
Betty Boucher 09/17/66 Seattle, WA House Show
Fabulous Moolah 09/??/66 [INSERT] House Show
Yukiko Tomoe 03/10/68 Osaka, Japan House Show
Fabulous Moolah 04/02/68 Hamamatsu, Japan House Show
Sue Green 02/02/76 New York City, NY House Show
Fabulous Moolah 03/05/76 New York City, NY House Show
Evelyn Stevens 10/08/78 Dallas, TX House Show
Fabulous Moolah 10/10/78 Ft. Worth, TX House Show
NOTES: WWE does not recognize any of the title changes before 1984, considering Moolah’s reign to be 10,170 days.
Wendi Richter 07/23/84 New York City, NY The Brawl to End It All
Leilani Kai 02/18/85 New York City, NY War To Settle The Score
Wendi Richter 03/31/85 New York City, NY Wrestlemania I
Fabulous Moolah 11/25/85 New York City, NY House Show
NOTES: Wrestled as the masked “Spider Lady.”
Velvet McIntyre 07/03/86 Brisbane, Australia House Show
Fabulous Moolah 07/09/86 Sydney, Australia House Show
Sherri Martel 07/24/87 Houston, TX House Show
Rockin’ Robin 10/07/88 Paris, France Prime Time Wrestling
NOTES: February 21, 1990 – The title was deactivated and Rockin’ Robin stripped of the belt. 
Alundra Blayze 12/13/93 Poughkeepsie, NY All American Wrestling
NOTES: Won a championship tournament finale.
Bull Nakano 11/20/94 Tokyo, Japan Big Egg Wrestling Universe
Alundra Blayze 04/03/95 Poughkeepsie, NY RAW
Bertha Faye 08/27/95 Pittsburgh, PA SummerSlam
Alundra Blayze 10/23/95 Brandon, MA RAW
NOTES: Stripped on December 13, 1995 after Blayze showed up on WCW Nitro and dumped the WWF Women’s belt in the trash!
Jacqueline 09/15/98 Sacramento, CA RAW
NOTES: Jacqueline defeated Sable for the vacant title.
Sable 11/15/98 St Louis, MO Survivor Series
Debra 05/10/99 Orlando, FL RAW
Ivory 06/08/99 Worcester, MA RAW
Fabulous Moolah 10/17/99 Cleveland, OH No Mercy
Ivory 10/25/99 Providence, RI RAW
The Kat 12/12/99 Fort Lauderdale, FL Armageddon
NOTES: This was a fatal four-way evening gown pool match, also involving Jacqueline and B.B., with The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young as special guest referees.
Harvey Wippleman 01/31/00 Pittsburgh, PA RAW
NOTES: This was a Lumberjill Snowbunny match. Hervina was Harvey Wippleman disguised as a woman.
Jacqueline 02/03/00 Detroit, MI SmackDown
Stephanie McMahon 03/30/00 San Antonio, TX SmackDown
Lita 08/21/00 Lafayette, LA RAW
Ivory 10/31/00 Rochester, NY SmackDown
NOTES: This was a fatal four-way match, also involving Jacqueline and Trish Stratus.
Chyna 04/01/01 Houston, TX Wrestlemania X-7
NOTES: Title vacated when Chyna retired and left the WWF in a contract dispute.
Trish Stratus 11/18/01 Greensboro, NC Survivor Series
Jazz 02/04/02 Las Vegas, NV RAW
Trish Stratus 05/13/02 Toronto, Ontario, Canada RAW
Molly Holly 06/23/02 Columbus, OH King of the Ring
Trish Stratus 09/22/02 Los Angeles, CA Unforgiven
Victoria 11/17/02 New York City, NY Survivor Series
NOTES: This was a Hardcore Match
Trish Stratus 03/30/03 Seattle, WA Wrestlemania 19
NOTES: This was a triple threat match.
Jazz 04/27/03 Worchester, MA Backlash 2003
Gail Kim 06/30/03 Buffalo, NY RAW
NOTES: Won a 7-Diva battle royal.
Molly Holly 07/28/03 Colorado Springs, CO RAW
Victoria 02/23/04 Omaha, NE RAW
NOTES: Beat Molly Holly, Lita, and Jazz in a fatal-four-way elimination match.
Trish Stratus 06/13/04 Columbus, OH Bad Blood
NOTES: Beat Victoria, Lita and, Gail Kim in a fatal-four-way match.
Lita 12/06/04 Charlotte, NC RAW
Trish Stratus 01/09/05 San Juan, Puerto Rico New Year’s Revolution
Mickie James 04/02/06 Chicago, IL WrestleMania 22
Lita 08/14/06 Charlottesville, VA RAW
Trish Stratus 09/17/06 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Unforgiven
NOTES: This was Trish Stratus’ Retirement Match.
Lita 11/05/06 Cincinnati, OH Cyber Sunday
NOTES: Defeated Mickie James in a Tournament Final match.
Mickie James 11/26/06 Philadelphia, PA Survivor Series
Melina Perez 02/19/07 Bakersfield, CA RAW
Mickie James 04/24/07 Paris, France House Show
NOTES: This title switch happened by mistake.  This was a triple–threat match also involving Victoria.
Melina Perez 04/24/07 Paris, France House Show
NOTES: Melina was awarded an immediate rematch because Mickie pinned Victoria who was not the champion.
Candice Michelle 06/24/07 Houston, TX Vengeance
Beth Phoenix 10/07/07 Chicago, IL No Mercy
Mickie James 04/14/08 London, England RAW
Beth Phoenix 08/17/08 Indianapolis, IN SummerSlam
* * * NOTES: Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix beat Kofi Kingston and Mickie James in a “Winner Take All” match to win the WWE Intercontinental title and WWE Women’s title.
Melina Perez 01/25/09 Detroit, MI Royal Rumble
Michelle McCool 06/28/09 Sacramento, CA The Bash
* * * NOTES: Michelle McCool becomes the first woman to become WWE Diva’s champion and WWE Women’s title.
Mickie James 01/31/10 Atlanta, GA Royal Rumble
Michelle McCool 02/26/10 Milwaukee, WI SmackDown
Beth Phoenix 04/25/10 Baltimore, MD Extreme Rules
* * * NOTES: Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool in an “Extreme Makeover” match to win the WWE Women’s title.
Layla & Michelle 05/14/10 Buffalo, NY SmackDown
* * * NOTES: Michelle McCool and Layla El defeated Beth Phoenix in an “Handicap” match to win the WWE Women’s title for Layla because she got the pin. Phoenix had to drop the title due to injury. Layla and Michelle McCool, known as Team LayCool, referred to themselves as co-champions
Michelle McCool 09/19/10 Chicago, IL Night of Champions
* * * NOTES: WWE Women’s co-champion Michelle McCool w/Layla El defeated WWE Diva’s champion Melina Perez in a Unification Lumberjills match. From that point forward (due to a stipulation added by Vickie Guerrero), either Michelle or Layla could defend the Unified title on RAW or SmackDown!

* * * NOTES: The WWE women’s championship was no longer a recognized title.

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