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Sunset Flip Presents TNA LIVE in NJ
By Jim Boy Star

This past Saturday, both World Wrestling Entertainment and TNA Wrestling ran shows that were fairly close to each other. Or at least easy to get from one place to another, via train.

WWE ran the joke that is “Bret Hart Appreciation Night”, while TNA ran a regular house show in the Rahway Rec Center. I attended the TNA event and after reading the WWE MSG report, I know I made the right move. To be fair, I knew I was making the right move even before either event happened.

I have written that Ring of Honor is indeed worth the time and effort to go to. I must say the same for TNA wrestling LIVE. There is a huge difference between TNA Wrestling LIVE and TNA Impact the show in terms of quality. I admit that I enjoy Impact more than Raw, but Impact definitely has lots of problems.
TNA Wrestling LIVE is a truly great fan experience. Before even going into the building, Don West (my hero! He is that cool!) was out and selling programs outside. This was a great idea since people that wanted programs could buy it outside instead of in the building. Don West stuck around and signed a couple of autographs as well. I had to laugh at people that said “Don, are we definitely getting in?”. Come on people, it’s Don West, how the hell is he supposed to know when the building says “no more people”?
Upon entering the building, Mr Anderson had a line across the Rec Center and he was signing autographs. Also preshow, we saw Mick Foley and Jeff Hardy in the crowd. They signed a few autographs, but unlike Anderson, it was not an actual session so they did not stay long.
Now let’s get on to the results.
Backstage Passes Match
The Pope beat Jeff Jarrett
Yes, you read that right. Jeremy Borash had backstage passes and The Pope did not want anyone backstage that could mess up his $400 sunglasses, or something like that. This led to Jeff Jarrett coming out. Jarrett was then put in a match with The Pope with the backstage passes on the line. This pretty much told you who was going to win, but it was a good match between the two. Jeff Jarrett with the win and the backstage passes were free to give out to whomever.

X Division Title Match
Jay Lethal beat Amazing Red
In my opinion, this was the best match of the night. I do not know how else to describe it. Awesome moves but both guys. Jay Lethal beat Amazing Red to become the new X Division Champion, a title belt that Red won two days previously at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Usually I am against the short title changes, but I understand this one. It make people feel special when a title changes hands in their market. It also gives that “anything can happen” feel that you don’t really get at a WWE house show.

Tables Match
Team 3D beat Ink Ink
I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, I was the only one cheering on Jesse Neal. I respect the hell out of Team 3D, yet at the same time I’m a little tired of them. On the other hand, I don’t think they should go to WWE at all. I don’t know. I guess I have issues. Decent match. Unfortunately for me, Jesse Neal went through a table. Then there was intermission, which featured some TNA wrestlers signing autographs.
After intermission, Mick Foley came out to plug his new book Countdown To Lockdown, which I am excited to read. Foley then go interrupted by what may be the greatest gimmick since Orlando Jordan. Robbie T and Cookie, TNA’s answer to the Jersey Shore. Fist pump and all. By the way, I LOVED their song. It is dance/techno music with the words “Let’s jump jump jump. And pump pump pump”.

Mick Foley says he still has a referee’s license in NJ, which I loved. I miss the days when you had to be a “licensed referee”. Robbie T and Foley messed around a bit and this led to Rhino and our next match.

Rhino beat Robbie T
Much like the Tables Match, I think I was the only one that loved Robbie T and Cookie. I love the fist pump punch. If they look ½ as good on TV as they did at this event, this gimmick should be awesome. Hell, I may be willing to have a weekly segment dedicated to Robbie T and Cookie on my radio show Sunset Flip Wrestling Show. We will have to see.

Jeff Hardy beat Mr. Anderson
The crowd absolutely loved this match. Compared to Robbie T, Jesse Neal, and the X-divison title match, I was VERY quiet. Sorry fans, I had no interest. I missed most of the match to get a water. By the way, the Rec Center was very very hot. No air conditioning. Probably not as bad a Philadelphia’s show but hot nonetheless. We found out our main event was next. This made me wonder what happened to the Knockouts match. I didn’t really care that much but I had a friend with me that was looking forward to the Knockouts match.

No DQ Match
Abyss beat Tommy Dreamer
Very brutal match. Abyss wins, which I liked. After the match he attacked Dreamer some more and Rob Van Dam came out to make the save. Post show, just like last time, they had pictures with Rob Van Dam for $20, whether it was a group or one person. Some other members of the TNA roster came out to do autographs post show as well.

All in all, a great time. Much more fan interaction than Ring of Honor and WWE. In WWE events, you have almost no chance in hell of meeting a John Cena, Undertaker, or even a Primo Colon when you go to an event. Whereas TNA, RVD is guaranteed after the show and Anderson was there at the beginning.

In regards to to the WWE MSG show, what is there to appreciate? That he may be the biggest hypocrite in pro wrestling?

That he overstayed his welcome? That he hurts his legacy more as each week goes by? I would really like to know what was being appreciated on Saturday night.

Listen to the latest show at sunsetflipwrestling.podomatic.com and this week we save you two hours of your life and go over Raw spoilers. Don’t watch Raw this week. Watch NBC’s “The Event”, it’s a much better show. DisneyMagicMix Radio Monday 6pm EST at www.dekadance-radio.com and this week we visit Disney’s Tarzan