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TNA is a company that many believed would be out of business by now.  Struggling to build its fanbase beyond its dedicated number of followers, TNA has attempted to keep itself upright while WWE continues to be the worldwide leader in pro wrestling.

But even though the Tennessee-based promotion will likely never overtake Vince McMahon’s company, the fact is that its another option for bored WWE fans.

For a lot of people, “bored” doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Every week, The Authority of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, neither of whom are active performers, dominate a good chunk of time on Monday Night Raw while thumbing their noses at fans on social media.

Then there’s Roman Reigns, whose WWE world title reign may be off to a good start but could all come apart if he gets too much mic time.  Though he’s the one the company wants at the top, it has spent the better part of a year making it happen, and still some fans are not buying it.

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