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Todd Bridges Interview recap

By: Bob Colling of http://colling1989.proboards41.com/index.cgi
for old school wrestling recaps with videos of matches.

In Your Head Online Radio’s interview with Todd Bridges. Hosted by Jack, Barbie Richards and Oneinchbiceps ! To hear the full interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Bridges hypes up his Fog City Wrestling show. Bridges will be competing in a six man tag team match.
Bridges says that while in CCW he wanted to continue his wrestling after the show because it is a art form and is fun for him.
Bridges liked Hulk Hogan and The Rock.
He does mention that Eric Bischoff has discussed perhaps joining a possible wrestling promotion.
He also really enjoys his gimmick of “No So Perfect”.
A caller asks about a second season of CCW. Bridges doesn’t know, but does know that the plan was to put the show on the road.
Bridges would like to have a match with Rob Van Dam.
Bridges didn’t know that Dennis Rodman had actually tagged with Hulk Hogan. He has some remarks for Dennis Rodman that must be heard.
A caller asks if Bridges would like to go to the WWE. Bridges was told by a person close Vince McMahon that he and everyone involved on the show were to “not be anywhere close to the WWE”. Bridges would like to get into the WWE at sometime down the road.
Bridges says that his gimmick was inspired by the late Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig.
Bridges is asked if he can out wrestler Brian Knobbs a Brutus Beefcake. Find out what he has to say!
“He is a nice guy.” Regarding Eric Bischoff. Bridges puts over Bischoff as a really creative guy.
Bridges gives his thoughts on the “What you talking about Willis?”.
One of Bridges memories of CCW is when he first would be thrown over the ropes and he had a cup on and it would ride up on him.
Bridges hopes everyone can head out to Fog City Wrestling or watch it online at www.fogcitywrestling.com
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