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Amy Weber


[Amy Weber Interview Recap]

Career Highlights

  • Amy Weber made multiple appearances on the soap opera “Port Charles” as well as many other TV Shows and Movies.
  • Summer 2004: Amy Weber participated in the RAW DivaSearch Contest, which was ultimately won by Christy Hemme.
  • September 6, 2004 – RAW: Amy Weber suffered torn ligaments in an Arm Wrestling contest with Christy Hemme in the final 4!
  • ~~~Amy Weber was informed of her elimination and went backstage and was driven to the hospital by Sgt Slaughter.
  • November 18, 2004 – SmackDown: Dispite losing the DivaSearch contest, Amy Weber debuted on SmackDown as JBL’s “Image Consultant”.
  • December 16, 2004 – SmackDown: Joy Giovanni got into a saucy catfight with Amy Weber after Joy gave JBL a candy cane.
  • January 6, 2005 – SmackDown: Kurt Angle entered Amy Weber’s dressing room and accidentally walked in on Joy Giovanni in the shower!
  • ~~~Joy ran out of the dressing room and into Big Show‘s arms, and Big Show chased Kurt Angle to the ring and beat him up!
  • ~~~It was all a ploy by JBL’s cabinit to get Kurt Angle and Big Show mad at eachother, and it looks like it worked!
  • January 13, 2005 – SmackDown: Amy Weber defeated Joy Giovanni by forfiet when it was learned that Giovanni had been abducted!
  • ~~~Later that night, Kurt Angle angle discovered Joy Giovanni in the trunk of JBL’s limo, sending Big Show into a rampage!
  • ~~~The Big Show cleaned house on JBL’s cabinit – as Kurt Angle was shown bragging about masterminding the whole thing!
  • January 20, 2005 – SmackDown: Kurt Angle is forced to stand in the ring alone and issue an apology to Joy Giovanni for his actions.
  • ~~~The Big Show then came down, but Kurt Angle tried to escape, but was forced back down to the ring by JBL’s cabinit!
  • ~~~It was a swerve though, as Kurt Angle (with Jindrak and Reigns) joined JBL’s Cabinet and DESTROYED The Big Show!
  • February 10, 2005 – SmackDown in Japan: Amy Weber accidentally shot JBL in the face with a tranquilizer gun! (Meant for The Big Show)
  • ~~~JBL spent the night in a drunken stupor, hanging out with an inflatable Godzilla, then being confronted by The Big Show.
  • ~~~Suddenly, JBL snapped out of it and was joined by Orlando Jordan and The Bashams in beating Big Show down.
  • February 2005: Amy Weber gave her notice to WWE after a string of unfortunate ribs played at her expense backstage.
  • February 17, 2005 – SmackDown: John Bradshaw Layfield acknowledges that he had fired Amy Weber from his Cabinet.
  • Mike Aldren wrote (On October 24, 2009): Former WWE Diva Amy Weber gave birth to twins in May, called Levi and Madison Grace. During an interview this past week, when asked why she left WWE, she said: “I left on account of pure harassment and being treated like a piece of dirt by some of the male wrestlers for no reason. I am actually a very sweet person. Yes, I played a “heel” for WWE but that is not my personality. I go out of my way to help others and a few of the guys made my decision to leave very easy. If they treated someone like that in the real world, they would be fired without question but are allowed to get away with nonsense in the WWE.” Later in the interview she called Randy Orton a “dirtbag” during word association.
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Social Media

Twitter: @TherealAmyWeber

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July 2, 1972


Grew up in Mapleton, Illinois
Moved to Florida as a child
Lives in Los Angeles, California






106 lbs

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