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Wrestle Reaction debuted their new video show Tuesday night featuring Old School Raw, what we expect from CM Punk vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29, and World Heavyweight Championship plans. Also, Dr. Tom Prichard joined us (at the 32 minute mark) to talk about training The Rock, The Rock vs John Cena 2, Backstage Production, Wrestlemania Weekend, and his opinions on The Shield and other WWE Rookies.

Watch the video here:


Dr Tom Prichard:

On Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter “Jack Swagger, he’s a tremendous, great wrestler. I don’t know about a “worker” but definitely a great wrestler. The guy could really tear you about if he wanted to, so can Del Rio. They’ve got legit background. But in the world of professional wrestling or sports entertainment, you need to be Entertaining. Well, Del Rio has Ricardo. Jack now has Uncle Zeb. I’ve heard people say they’re not really sold on Swagger and Zeb together, well that’s fine. But, not everything gets over the first night. There have been gimmicks and people that have grown on me over time, that I didn’t think had a chance to get over when I saw them in the beginning. Six weeks later I say “whoa, they have a chance to get over”. That’s what Jack Swagger needs to do. He needs to stay focused, let Uncle Zeb do the talking, and let’s see where he goes after Wrestlemania”

Undertaker vs CM Punk “Quite honestly, I wasn’t too keen on having Punk vs Taker at Wrestlemania a few months ago. Now that CM Punk has dropped the title, it makes sense to me. Obviously it’s not going to be 20-1, it’s going to be 21-0. I think people are upset about the predictable outcome and WWE is usually really good at doing things unpredictable. I don’t think they touch Taker’s Streak, and I think Punk is in a good spot because he’s working with the face of this company. Underaker is the man. John Cena may be the man but Taker’s still The Godfather. It’s a compliment to Punk that he’s in there with Taker at possibly, the biggest Wrestlemania of all time”

The Rock vs John Cena 2 “I think The Rock and John (Cena) are watching that match from last year because they want to surpass what they did there. I believe both of those guys are gonna work hard to come up with some creative ways to get where they need to be. I believe Rock wants to return the favor because they both have a lot of respect for each other. To close out the show after 3 1/2 hours, they feel the pressure, but those guys thrive on it. It’s not out of the question to see Rock vs Cena 3. I’m looking at the big picture and Rock said he’s committed to WWE through Wrestlemania 30. I think Cena walks out with the title at Wrestlemania 29, and unless something happens, we’ll get a third match.”

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