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Saturday November 14, 2009

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11/13 Smackdown TV results from Sheffield, England: CM Punk over R-Truth; Natalya over Mickie James; Drew McIntyre vs. Finlay was a DDQ; Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison was a DCO; Beth Phoenix over Lisa Taylor; and The Undertaker over Chris Jericho.

11/12 Raw house show results from Birmingham, England: Big Show won a battle royal;  The Hurricane over Paul Burchill; The Miz beat MVP; Melina & Gail Kim over Jillian & Alicia Fox; Chris Jericho over Evan Bourne over; DX & Kofi Kingston over Randy Orton & Legacy; and John Cena over Big Show.

Thanks to Matt Wall who sent along notes from the show: ‘More people here than last year, crowd looked to be around the 10,000 mark. Really disappointed in the early efforts, a sloppy battle royal and an awful match between the Miz and MVP, really phoned in. Oddly, Divas tag match was excellent. Top, top efforts from Jericho and the other main eventers – just a pity some of those lower down could have looked a little more bothered about being there. One note of amusement. Kelly Kelly was up in the nosebleed section and asked a quiz question to a little girl which she got right, winning front row tickets. The crowd booed the crap out of it, and her. May be worth mentioning that Jack Swagger did not work this show. Not sure if he is injured but he didn’t have a match and didn’t even feature in the battle royal.’

11/13 Smackdown/ECW house show results from Leipzig, Germany: John Morrison over Matt Hardy & Dolph Ziggler in a three-way; Goldust & Shelton Benjamin over Zack Ryder & Ezekiel Jackson; Drew McIntyre over Finlay; Mickie James & Katie Lea over Michelle McCool & Beth Phoenix; Rey Mysterio over Batista via DQ after a chairshot; Christian over William Regal; R-Truth over Eric Escobar; and The Undertaker over CM Punk in a casket match.

11/14 in Hamburg was the same results as Leipzig drawing 7,000 and 10,000 respecitvely.

11/13 Raw house show results from Lyon, France: Sheamus won a battle royal; Paul Burchill over The Hurricane The Miz over MVP; Melina & Gail Kim over Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall with Kelly Kelly as referee; Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero with help from Horswoggle; Randy Orton over Kofi Kingston; DX over JeriShow; and John Cena over Sheamus.

11/14 Raw house show results from Lyon, France: Kofi Kingston over Chris Masters; The Hurricane over Paul Burchill; Sheamus over Santino; Hornswoggle over Chavo Guerrero; MVP & Mark Henry over Legacy; Melina & Kelly Kelly over Jillian & Alicia Fox with Gail Kim as referee; The Miz over Evan Bourne; and DX & John Cena over Chris Jericho, Big Show & Randy Orton.

We’re looking for reports from the Smackdown shows tonight and Sunday in Dublin, Ireland to [email protected].


Dave Meltzer broke the news tonight that Shane McMahon had a meeting recently with Dana White at the UFC offices. White refused to comment when asked about Shane this weekend while promoting UFC 105 in England.
Depending on how this plays out this is potentially one of the biggest stories of the decade. The only thing certain right now is that only a handful of people know what took place in that meeting and none of them will be talking about it.

The European tour has been a phenomenal success for WWE grossing many millions of dollars. The Raw crew finished tonight in France while Smackdown has their last house show in Ireland on Sunday. No major injuries to report although many are burned out and looking forward to a few days off after television next week in New York and Philadelphia.

Some of the Raw crew are hoping to arrive in New York City early tomorrow to take in the Metalica concert at MSG ahead of Monday’s Raw which is sold out.

Jim Ross wrote on his blog at www.jrsbarbq.com that he could be facing 3 to 4 months of recovery before, as he put it, is “facially ready” to return to television following a recent Bells Palsy attack. He said he is still keeping active running his restaurant business and attending OU football games.

An interesting note in that TV producer Kevin Dunn dumped half of his company stock for just over $800,000 on Wednesday.

The WWE themed episode of Dinner Impossible on the Food Network did a
0.8 rating, up slightly on it’s usual number.

Katie Lea worked as a babyface tagging with Mickie James this weekend in Germany. She was actually born Lüneburg, Germany and relocated to England as a teenager for college.

The next UK TV tapings are April 12 and 13 at the O2 Arena in London.

Marty “Boogeyman” Wright is telling people he is returning to WWE in January… During an interview with James Guttman at www.clubwwi.com this past week he said won’t be taking his gimmick on the indy circuit because he doesn’t want to devalue what he achieved with WWE. He also talked about going MIA recently and buried booking agent Scott Epstein claiming that he told him not to book him in October because he thought he would be back with WWE for Halloween. He said: “For all those people that he said that I committed to, I want to apologize for any inconvenience that Scott put you in, because I certainly didn’t agree to those particular date. It’s sad enough that my name had to be dragged through the dirt to raise another person’s image… I never once, and God is my witness, ever confirmed any dates that Scott said I was supposed to be at.” Wright didn’t explain why he went MIA in October nor why he didn’t return dozens of messages from concerned friends.


11/12 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Dr. Stevie over Abyss; Alissa Flash over Traci Brooks; Jim Neidhart over Jay Lethal; Awesome Kong & The Beautiful People over Tara, ODB, Sarita, & Taylor Wilde; The Machine Guns & Amazing Red over Homicide, Sheik Bashir & Kiyoshi; Beer Money over The British Invasion in a non-title tables match; and Samoa Joe over AJ styles via KO in a non-title match.

11/12 house show results from Wayne, NJ: Sara del Ray over Alyssa Flash to retain the JAPW women’s title; Daffney over Hamada; Suicide over Chris Sabin; D’Angelo Dinero over Eric Young in a non-title match; Amazing Red over Homicide; Taylor Wylde & Sarita over The Beautiful People; and a preview of Turning Point with AJ Styles over Samoa Joe & Daniels in a three-way.

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame was at the show which drew just under 600 with many comps. Homicide gave a nice speech after his match talking about Eddie Guerrero, who passed away four years ago on Friday.


We can confirm that SouthPeak, a video game publisher in Virginia, has acquired assets owned by Midway relating to video games based on the TNA Impact brand. Further details are expected to be released in the near future.

Impact on Thursday night did a 1.1 rating.

A former Knockout is rumored to be returning at Sunday’s PPV.

No update on Angelina Love although she continues to collect on indy bookings around the country. She was released from her contract in September when it came to light that her U.S. work visa had expired.

It appears there are no plans to use Jethro Holiday (the former Trevor
Murdoch) moving forward as his bio was removed from the TNA website. He hadn’t been used on TV since August.

The Feast or Fired gimmick match returns at Final Resolution on December 20.

Kevin Nash is advertised for the January house shows in Westbury, Poughkeepsie, and Danbury so I guess that is his punishment for his outburst a few week’s ago at the TV tapings. They also appear to have dropped his search for a new valet.


Brock Lesnar was hospitalized last week in Canada. Dana White revealed tonight at the UFC 105 post-fight press conference that Lesnar is currently undergoing treatment some where in North Dakota for Mono and a disease that was just detected that Lesnar has asked UFC to keep private. White said: “I can’t really talk about it right now, but he’s in rough shape. He’s in really bad shape, and we’re going to have to do some stuff to take care of this guy. He is not well and he’s not getting any better. We’re going to have to send him to the Mayo Clinic or to Scripps, or one of those really good hospitals to figure out what’s wrong with this guy.” White did specify that Lesnar does not have cancer or AIDS but is now out of UFC indefinitely.

While TNA drew 600 last night in New Jersey, Northeast Wrestling drew 800 at the high school in Waterbury, CT with Bret Hart cutting a promo, and Jim Neidhart, Ken Anderson, Paul London, and TNA’s own Christy Hemme working matches. The show was a fundraiser to benefit the local Police Athletic League. Results: Matt Taven over Mike Bennet; Christie Hemme over Alexxus; Ricky Steamboat Jr over Jake Manning which was said to be a very good match; Jim Neidhart & The NOW over Bob Evans, Rob Eckos & Thomas Ciampra; Ron Zombie & Bull Dredd over Brian Anthony & Jalil Salim; Paul London over Jason Blade to win the title; and Mr Ken Anderson over Romeo Roselli.

Border City Wrestling also out drew TNA last night in Windsor, Ontario with 900 in the building to see Kurt Angle as special referee in the main event of Scott D’Amore & Petey Williams over Joe Doering & Tyson Dux.

Lance Storm is now booking for an indy group in Alberta called Prairie Wrestling Alliance. More info at www.stormwrestling.com.

Dallas Page is shooting a movie in December with David Arquette and Vivica Fox called Land of the Astronauts.

Savio Vega is opening a gym and wrestling academy this coming Monday in Puerto Rico. More info at www.iwapr.tv.

The latest wacky Hulkamania promo is online at http://tinyurl.com/ydwrhtt.

There is a big article on the indy wrestling scene in South Philadelpia at http://tinyurl.com/yjpogg7. Includes comments from Cary Silkin, Gabe Sapolski, Jay Brisco, Mike Quackenbush, Colt Cabana, and Ken Doane. The story also mentions WWE coming to town for a TV taping and mentioned that TNA is the only real national competition but that it’s roster is “clogged by aging WWE cast-offs — the latest being yet another resurgence by Hulk Hogan.”

Today’s Diva of the Day is Stacy Keibler at http://tinyurl.com/yfw9egd.

The latest issue of The Wrestling Press is online at www.thewrestlingpress.com.

Torrie Wilson is running in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Antonio on Sunday.


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