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What IfOWW Women’s Wrestling Columnist Eric Holt discusses the “what ifs” of women’s wrestling that could’ve/would’ve/should’ve happened, from championship reigns to returns/debuts to storyline options.

What if…Thea Trinidad gets signed by WWE?

Thea Trinidad had a two-year run with TNA as Rosita. During her time in TNA, she was paired up with Sarita as her storyline cousin. Together, the pair won the Knockouts Tag Team titles, making it Rosita’s first-ever championship reign. Thea/Rosita brought a high-flying style of wrestling to TNA and some Puerto Rican flavor to the company as well. Despite that, her run with TNA did not last long, and she was eventually released from her contract.

When Thea was released from her TNA contract, I felt that it was their loss for letting go such a talented, inspirational wrestler like Thea that has so much potential to be a huge star in wrestling. However, TNA’s loss could possibly be WWE’s gain.

WWE signing Thea to a contract would be a smart move on their part for many reasons:

1. WWE needs a high-flying, luchador woman wrestler- It has been a while since we have seen a female wrestler in WWE that has a high-flying, lucha style of wrestling. The last female in WWE I remember having that style of wrestling was Lita. Thea could fill that void and be the high-flying, luchador diva. Her style of wrestling could set her apart from the other divas and make her a standout competitor among the fans.

2. Thea would connect with the WWE fans well- One of the most important aspects of being a wrestler is being able to connect with the fans. I feel that Thea would connect with the fans well and be someone that the fans will want to root for. She has a very touching and inspiring story, and that story is of the hardships that she has faced in her life, from a serious motorcycle accident to losing her father on 9/11. Despite the hardships that she has dealt with, she has made it so far in her life. She kept working towards her goal of becoming a professional wrestler, and to this day, she continues to work towards other goals that she has set for herself. I feel that Thea’s story can be of an inspiration to the WWE fans to never give up and keep working hard to achieve your goals and dreams, no matter how many hardships you deal with. She could even be a role model to young girls.

3. Thea is young, up-and-coming talent- WWE is always looking to bring in young, up-and-coming talent. Thea is the perfect example. She’s young and someone that has a lot of potential to be a huge star. With her being young, up-and-coming talent, WWE could capitalize on this and make her a standout diva in WWE. WWE could even give her opportunities that TNA did not give her. Today in WWE, plenty of young stars are making a name for themselves, and I feel that Thea could make a name for herself in WWE.

WWE signing Thea Trinidad to a contract would be a great opportunity for wrestling fans to get to know Thea more, Thea could show the fans things that they have never seen from her before, and Thea could become a top diva in WWE.

That’s it for this edition of What If?: Women’s Wrestling

What do you think would happen if WWE signed Thea Trinidad to a contract? Let me know your thoughts/comments/suggestions in the comments section below or tweet me @_ericholt_ .

-Eric Holt