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Wednesday September 9 2009

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9/8 ECW TV results from Rockford, IL: Hurricane over Paul Burchill; Shelton Benjamin & Sheamus over Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu; Zack Ryder over Rory Fargo; and Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson over Christian & Tommy Dreamer.


We haven’t had this confirmed from the WWE side yet, but a source close to Mickie James told us one of her breast implants leaked or exploded during a house show match in St Paul on Saturday. She didn’t work the following day in Madison and was also MIA during Monday’s Raw in Chicago. The source claimed her absence will be explained as a shoulder injury supposedly suffered during her recent title defense against Beth Phoenix. We will keep you abreast of the situation.

CM Punk is dating Amy “Lita” Dumas. Rumors started a couple of week’s ago when they were photographed together at Summerslam. I just wanted to mention this as several websites incorrectly reported they just got together. They have actually managed to keep their romance quiet for almost a year. One source in the know told us: “It’s not an issue with the office, it’s been kept very personal, and both Matt [Hardy] and Edge know about it because Punk was man enough to tell both to their faces.”

Labor Day Raw with Bob Barker as guest host did a 3.8 rating.

Lilian Garcia confirmed that her last day with the company will be the September 21 Raw in Little Rock, AR. She is leaving to get married and make babies.

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC title has been pulled from the line up for Breaking Point. We should have more on this in the next update. Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW title was added.

Rory Fargo, who appeared on ECW last night as fodder for Zach Ryder, suffered a wardrobe malfunction towards the end of the match. WWE production changed the camera angle so you didn’t see his genitals on SyFy. Today the incident dominated the Tweets of Ryder, Hurricane Helms and Chris Jericho. The conversation went something like this, Ryder: “My opponent was being a little cocky in the ring with me tonight.” Helms:
“How come nobody told me Balls Mahoney came back to ECW… Big Dick Johnson and Naked Mideon are both suing for gimmick infringement!”
Ryder: “He tried his hardest…he was going BALLS to wall…but he couldn’t stop Mr. Woo Woo Woo.” Jericho: “Zack Ryder’s opponent last night needs to stiffen up and be less genitle in the ring.”

Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez at http://tinyurl.com/mrokbf talks about how pot saved her life after she became addicted to pain pills.

Sweet Papi Sanchez in developmental underwent gall bladder surgery on Monday.

Night of Champions on 7/26 in Philadelphia did 259,000 buys, down from NOC 2008 which did 285,000 buys, although that show was held in June.
259,000 is actually a great number because as a comparison, The Bash in July 2008, did just 194,000 buys.

WWEClassics.com from October onward will no longer black and white blood during matches. However, they will still edit middle finger gestures and course language.

The New York Yankees are auctioning off the WWE belt they have been passing around in their clubhouse this season. Story is at http://tinyurl.com/ndg5dh.

WWE has a job listing on Monster.com looking for a new Senior Vice
President of Marketing.  

Santino Marella (likely in character) will be co-hosting Canadian talk show The Surf on Thursday at 11pm ET.  The Surf is a late night talk show that airs on BITE Television. More info at www.bite.ca/thesurf.

THQ sent out a release today announcing they have appointed Ed Kaufman as their new VP of Business and Legal Affairs, and Corporate Secretary.
Kaufman handled legal affairs for WWE from 1997 until earlier this year when Vince McMahon decided it was time for him to go. He was quoted in the release as saying, “I am impressed with THQ’s strong turnaround and am excited to join the team as the company moves forward with its new more focused strategic plan. I look forward to helping THQ capitalize on the opportunities for growth in the interactive entertainment industry.”
Kaufman had a great reputation and was well liked by most people in WWE.

The Abraham Washington Show experiences technical difficulties at http://tinyurl.com/l9gswd.


Friends of Angelina Love who work for WWE have invited her to Raw next
Monday in Toronto. She is technically (bar a no compete) free to sign
with any company as TNA just released her over the visa issue.

Mr Anderson, who is a newly free agent today, makes a burger with
disastrous consequences at http://tinyurl.com/m55tqw.

Alfonso Castillo talked to Matt Morgan on a variety of topics at
www.newsday.com/steelcage. He has an interesting take on ratings and
revenue streams: “Everybody talks about ratings and draws and buy rates
and all this kind of stuff. Everybody still acts like it’s 1998. Guys,
wake up. It’s not 98. People get so caught up with, ‘Oh, well they did a
1.5 this week, which is down from the 1.3. Who was in the main event?’
No. That just means that there’s a select amount of people who were not
tuning in for that particular moment or for that night. It’s not that
big of number in the big scheme of things like it used to be back when
the wrestling business was getting these huge, booming ratings. Those
were telling numbers then – if they were to drop three whole ratings
points. – not .2 or .26. Not things like that.” He also has a lot to say
about wrestling fans on the Internet, basically saying your damned if
you do and damned if you don’t, and claims, “I never read the Internet
and I never will.”

Jeremy Borash goes on a “date” with Christy Hemme at


Peter Goodman, the 29-year-old Southwest indy wrestler who passed away
on August 27, took an apparent overdose of pain pills which was listed
as his cause of death.

Dawn Marie announced a cruise with several guest wrestlers to benefit
Wrestler’s Rescue. The 5-day cruise takes place next summer including
all sorts of activities. Among those listed: Scott Hall, Mick Foley,
Rikishi, Diamond Dallas Page, Balls Mahoney, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman,
Nidia, Traci Brooks, Lacey Von Erich and Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. Quite the
cast of characters. Tickets start at $699 with monthly payment plans
available at www.wrestlersrescue.org.

John Graziano was today released from hospital in Tampa nearly two years
after being critically injured in a car accident involving Hulk Hogan‘s
son Nick Bollea. The Graziano family are currently locked in a lawsuit
with the Bollea family over the accident.

Mickey Rourke was voted International Man Of The Year at the GQ Awards
in London, England on Tuesday. Apparently he wants to relocate to the
UK. He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I’m looking for a house over
here – I need a boxing ring though and a full-sized gym, London’s like
my second home.” He also tried to get an expensive designer store to
give him free clothes and told a female reporter that he was looking for
an English wife and that she could hang out with him. Story is at

Lacey Von Erich has a new website at www.Lacey-VE.com. She is fully
recovered from a spinal meningitis scare earlier this year.

The Slam Wrestling website at http://tinyurl.com/lzl2sd has a review on
a new documentary released on Marty Jannetty. Steve Johnson wrote: ‘The
documentary ends with Jannetty sharing a story of how Shawn Michaels
helped lead him to becoming a Born Again Christian. Jannetty pledges his
life to God and claims he wants to work with disadvantaged youth. While
the viewer will want to wish him every success in his new life, you are
left with the lingering feeling Jannetty has not dealt with all of his
personal demons. Hopefully, we will see Jannetty on a future episode of
Raw rather than Cops.’ The Marty Jannetty Story is available on DVD at


I can’t believe that Angelina Love would have to pay back what she
earned in TNA, plus not be allowed back in the USA for 10 years. Here we
have a legit worker with a minor setback due to visa issues. Where are
these watchdogs when we have all these illegals crossing the border and
working in the USA? As you put it, it does boggle the mind.


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