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Thursday June 4, 2009

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Superstars tonight on WGN has Jeff Hardy & R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler; Goldust & Hornswoggle vs. The Brian Kendrick & Jamie Noble; and Tommy Dreamer vs. David Hart Smith.

There was some heat on the Smackdown creative team on Monday as they had booked Jeff Hardy in a Superstars tag match at Raw. Problem was, nobody told Hardy, who believed he was on an off day. The office called him and he made the trip to Birmingham, AL at short notice. The heat was more to do with the fact they want him to sign a contract extension and the miscommunication wasn’t going to improve the situation. Vince, who we’re told was in an especially bad mood, read the riot act and now creative has to decide on the WGN matches before the weekend so they can arrange travel for the Smackdown guys who would need to be at Raw.

Chris Mordetzky, aka Chris Masters, is apparently coming back in pending a urine test. He was contacting promoters this week telling them he was going back to WWE. Mordetzky, 26, was released by the company two years ago for what was unofficially a third strike on the Wellness Program although officially it was claimed a second strike. Mordetzky was an amateur bodybuilder who got his start with Rick Bassman in California before the WWE signed him to a developmental deal. He auspiciously debuted on Raw in 2005 as “The Masterpiece” accidentally breaking the nose of Steve Richards with a Polish hammer. Because he bombed in his debut and they had built him up so much in vignettes they came up with the idea of “The Master Lock Challenge” where he would offer varying amounts of cash to anyone who could power out of his full nelson. He was pushed hard over the next few months including feuds with Shawn Michaels, Big Show and John Cena. Following the death of Eddie Guerrero in 2006 and the implementation of drug testing his push fell off the cliff. He was one of the first to test positive following the baseline tests. He wasn’t officially suspended but they made him participate in a rehab program. When he returned he was a lot smaller, to the point that Triple H made fun on him on TV, which I couldn’t believe at the time. He quickly regained some size but was suspended again, this time for 60 days, as part of the Signature Pharmacy case, which was strike two but strike one in the mind of WWE. He later failed a third test along with DH Smith which the WWE announced on it’s website in November 2007. A few days later he was released. Those who have seen him recently say he is in shape but obviously smaller than in 2005/06. Of late he has been working for overseas promotions in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
When asked if the WWE Wellness Program works in a recent interview, he
said: “I think now it does. From my knowledge, I’m not up there anymore obviously, but it’s a good policy.”

Candice Michelle said that she expects to return to the ring next month.
There is a ton of heat on her right now similar to which just caused Vince to fire Kennedy; the perception that she is always injured and a lousy worker. One source told us: “She doesn’t exactly help her cause when she’s running around in LA hanging out at bars and going to Dodger games… What happened to rehab and getting back in shape? There are guys on our roster with far worse injuries sucking it up and still coming to work.” On the flipside, one of her biggest supporters in WWE is said to be Stephanie McMahon.

Randy Orton seen here http://tinyurl.com/qtt8sk went off at a Mexican TV host last weekend while in Mexico City. The host asked Orton what he eats for breakfast so Orton heeled on him remarking that it was a stupid question. The host then asked Orton why he was so “fragile” in reference to his previous injuries. Orton lost it big time. He got straight in the face of the host, saying: “You wanna talk shit to me, look at me. Call me fragile, I’ll head-butt your teeth down your throat… Say something funny again boy!” WWE claimed today at www.the-sun.co.uk/wrestling that it was all a work. I guess we’ll never know.

ECW on Tuesday did a 1.1 rating.

TJ Perkins, probably best known with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, is either headed or already at FCW.

On WWE.com they are doing a deal where Eve Torres and Shad Gaspard are becoming an item.

Torres and Maria Kanellis are representing the WWE this week at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas.

Kane is flying to India next week on a promotional tour. He will be appearing in Delhi and Mumbai and also doing some work over there with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Fozzy, Chris Jericho’s band at http://www.myspace.com/fozzytour have posted some new tracks.

Mickie James is looking to branch out into country music. Jim Ross notes in his latest blog: “Mickey (sic) James, arguably the WWE’s most talented in ring diva, is contemplating trying her hand at country music as Mickey has apparently written several songs and is preparing to do a demo as I understand it. This doesn’t mean Mickey is leaving wrestling whatsoever. I wish her luck if she decides to travel the country music road as it won’t be easy but neither was her getting in WWE.”

The Bella Twins interviewed Will Ferrell at http://tinyurl.com/qu6fq5 to help promote his new movie Land of the Lost.

WWE COO Donna Goldsmith will be part of the Annual Noble Financial Emerging Growth Equity Conference in Hollywood, FL on 6/9.


6/3 TNA house show results from Kennewick, WA: Suicide over Daniels with
the winner facing Styles for a title shot; Taylor Wilde over Angelina
; AJ Styles over Suicide; and Team 3D & Jeff Jarrett over Beer
Money, Inc & Sheik Abdul Bashir.

The show drew 450 based on a best estimate. When we contacted the
building they claimed they didn’t know the actual attendance. TNA have
the same policy as WWE in that they don’t release numbers unless they
sell out. Hollywood Actor Nick Nolte was at the show with his kids and
went backstage.

The TNA tour continues tonight at the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. This
is the show that as of three weeks ago they hadn’t sold a single ticket.
They were planning some local promotion today but the only way anyone
would know a show was taking place is from the billboard outside the
building. If they were smart they would have promoted this as a Buddy
Rose tribute show. However you look at it, house show attendance of late
has been awful.

They also run the Abbottsford Arena in Abbottsford, BC on Friday and the
South Okanagan Centre in Pentiction, BC on Saturday. We’re looking for
reader reports from any of these shows to [email protected].


Impact tonight on Spike includes the debut matches of Jesse Neal and
Tara (the former Victoria, Lisa Marie Varon); Beer Money, Inc vs.
Consequences Creed & Chris Sabin; Suicide & Daniels vs. Sheik Abdul
Bashir & Kiyoshi; and a KOTM qualifying match between Samoa Joe and
Kevin Nash in a cage.

Jim Cornette at http://whosslammingwho.podomatic.com/ verbally sodomises
Joey Styles for over 10 minutes straight (without taking a breath) over
Styles’ views on President Barack Obama. Words can’t do this promo
justice. You HAVE to listen to this.

Sky TV in the UK is bidding for several TV channels up for sale
including Virgin One which broadcasts Impact, Epics and PPV shows. Long
term this could affect the company as Sky has broadcast WWE programming
for over 15 years.

The promotional poster for Victory Road on 7/19 features The Beautiful


Alex Marvex at http://tinyurl.com/qov3uq has a story on John Tolos who
passed away last weekend.

Ring of Honor fans can now download it’s HDNet shows via a Sony
Playstation 3 console: “Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet is now
available for download in the Sony Playstation 3 Online Store at a very
reasonable price. The Standard Definition broadcast is $1.99, while the
full High Definition broadcast is $2.99. ROH extends a big thank you to
Sony and HDNet for making this possible.”

Bruno Sammartino and his wife are heading to Italy next week for a
vacation to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The trip includes
a visit to Sammartino’s original home town of Pizzoferrato.

Linda Bollea, through her agent Gary Smith, claimed today that Linda
underwent a full drug screening and tested negative for amphetamines,
marijuana, cocaine and opiates such as Vicodin and heroin.” This was in
response to a recent Hulk Hogan interview with  Life & Style Weekly
denying he was smoking marijuana with Brooke’s boyfriend and alleging
that Linda was on drugs. Smith added in a statement: “Linda also had a
full medical exam. According to the doctors who examined her, she has
even had gains in bone density and muscle mass since her last physical,
which indicates a healthy lifestyle. This further disproves Hulk’s and
Brooke’s unfounded and hurtful allegations. Linda’s drug screening shows
she has no trace of any drugs in her system, legal or illegal, that
includes prescription medication. Linda does not do drugs and never
accused her daughter of doing drugs either. Hulk is the expert on drug

Brooke Hogan went on the Howard Stern radio show on Wednesday. She was
way out of her depth. She ended up talking about where and who she lost
her virginity to and admitted her boobs were fake. She said she last
spoke to her mother on 5/5 but since then the relationship has broken
down following all the recent interviews and statements between her
parents. When asked about Linda’s claims that Hulk was smoking marijuana
with her boyfriend in recording studios she said it was false, and that
it wasn’t even that big of a deal as even the president had smoked
marijuana in the past (did he?). She also confirmed the story about
Linda trying to cash one of Hulk’s tax return checks.

Jim Niedhart and Greg Valentine work as a team on Friday night at the
Pro Wrestling Ohio TV tapings in Norton, OH. PWO airs on Sports Time
Ohio in the Cleveland area on Sunday nights at 10pm.

Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) will be appearing next week at the
Wilmington, DE Blue Rocks game, throwing out the first pitch at Frawley
Stadium. His appearance is part of deal to recognize his work for child
sex abuse prevention and awareness. 

Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi returned to I’m A Celebrity…Get Me
Out Of Here last night. The couple had walked off the show for a third
time the day before. Now they claim they are back for good. Also, Daniel
Baldwin surprised his brother Stephen by joining the show. Torrie Wilson
participated in one of the challenges last night and was bitten by rats
trying to win a star for her team. Stars equal food. We find out tonight
who will be the first person voted off the show.

Big Time Wrestling run this Saturday at the St. Matthews Hall in Lynn,
MA with Spike Dudley and Justin Credible. More info at

There is a profile on former WWE wrestler Armando Estrada and his new
Chicago-style restaurant in Glendale, AR at http://tinyurl.com/o9afsm.

www.wrestlingepicenter.com has a new audio show up with former WCW
wrestler Scott Norton. When asked about the upcoming WCW DVD he said
that Vince McMahon’s personal vendettas may get in the way of presenting
the truth. Gee, you think?

Lacey Von Erich and Lena Yada will be signing autographs this weekend
from 12 to 3 PM at Power Play Sportscards, Galleria Mall in Las Vegas.

Our friends at Diva-Dirt.com are running their annual poll of the 50
Sexiest Divas at http://www.diva-dirt.com/50sexiestdivas2009 where you
can cast your vote.

Diva-Dirt.com presents WGN’s Diva of the Day, SoJo Bolt at

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