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 By Chris Flynn:

Top 12 Unbelievable WWE Secrets Caught on Camera

WWE still lives in a world of Kayfabe, which is increasingly difficult thanks to the presence of social media. Despite that, WWE tries to stay inside their bubble and keep any in-ring information regarding their wrestlers private.

Here’s the tough part, the WWE Universe can now talk to their favorite stars online through a variety of social medias. This adds something extra to WWE’s programming because it means that WWE’s fans feel like their favorite superstars are accessible.

At the same time, this also means that any secrets WWE holds are quite hard to keep because there are cameras everywhere and there are people listening, who are ready to leak whatever they hear or see online. Not a day goes by when a story isn’t leaked about WWE when it should have stayed private, as many dirt sheets now have some inside sources.

The following is a list of secrets that WWE wanted to remain private but somehow they have managed to be leaked through the magic of cameras and live TV.

12. The Wyatt Family Magic

Back when The Wyatt Family were feuding with Roman Reigns, they decided to try to take out all of Roman’s friends as a way of sending a message to the Samoan star, and on one episode of SmackDown, it seems they managed to do so.

Jimmy Uso managed to go from the top rope up to the top of the ramp where he was choked out by Braun Strowman, in a matter of seconds.

It was later revealed that Jimmy actually jumped down and hid under the ring while his brother Jey was actually brought out with The Wyatts, which is why his face was not shown during the segment.

11. Wrestlers Rehearsing for Matches

Wrestlers are truly actors but in the world of Kayfabe they are not allowed to reveal that they are playing characters. It is a well known fact that WWE is scripted and that superstars often rehearse their matches ahead of the live event in order to make sure they put on a show.

WWE are strict about superstars only rehearsing when all fans are out of the arena and that any video footage should not be leaked to the public, but the following video has been leaked online and it shows Undertaker rehearsing for a segment with Paul Bearer.

10. Real Life Couples


WWE often puts superstars together as couples on their TV program and they expect the stars to play the role so well that the WWE Universe are questioning whether the couple are a real life couple.

This seemed to be working well for Rusev and Lana until WWE broke them up in favor of Rusev and Summer Rae, along with Lana and Dolph Ziggler. WWE had plans for them going forward until news of their real life engagement was leaked to TMZ and the whole storyline then had to be cancelled.

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