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 – New Matches Announced for 3/6 Anniversary Show
 – Participants Announced For J-Cup & King/Queen Shows
 – New DVDs Now Shipping


WHAT: WSU’s Third Anniversary Show with a 2 Hour Meet & Greet/Mini Convention, Hall of Fame Ceremony & Live Event
WHEN: March 6th, 2010
WHERE: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sip Street in Union City, NJ
LOCATION DETAILS: The ACE Arena is literally 5 minutes away from New York City. You can reach the arena by mass transit using buses from Grand Central Station or Port Authority in NYC. The ACE Arena also has a full parking lot, which is located a block away from the building in the IHOP shopping center.
TIMES: Meet & Greet with the entire WSU roster (Everyone advertised on the show will be on hand) from 3PM-5PM.
Direct Link to Ordering Tickets: http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/wsu11110hype.html

Hall of Fame Ceremony where we will be honoring Jazz, Molly Holly and Dawn Marie at 6PM with a live plaque presentation and speeches from their friends and colleagues honoring them. Please check out our 2009 Hall of Fame DVD, as we will be hosting this ceremony in the same manner.
Our Live Event & Third Anniversary Show will take place at 7PM.
– $5 for special meet & greet where fans will have time to converse, take pictures and get autographs with everyone in WSU.
– $20 for the Third Anniversary Show Live Event
– Hall of Fame is free with a meet/greet or Live Event Ticket.
– SPECIAL INTERNET PRE-ORDER OFFER: Get a ticket to the Meet & Greet, Hall of Fame & Live Event for only $20!!! All fans who preorder tickets will be allowed into the building first.
(Note: It will be $5 extra for a combination ticket the day of the show.)
WSU also advises to pre-order your tickets as our last event sold out and was standing room only. Due to fire-code, we are only only allowed to sell 250 tickets, so we urge you to pre-order your tickets for guaranteed entry.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Email [email protected] or visit WSUWrestling.com
WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain
Two Former Champions Collide
Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini
Battle of the Undefeated’s
Jazz (1-0) vs Amber O’Neal (5-0)
Beauty vs Sass
Angelina Love vs Sassy Stephanie
WSU Spirit Championship Match
*If Alicia Wins, She Gets 5 Minutes Alone with Rick Cataldo
(c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo
Special Challenge Match
April Hunter vs Traci Brooks
Submission Match
Jana vs Latasha
Tag Team Action
Amber & Lexus vs Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle
Amy Lee vs Jessicka Havok
Cindy Rogers vs Jennifer Cruz
Plus, the return of Alere Little Feather, Destiny, So Cal Val & So Much More! You Never Know Who Will Show Up In WSU Next!!!
However, before the big show, we will be inducting our 2010 Class into the WSU Womens Wrestling Hall of Fame! We will be honoring Dawn Marie, Molly Holly & Jazz!

The only Triple Crown Winner in WSU History, Alicia, will be inducting Dawn Marie into this year’s Hall Of Fame. The two women have known each other a long time, as Dawn Marie took Alicia in during her younger years and guided her career.
Former World Champion & current tag champion,Angel Orsini will be inducting Molly Holly. A little known fact is that Angel Orsini actually helped train Molly Holly when Molly broke into the business over a decade ago. Now Orsini will honor her most prized pupil on 3/6.
The longest reigning & defending WSU World Champion, and current WSU World champion, Mercedes Martinez will be inducting Jazz. Martinez credits Jazz for helping shape her career and says Jazz is one of the people she looked up to when she broke into the business.
Mercedes Martinez will be defending her WSU World Title against Rain in the main event in an Uncensored Rules Match.  If Martinez can get past Rain, Martinez will become the first ever WSU World Champion to hold the championship for over a year. However, Rain looks to rain on that parade and finally win the prize that she has been chasing ever since she debuted in WSU.
This is a match one year in the making as Rain has spent the last year devising plans and attacks on the champion. The two have met face to face in two matches during 2009, with each competitor picking up a pin fall over the other. However this will be the first time these two do battle one-on-one in WSU.
The history between these two started on 1/10/09 when Rain slammed a steel cage door in Martinez’s face, denying Martinez the WSU World Championship. However, Martinez would be able to go on to win the WSU World Title on 3/7/09 defeating Orsini in a brutal bullrope match.
Orsini & Rain, who had a pact in WSU, saw tension when Orsini defeated Rain in the finals of the 2009 J-Cup. However, Rain said that Orsini owed her a title shot for helping Orsini in her battles with Martinez. Since Martinez defeated Orsini for the belt, Rain said she was taking Orsini’s title shot from her, the title shot Orsini earned for winning the J-Cup, since Orsini promised her a title shot. Eventually, since Orsini had a rematch clause anyway, a triple threat match was booked on 4/10/09, a match Martinez won, by pinning Rain.
That match on 4/10/09 was Rain’s last chance at WSU gold, as Rain never received a rematch since. It is something she will not let anyone forget as Rain has been seething and came up with a master plan to get the WSU World title.
When Martinez defeated Orsini in the 70 Minute IronWoman match on 6/6/09, the longest match in womens wrestling history, not only did Orsini lose a chance to win her title back, but as a result of a pre-match stipulation, Orsini could no longer challenge for the title while it was in Martinez’s possession. Rain, sensing Orsini’s frustration, reached out to Orsini. In a role reversal from Rain’s debut in WSU, Orsini now worked for Rain, with the deal being, if Orsini helped Rain win the title from Martinez, then Orsini would get a title shot from Rain.
Things went well and Rain & Orsini looked to be on the same page. However, after bossing Orsini around and making Orsini do all her dirty work, things came to a fever pitch on 8/22/09. In a tag match against Martinez/Nikki Roxx, Rain & Orsini were victorious when Rain pinned Martinez after her patented Raindrop DDT. To date, it is the only time Martinez has been pinned cleanly while as WSU World Champion.
After the match, Rain ordered Orsini to blast Martinez with a chair, as Rain told Orsini to end Martinez’s career once and for all. However, Orsini had a change of heart. Orsini respected Martinez too much. Orsini valued what the WSU World Title meant. Orsini could not let Rain cheat her way to the top, as Orsini worked hard to win and defend the WSU World Title during her reign. Plus, Orsini could no longer take the bossiness or bitchiness of Rain anymore. At that moment, WSU would never be the same again, as Orsini instead blasted Rain with a chair!
Orsini and Martinez, after 18 months of feuding were back on the same page, which is ironically how they debuted in WSU on 9/22/07. Orsini said she respected Martinez too much to let a bitch like Rain cheat her way to the top. Rain was furious and turned her attention to Orsini.
On 10/3/09, Rain would defeat Orsini in a 25 minute classic Uncensored Rules match. The match saw Rain and Orsini even have a bar room brawl. Rain would prove to the world that she doesn’t need to cheat or scam and wound up defeating Orsini cleanly after her Raindrop DDT. The WSU world was shocked, but now knew Rain was serious.

On the same show, Martinez would defeat Portia Perez to retain her title. Rain got into Portia’s face and said that Portia never deserved a title shot to begin with. Since the Martinez/Perez match was so close, a match was made between Rain & Portia, with the winner getting a WSU World Title shot.
Rain again, would go on to victory when she defeated Portia Perez at the “Raining Misery” DVD Taping. However, it wouldn’t be Rain’s only appearance on the event.
During the WSU Tag Title match between Orsini/Martinez & Hatred/Havok, all hell broke loose when Rain & Portia came out brawling. Eventually after a ton of chaos, the ring only hosted two female stars, Martinez & Rain. In one of the sickest and most disgusting acts ever in WSU, Rain decimated Martinez with a barrage of no less than a dozen steel chair shots. To put the icing on the cake, Rain laid out Martinez with her Rain drop DDT. Never before have we ever seen Martinez so vulnerable in WSU.
Martinez/Rain I was supposed to happen at our 12/12 event. However, due to obligations with AAA in Mexico, Rain sent Awesome Kong in her place. In what was billed as the AWESOME CHALLENGE, Martinez was able to beat Kong in the middle of the ring after her fishermans brain buster. Martinez is on fire and never before has it been more personal for her.
 Martinez would very much like to silence Rain, and come March 6th, she’ll get the opportunity.
Martinez, to WSUWrestling.com said,  “Rain, the time for ducking is over. The time for running, for hiding, for getting other people to fight your battles, that time is over. Just like your time in WSU is going to be up after our match on March 6th. I have to hand it to you Rain, if it was your intention to get under my skin, you’ve succeeded. If it was your intention to get my attention, you have it. But you’re going to find out that you’ve made a mistake.
 It’s not always fun to be the next in line. I think you already know that because you’ve been letting people cut in front of you on the line. What you want to weaken me? I will be there 100%. Tou better be ready for me on March 6th, because no one is going to take my place. It’s time to step up Rain.”
Once Rain heard what Martinez had to say, she offered this response. “Mercedes, do you really think I’m scared of you? I’ve already pinned your awful little shoulders to the mat! I’ve beaten you already! You should be scared of me, and I bet you are. I think Kong (Awesome Kong) hit you a little too hard when I sent her after you. Here’s some news Martinez, I watched that match you had with Kong, and I found all your dirty little secrets, all your weaknesses.I launched my weapon of mass destruction and I saw the way you responded. I know your every move.  It’s going to be my pleasure to exploit each and every one of them. It will be me who has her hand raised on March 6th. It’s going to be me with that WSU Championship Belt around my waist. And when the Union City garbage men come to collect the trash on Monday Morning, they’re going to find your broken body in the pile. I’ve waited 13 months for this match. 13 long months. 13 will be your unlucky number, chica.”
If you’re a fan on the fence about womens wrestling or have never experienced two women who despise each other go all out with the goal of making sure the other one can’t walk when the night is over, this is a match you will want to see.
Also on the Anniversary show,  the first ever WSU Triple Crown winner, Alicia will be defending the Spirit Championship against former champion and bitter rival Brittney Savage, who will be accompanied to the ring by her manager the Diva, Rick Cataldo. Both women have a history together as they once partnered and held the WSU   Tag Team Championship. Cataldo guarantees a victory for his charge, and promises to put Alicia back into retirement. “Just wait until March 6th, I know I can’t. It’s going to be a day when a certain situation gets rectified. It’s going to be a day when the TRUE SPIRIT CHAMPION, gets her belt back. We’ve got a big surprise for you Alicia. When the day is over, you’ll be wishing you never came back!”
Since Alicia has come out of retirement, she has been focused on one thing, and that’s winning. “Brittney Savage still hasn’t figured out that I’m better than her? I took her title, now it’s time to put her down. And if that snake Cataldo sticks his nose in the match, he’s going down as well.”

Angel Orsini will be taking on Nikki Roxx in a match that Roxx has been waiting to happen for close to two years. It was Roxx that Orsini defeated for the WSU World’s Championship back in 2007. Since that time Roxx has come back to WSU, but preoccupied with gaining the title back from champion Mercedes Martinez. Unfortunately for Roxx, she was unsuccessful in both of her attempts to take the title. Since then she’s decided to take her aggression out on Angel Orsini.
Nikki told WSUWrestling.com,  “Angel, I haven’t forgotten that it was you who took my title away me. Ever since then things haven’t been the same. I’ve never got over that loss, I’ve never had closure. Well it’s about time I smash your rotten face in for the all the pain you’ve caused me.”
At the last WSU show in December, Angel Orsini was in a match with Jazz when Roxx made her presence felt by attacking Orsini from behind and costing her a victory. “Hey Nikki, you still have a problem with me? You have a problem that I took your title away? How about I take your dignity next, because from what I heard, that’s all you got left. I heard you went to TNA and got your head shaved. I sat back and laughed hard at my television. I’m glad you’re back in WSU Nikki, it’s going to be fun beating up on you again, and maybe I’ll shave your head for ya too!”
Speaking of Jazz, the former WWE/ECW superstar, she’ll be taking on the Southern Belle, Amber O’Neal. Both women are undefeated and looking to stay that way. Amber O’Neal is currently 5-0 and if you don’t believe us just ask her and she’ll tell you all about it.
Amber was looking to go 6-0 when she cowardly attacked So Cal Val at our last event. However, Jazz was there for the save and said the following:
“Hey Amber, you’re kind of a pretty girl. You got that little sweetsie thing working for you. But hey guess what, I’m going to re arrange those good looks a little on March 6th. I’m going to take that from you baby, along with that winning streak you got. There’s only room for one undefeated superstar in WSU, and that’s me. It’s time for you and anyone else in my way to realize that the BYTCH IS BACK”
Amber O’Neal was not happy when she heard those comments. “She said what? She’s going to re arrange my face? Oh no sugar, if there’s going to be any face re arranging, it’s going to be me doing the arranging. Who is this Joannie come lately anyway? Hey Jazz, in case you haven’t been paying attention, WSU has been lining them up, and I’ve been knocking them down. One by one, by one, by one. It’s going to be my pleasure to hand you your first loss. Don’t cry sweetie, WSU is full of my victims, what’s one more?”

Two new tag teams will be making their WSU debut. Amber, who last competed in the Spirit Championship tournament, returns to WSU with a new tag team partner in Lexxus, and collectively they’re calling themselves the “Boston Shore”. Disgusted by the guidettes from the television program “Jersey Shore”, Amber and Lexxus look to show the people of New Jersey what women are really like. They’ll be taking on the team of Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio. Not much is known about this team other than that they were trained by the “Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz, and are looking to make a splash in WSU. This match should weigh heavy in the WSU Tag Team rankings.
Also, returning to active duty, WSU would like to welcome back Alere Little Feather. Alere has been with WSU since day one, and she has proven herself to be one of the toughest women on the roster. Unfortunately, injuries kept her out of action for most of 2009, but she’s used her time away wisely, and healed naturally. What kind of impact will Alere have at the Anniversary show? “A big one”, Alere confided. “I’ve sat back and watched other girls doing the things that were meant for me. It killed me to miss out on that Spirit Championship tournament. Does anyone really believe that if I was entered in the tournament that things wouldn’t have turned out differently? I don’t want to sound egotistical, but I’ve beaten all those guys before, and a healthy A-L-F  would’ve dominated. I am really looking forward to seeing all the fans again as they make it all worth it for me.” Alere will be in Union City on March 6th, and she’ll be looking to catch up.
Making her long awaited WSU debut will be legendary independent wrestling diva, April Hunter. She’ll be taking on former WSU #1 contender, and TNA Knockout Traci Brooks. “I’m looking to get back on track” Brooks stated. “I’m looking to climb that ladder right back to the #1 contender’s spot. I want another opportunity at Mercedes Martinez, and if April Hunter is looking to make a splash in her debut, she should think again.” April Hunter has heard it all, and is ready to finally make her WSU dream a reality. April told WSUWrestling.com, “There’s a time for talking and there’s a time for walking and I’ll be doing all my talking & walking on 3/6.”
If you’re not aware of April Hunter’s history in the northeast region, here is a recent article from WSUWrestling.com:

Joining WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, Molly Holly, Jazz, Angelina Love, Angel Orsini, Nikki Roxx, So Cal Val & literally all the top names in the womens wrestling world on March 6th in Union City, NJ for the WSU Third Anniversary show is “Big Red” April Hunter.

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), which is based in New Jersey, will be host to April Hunter’s homecoming in the northeast area, as April returns to a northeast ring for the first time in years.

Prior to WSU’s inception in 2007, there was one woman who dominated the northeast wrestling scene. This woman would go on to hold countless indy women championships, win “Woman Wrestler of the Year” awards by numerous fan & internet wrestling websites/publications and was unstoppable. After being considered too strong for womens wrestling in this area, this person then turned to competing with the men, where she would win mens championships on the indy scene, including the 3PW Tag Team Championship at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

This person took over all of womens wrestling and was a force so big that she could not be toppled, until she left under her own volition, looking for more competition in the WWE developmental territory, OVW.

That person – April Hunter.

Ironically, before April Hunter moved on for more competition, April took part of Wrestling Superstars Unleashed on 12/15/06, which would later become Women Superstars Uncensored on 3/3/07. Unleashed was an all-mens show, but once management decided to make WSU a full-fledged womens promotion, April was already gone.

However, once April Hunter left the northeast, things started to change. A short while after April, who was synonymous with womens wrestling in the northeast, left this area, we saw a whole new crop of superstars rise up. A few months after April’s departure, Womens Superstars Uncensored (WSU) was created and became the standard bearer in womens wrestling.

While WSU started off with modest beginnings, WSU has now beco me the premier place for womens wrestling in the country. Top stars from all over the world come to WSU to ply their craft while fresh starts are given to new wrestlers. 2009 was a banner year for WSU, as we saw some of our homegrown talents move on to TNA and WWE. We set history with the longest womens wrestling match in history. We saw the most deep seeded feuds in womens wrestling history. WSU proved ourselves as true innovators and separated ourselves from the imitators.

WSU has been the womens wrestling company to see Jazz make her comeback in. WSU has been the company crazy enough to book women in cage matches, bull rope matches, battle royals, Iron Women matches and other matches that you’d never see women wrestlers have the opportunity to have. During our three year history, we’ve seen stars such as Luna Vachon, Sunny, Jazz, Dawn Marie, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Taylor Wilde, Portia Perez, Molly Holly, Malia Hosaka, Missy Hyatt, Rain, Angel Orsini, Mercedes Martinez, Becky Bayless, Alicia, Velvet Sky, Daffney, Nikki Roxx, Amy Lee, Christy Hemme, Lacey Von Erich, Traci Brooks and countless others ply their trade and craft.

WSU has grown into a womens wrestling juggernaut and is dedicated to bringing the very best in womens wrestling. Many companies have acknowledged this, allowing WSU to open relationships with companies like Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, American Championship Entertainment, National Wrestling Superstars & other companies.

However, one wrestler who was always considered the best in the northeast for a long period of time has never stepped into a Womens Superstars Uncensored ring. April Hunter was always considered too “dangerous”, too “controversial”, and perhaps too “UNCENSORED”.

Fans have asked for April Hunter in WSU ever since WSU’s inception. On March 6th, 2009, April Hunter finally appears in a WSU ring for the first time. And according to April Hunter, it won’t be her last time either.

What will April Hunter do in WSU? There are many wrestlers o n the WSU roster who April has outstanding issues when April still dominated this area. Will April, who perhaps dominated a small pond due to lack of strong competition now become the big fish in the big pond with the increased & fierce competition & quality that WSU provides?

One of the most uncensored women in wrestling history joins Womens Superstars Uncensored on 3/6. There’s no telling what will happen and we hope you find out what happens live on 3/6!
Also signed is Angelina Love vs Sassy Stephanie. Sassy Stephanie debuted with WSU on 10/3 and came up on the short end of the stick in two matches. However, Stephanie looks to show why she’s considered one of the best women wrestlers today, when she takes on former TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love. We will have more on this match and all the other matches on the show in a future update.
WSU & NWS will team up again for the annual “Women’s J-Cup” & “King & Queen of The Ring” Tournaments on 4/2 & 4/3 respectively. The winner of the Women’s J-Cup is guaranteed a World Title match at the Uncensored Rumble event in June.
Here is a quick news flash on these events
WSU/NWS Women’s J-Cup Tournament
Venue: Shark River Firehouse
200 Brighton Avenue
Neptune, NJ 07753-5401
For advanced tickets, please call 888 732 1804

WSU is proud to present the 2010 class of J-Cup challengers. The winner of this tournament will get a World Title match in June 2010.
Here are the first seven names announced:
Brittney Savage
Jennifer Cruz
Nikki Roxx
Angel Orsini
The eighth spot is being reserved and won’t be known until 3/6. Who ever comes out on the short end of the stick in the World Title match between Rain & Martinez will get a chance to earn a World Title rematch by winning the J-Cup. Both Martinez & Rain are booked for 4/2. Whoever is champion will defend the championship in a match that will be announced after 3/6. Whoever is not champion after 3/6 will get the final spot in the tournament.

Alicia is on a monumental comeback tour that so far has garnered her the WSU Tag Team Championship, the Spirit Championship, and ‘Come Back Of The Year’ accolades. She’ll look to add the 2010 J Cup to her resume when she climbs in the ring on April 2. In order to get there, she’s going to find herself in the ring with WSU’s best players.
Brittney Savage is coming off an unbelievable rookie year. A year in which she took home 2nd runners up in the Rookie Of The Year Awards handed out by the Pro Wrestling Illustrated publication. A year in which she held the WSU World Tag Team Championship with two separate partners, and defeated two women to become the Spirit Champion. Now Savage is telling people that she’s moving up to the next level of her career. Her manager and consultant Rick Cataldo believes he has the perfect blue print laid out for Savage to take it all.
Jana has spent the past year bogged down in her bitter feud with former partner Luscious Latasha. Although the Spirit Championship came into play with both women exchanging the title for a brief period, the championship appeared to play second fiddle to their hatred for one another. When April 2nd arrives, the war between them will be over, and it will be a new day for both. Jana’s new day will begin with the opportunity to compete for the J-Cup. Over the course of 2009, Jana has become quite the monster in the ring, failing to obey official’s orders, refusing to relinquish holds. What sort of competitor will she be when she steps in the ring with the best WSU has to offer?
J Cruz is another WSU home grown superstar, and by far the least favored to win the tournament. Although J Cruz’s accomplishments during 2009 don’t scream out off the page, do not be fooled. She is a dangerous competitor that at this point, is just learning her stride, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. What does appear to work is that ‘Roaring Elbow’ of hers that knocked Rick Cataldo right out of his boo ts on December 12th in Flemington, NJ.
Nikki Roxx, one of the top talent in the world today will be looking to add the J Cup  to her list of accomplishments. Roxx has found her way back to TNA where she gets national exposure and competes in high profile matches. When she heard about the J-Cup tournament, she made sure to contact WSU officials to proclaim she ‘was all in’. If Rain loses her match against Martinez at the Anniversary show, this could be a lock for either woman to win. Having both Rain and Roxx in the same building might spell trouble for other competitors in the tournament.
Angel Orsini is a veteran of these tournaments. In fact, she’s been in the J-Cup finals the past two years, losing first to Martinez, and defeating Rain for last year’s honor.  Angel is full of hell in these type of situations, so expect her to go far in this tournament. She may even be the first woman to win the prize two years in a row. The wild card here is that if Martinez loses the WSU Title at the Anniversary Show, Angel could conceivably put herself in the drivers seat for a title shot at Rain’s championship. Of course this would almost assuredly mean that Orsini would have to once again go through Martinez in the tournament to win that opportunity. All of this only comes into play should Martinez lose on 3/6.
Jazz has had a great career. She’s been to the top of the mountains, won championships, and led a new generation of women’s wrestling into the general acceptance that it enjoys with today’s wrestling fan. On March 6, she’ll be enshrined into women’s wrestling history as she’s inducted into the WSU Hall Of Fame. But if being elected to the HOF means retiring, then someone forgot to send Jazz the memo as she has proclaimed herself fit for 2010, and ready to enter this year’s class of J-Cup competitors. 
It will be an exciting time to say the least.
More on this show to come at a future date.
WSU/NWS Present “King & Queen of the Ring Tournament”
Presbyterian Boy’s Girl’s Club
663 Kearny Ave
Kearny, NJ
For advanced tickets, please call 888 732 1804

 Brackets will be announced after March 6th.
WSU Talent Appearing:
Brittney Savage
Amber O’Neal
Angel Orsini
Brittney Savage
Nikki Roxx
NWS Talent appearing:
Bison Bravado
Danny Demanto
Kevin Mathews
JD Smoothie
Balls Mahoney
Joey Janella
Nicky Oceans
Vicious Vinny
Right now all focus is on 3/6, however, WSU talent & NWS talent have been calling each other like it is the prom looking for a date to the tournament. We will have brackets announced for this show after 3/6!
More information on this show when it becomes available. Make sure to check out http://www.WSUwrestling.com
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WSU Presents “THE AWESOME CHALLENGE” – Find out why many fans are calling this the best womens wrestling show all year!
Match Listings:

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Awesome Kong

Special Challenge Match
Jazz vs WSU Tag Champion Angel Orsini

WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia

Nikki Roxx vs Cindy Rogers

Angelina Love & Jennifer Cruz vs Rick Cataldo & Jana

Amber O’Neal vs Sumie Sakai


Tito Santana vs Kevin Matthews

The Nigerian Nightmares w/Awesome Kong vs B-Fehrm & JD Smoothie (This match features a Martinez/Kong showdown.)

This DVD features tons of backstage promos and exclusive commentary. Many fans are calling this the best womens wrestling show ever, and find out why today!

Full results of this show and a report can be found on WSUWRESTLING.com


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Match Listings:

On The Road Fall 09 Tour

WSU World Championship Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Brooke Carter
September 18th
Edison, NJ

WSU World Championship Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred
September 19th
Union City, NJ

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Jana vs Latasha
October 10th
Union City, NJ

WSU Spirit Championship Match
Triple Threat Match
(c) Latasha vs Becky Bayless vs Brittney Savage
October 10th
Union City, NJ

Special Challenge Match
Non-Title Match
WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini
October 24th
North Brunswick, NJ

From 3/8/08
Awesome Kong & Amy Lee vs Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini

This DVD also features promos and exclusive commentary by WSU’s Jimmy Gentry & Tommy Wong.

Results of these matches can be found on WSUWrestling.com. This DVD features TWO title changes!


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Match Listings:

WSU On The Road Fall 09 Tour

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini
November 7th
Union City, NJ

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angelina Love
November 14th
Basking Ridge, NJ

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia
November 14th
Basking Ridge, NJ

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia
November 21st
Ridgefield Park, NJ

Bonus Match
From 3/8/08
Lacey Von Erich vs Angel Orsini

This DVD also features promos and exclusive commentary by WSU’s Jimmy Gentry & Tommy Wong.

Results of these matches can be found on WSUWrestling.com.