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Thursday May 21, 2009

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5/19 ECW TV results from Cincinnati, OH: Christian over Paul Burchill; Zach Ryder over Adam Green; and David Hart Smith over Finlay.

Superstars tonight on WGN has Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer in a non title match; CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho; and Kofi Kingston vs. William Regal.

WWE announced at a press conference last night that Raw next Monday will be taped at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. They have also moved the Smackdown taping to STAPLES Center which was originally scheduled for Tuesday at the World Arena in Colorado Springs as well as rescheduled the house show on Sunday in Loveland, CO. Basically the company is doing to the World Arena what the Pepsi Center did to them in canceling the TV taping with just a few days notice. Kroenke Sports Enterprises were furious when this news broke and released a statement late last night saying WWE had verbally agreed on Tuesday to tape Raw at the Pepsi Center on Sunday but then pulled out and instead decided to go to the STAPLES Center. “Despite the propaganda campaign launched by WWE and Chairman Vince McMahon, the KSE team maintained a professional manner throughout this process.  We had hoped for, and worked hard toward an amicable resolution – which we verbally had on Tuesday,” said KSE Executive Vice President Paul Andrews. “We understand there will be many disappointed WWE fans in the Denver area. It’s unfortunate and disappointing that WWE executives ultimately chose this path. The sensationalism employed by WWE in this instance is not surprising. The amount of publicity and coverage enjoyed by their group over the last few days has clearly become their new business goal instead of finalizing what we thought was a favorable solution and would have ultimately allowed their fans to attend the event.” WWE said at the press conference that they would not be taking any legal action against the Pepsi Center or the Denver Nuggets which likely indicates that they didn’t have a strong legal position or that by pulling out of the Colorado Springs and Loveland dates it would weaken their case.

WWE is doing another press conference today at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City in rebuttal to Kroenke Sports Enterprises’ offer to tape Raw on Sunday at the Pepsi Center. Vince McMahon said he will detail KSE’s proposal at the conference and announced a 10-man tag for Raw on Monday with Randy Orton, Big Show, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and The Miz vs.
Batista, John Cena, MVP, Jerry Lawler and a fifth person. He is also going to call out Stan Kroenke. I guess all we need now is Mark Cuban on the show.

Having read dozens of articles on the situation over the last few days it’s dumbfounding to me that some of the highest regarded sports journalists in the world, from those at ESPN to Sports Illustrated, didn’t manage to make the connection on WWE having a poor reputation for pulling out of dates at the last minute and thus coming off as hypocritical in this debacle, the most recent example being just two weeks ago canceling the Mexico tour, booking and advertising dates in Alabama, and then changing their mind rescheduling Alabama for later this year and deciding to go to Mexico after all.

Raw this past Monday did a 3.6 rating, up slightly from recent weeks.
ECW on Tuesday did a 1.1 rating.

John Cena is doing press in the UK this week pushing the release of 12 Rounds.

Lacey Von Erich was released from an LA hospital on Tuesday. She is being treated for viral meningitis and hopefully will be okay.

The main event advertised locally for the 7/1 Smackdown taping in Bakersfield, CA is a steelcage tag match with Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio vs. Edge and Chris Jericho.

The all-in-one TV contract between WWE and Sky Sports in the United Kingdom expires in January, 2010. A new deal has yet to be reached. Sky Sports broadcasts all WWE programming in the country as well as having exclusivity on PPV.

The U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of WWE’s lawsuit against JAKKS Pacific, ending in JAKKS favor, on Tuesday. The lawsuit going back a few years was looking to void toy and video game licenses.

WEBN radio in Cincinnati at http://tinyurl.com/r2cgp6 posted a video of CM Punk in their studio chopping some idiot.

Smackdown will be pre empted in Philadelphia this Friday due to the Philadelphia-Yankees game and will air on Saturday at 8pm.

The FCW event in Melbourne, FL this weekend was canceled. The explanation we were given is that they booked the event without realising it was Memorial weekend. Seriously. I guess they decided either they didn’t want to work a holiday weekend or they didn’t think they would draw with a free TNA PPV near by in Orlando.

FCW wrestler Johnny Curtis suffered a concussion, and has not wrestled in two weeks.

Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio on Tuesday while discussing WWE vs. Denver Nuggets said that all wrestling fans are “booger eaters, with low intelligence who have never talked to a pretty girl” and that pro wrestling is “a gross business with guys pretending to hit each other with chairs and full of drugs.” He also brought up how Bret Hart (he confused Bret with Owen) died in the ring and it was all WWE’s fault.

Saturday marks the tenth anniversary of Owen Hart’s tragic fall at the Kemper Arena.


Impact tonight on Spike has Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine
Guns vs. Suicide & Daniels; Eric Young vs. Sting; Samoa Joe vs. Jeff
Jarrett; Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan; and Mick Foley vs. a former World
Champion. There is also a contract signing between contract signing
between Knockouts champ Angelina Love and Awesome Kong for Sacrifice.

The TNA weekend tour starts tonight in Oklahoma City at the Brick Town
Events Center with Mick Foley, Scott Steiner, Samoa Joe, Beer Money,
Inc., Rhino, The Beautiful People, Matt Morgan, Taylor Wilde, Abyss,
Suicide, Jay Lethal, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Eric Young all listed as
appearing. They also run on Saturday at the Civic Center in Amarillo, TX
and the Sacrifice PPV is Sunday back at Universal in Orlando, FL. We’re
looking for readers reports from all these shows to
[email protected].

Samurai TV has canceled Impact in Japan.

Angelina Love (Lauren Williams) plays a stripper in an upcoming
independent movie called Good Intentions. The film starring country
music star LeAnn Rimes, Elaine Hendrix and Luke Perry of Beverly Hills
90210 fame, is described as an off-beat southern comedy of blackmail,
robbery and family values.

Chris Harris, SoCal Val and Shark Boy were hanging out with some of the
WWE crew on Tuesday night following the Smackdown taping in Cincinnati.

The latest Spin Cycle with Jeremy Borash, Lauren, Matt Morgan, AJ Styles
and The British Invasion is online at http://tinyurl.com/oooxc4

Ever wanted your very own Steiner Recliner? One of our readers in the UK
sent this photo along: http://tinyurl.com/p5khsp

Mick Foley has a new blog up at http://tinyurl.com/q86go8 talking about
his only ever meeting with Playboy Buddy Rose.


Dawn Marie announced the birth to her daughter Katie on Tuesday morning.
She wrote on her Facebook that she and Katie were doing well, and
thanked everyone for their support.

Brooke Hogan accuses her mom of doing drugs at http://bit.ly/KNODB

The Houston Press at http://tinyurl.com/otw4n8 interviewed Torrie Wilson
about I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Harley Race is doing a training camp at his wrestling school in Eldon,
MO in September with Ric Flair as a special guest coming in for one day
of the camp. Registration is limited and selective. Further information
at www.harleyrace.com.

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, Maria at


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