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Sunset Flip Presents What Era Are We
By Jim Boy Star

The other day I was thinking about what Era of pro wrestling we are in, regarding World Wrestling Entertainment. If you ask most wrestling fans, there are a couple of Eras that WWE/WWF have gone through over the many years of its existence. The most common list are as follows:

The Golden Era: This largely refers to the Hulkamania Era. The era where Vince McMahon killed off the territories and brought him company into a national spotlight.

New Generation: This era refers to the time where the 80’s stars were no longer the top players and a new generation of wrestlers had to emerge. This was mostly led by Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. The wrestling styles changed a little bit as well with Hart and Michaels.

The Attitude Era: It will always be debated when this era actually started. I firmly believe it started at Wrestlemania 14 when Steve Austin won the title. After that, you could see the way WWE did TV was different than before WM 14. Plus, it was more adult orientated and storyline driven. It is arguably (along with the Golden Era) the most popular time ever to be a pro wrestling fan.

Ruthless Aggression Era: This is another highly debated era in regards to when it was started. I believe the Attitude Era ended at Wrestlemania X-7 because then WWE had did not have any competition. However, when people think of Ruthless Agreession Era, they think of Eric Bischoff, the brand split, and the rise of guy like Lesnar, Cena, Orton, and others.

PG Era: This is the………. wait a minute! This does not make sense.

Now, after half the column being a recap, I get to my main point. Most people will call this the “PG Era” however I do not think that is accurate. WWE has been PG for quite some time. Even during the Golden Era and New Generation Era, it was PG. So I don’t think calling the time we are living in now, the PG era, is appropriate. But have no fear. I have thought about this and I figured out what era we are in.

Wrestling fans, in terms of the WWE, we are in the…… Watered Down Era.

Watered Down Era, I feel would have started last year when the guest host concept began. Shortly after that, we had the monthly themed PPVs such as “Hell in a Cell”. Staying on topic, the Hell in a Cell PPV proved that HIAC is not the end all be all for a PPV anymore.

Also during this era, blood is not allowed. And if there is blood accidentally, the match is completely stopped so the medics can come in and stop the blood. There is also no cursing. No half naked women. No chair shots to the head. No choking people with a tie. WITH A TIE!

In terms of storylines, there’s no logic. No real thought put in. WWE will put on one match between two wrestlers, then have the same match a couple weeks later and expect people to pay money for it. Despite the fact that nothing was added to the feud. Title changes are meaningless. I still can’t believe they have made it possible for me to not care about Edge vs Randy Orton.

So folks, I believe that is the Era we are in. I’m not sure when this Era will end but it can’t come soon enough for me.
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Jim Boy Star

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