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What If

“What If?” is a weekly column where I discuss the “what ifs” of women’s wrestling that could’ve/would’ve/should’ve happened, from championship reigns to returns/debuts to storyline options.

This week’s What If is:

What if Mickie James had did the original “Obsessed Fan” storyline with Lita?

Mickie James has revealed in various interviews that she had originally pitched to do the obsessed fan storyline with Lita. In the end, it was decided that Mickie was going to do the storyline with Trish instead of Lita. Mickie’s obsessed fan storyline with Trish was a success! Mickie played the role of the Psycho diva well during her times of being for and against Trish. Trish did well in her role as the freaked out idol that eventually became tired of dealing with Mickie’s psychotic tendencies.

But what if WWE had went with Mickie’s original idea and had her be an obsessed fan of Lita? Here’s how to storyline would’ve panned out:

Mickie would debut as a heel instead of a face since at the time, Lita was a heel. Mickie debuts by attacking Maria, who always seemed to have run-ins with Lita. From there, Mickie would come out with Edge and Lita during their matches, helping them win their matches, and Edge and Lita would do the same for Mickie during her matches as well.  WWE then would have Lita reignite her feud with Trish, resulting in Lita winning the Women’s Championship with help from her #1 fan Mickie James. Things start off well in the beginning, but then things start to heat up when Mickie decides to attempt to get with Edge. Edge thinks of it as Mickie simply being friendly, but Lita doesn’t buy it and takes offense to how close Mickie and Edge are becoming. The turning point of the feud is when Lita catches Mickie kissing Edge. She tells her that she’s had enough of Mickie and wants her to stay away from her and her boyfriend. Mickie leaves in tears. Lita is booked for a tag team match at Saturday Night’s Main Event against Trish and Maria. Due to the fact that Lita doesn’t have any allies on the divas roster, she has no tag team partner. Mickie comes in an apologizes for making passes at Edge and wants to be Lita’s partner, which Lita accepts. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, Lita goes to tag in Mickie, but Mickie jumps down from the ring, abandoning her and causing her and Lita to lose against Trish and Maria. Mickie explains her actions on RAW, and goes on to say that her and Lita could’ve been the best of friends if Lita had been willing to “share” Edge with her. During the next few weeks, Lita and Mickie get into confrontations with each other, leading to a match at Wrestlemania 22 for the Women’s Championship. Mickie defeats her idol Lita at Wrestlemania and becomes the new Women’s Champion. Over the next few weeks, Lita and Mickie continue their feud with confrontations and dressing up as each other. The feud takes a hiatus after Mickie successfully defends her Women’s Championship against Lita at a PPV event. The feud picks back up after Lita declares she wants her Women’s Championship back since Edge is now WWE Champion. Lita wins back the Women’s Championship on RAW agains Mickie. Trish is about to retire from WWE, and her and Lita want to settle things for good. At the same time, Mickie wants her title back after losing it. At Unforgiven, Mickie, Lita, and Trish face off in a triple threat match for the Women’s Championship. The match is Trish’s final match, and she wins the match and her final Women’s Championship. From there, the Women’s Championship is vacated. Mickie and Lita advance to the finals of a tournament to determine a new Women’s Champion. Lita defeats Mickie at Cyber Sunday. Mickie and Lita settle things for good when Lita decides that she’s going to retire at Survivor Series after she defeats Mickie and retains the Women’s Championship. Mickie defeats Lita and becomes the new Women’s Championship at Survivor Series, and Lita retires without the title.

All in all, if Mickie had did the original obsessed fan storyline with Lita instead of Trish, it would’ve been as good as the actual obsessed fan storyline that took place. If not, it may have been a bit better. You never know…

That’s it for this edition of “What If?”. Come back next week to see what the next What If will be.

— Eric Holt

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