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Quick WSU 7/14 Results In front of 70+ in Lake Hiawatha NJ

The WSU womens division returned for their third & fourth shows last night, at the ECPW school in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. The company is going through several changes, as former WSU Promoter, Jac Sabboth, backed out on the show at the last minute, announcing that he’s leaving the wrestling business. However, due to a generous donation and with the support of the loyal women wrestling fans, the shows took place with only 5 days to promote them.


Due to the situation surrounding the show, the two tapings were free of charge for fans, as WSU wanted to give back to the fans for sticking with WSU during this transition period. Donations were accepted, and all monies taken in are going back into the company, as the WSU womens division will continue to run events. The DVD’s will be released on DOIVideo.com and can be purchased together for only $20.

Here are the results of the two tapings:

Taping 1:

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Amy Lee d. Alere Little Feather

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Alicia d. Taylor Nicole w/Della’Morte

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Luna Vachon d. Alicia in an impromptu match, as Luna wanted revenge from the last WSU girls show where Alicia beat Luna cleanly.

 In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Nikki Roxx d. Alexa Thatcher, in the best technical match of the tournament

In a Missy’s Manor Interview segment, Liz Savage had some cross words for the First Lady of Wrestling, Missy Hyatt. Liz brought up Missy’s past and said that it was time for has-beens like Missy to leave the business and let new stars shine. Liz then shoved Missy, only to get BITCHSLAPPED by the Walking Riot, Missy Hyatt. Liz tried to cut a promo after being slapped, only to receive “YOU GOT BITCHSLAPPED” chants by the near-capacity audience. Eventually a challenge was made where both ladies will manage on opposite sides, in a tag team match at the next show.

The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville) d. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)
During the match, Miss Deville didn’t seem too thrilled with Kayla being the more popular of the two. The Soul Sisters, despite the loss, are becoming one of WSU’s hottest acts.

For the WSU Womens Championship
To Crown The First Ever Champion
Alicia d. Nikki Roxx, Luna Vachon & Amy Lee in a No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match

After a 40 minute break, where merchandise was sold and the girls posed for pictures with all the fans, WSU returned for their fourth ever girls show.  Here are the results of that taping:

For the WSU Womens Title
(c) Alicia d. Rick Cataldo w/Vinny G from VTG Enterprises
Before the match, Rick Cataldo and Vinny G threatened to sue WSU if Rick wasn’t put on the show. Vinny G, the attorney of Rick Cataldo said that WSU would be charged with discriminating against homosexuals. Rick Cataldo said he wanted to break the female barrier in WSU, and become the Jackie Robinson of WSU, as the first man to compete on the all-womens event.

For the WSU Womens Title
(c) Alicia d. Nikki Roxx in a near 20 minute back & forth match

The Soul Sisters (Latasha & Jana) w/Missy Hyatt d. Della’Morte & Taylor Nicole w/Liz Savage
During the match, Missy Hyatt one-upped Liz Savage and spanked her for the whole crowd.

Alexa Thatcher d. Alere Little Feather, as ALF still seemed to be feeling the effects of her match with Amy Lee

In the Main Event

Amy Lee & Luna Vachon d. The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville) w/Liz Savage
This is a match that has to be seen to be believed. This match turned into a shoot fight towards the end as Luna went nuts after being kicked in the neck. Luna & Amy used tons of weapons in this match, bringing their opponents to tears. Sparks & Deville took the beating of a wrestling lifetime while Liz Savage went 0-2 tonight against the legendary women of wrestling.

After the match, Amy Lee & Luna Vachon proclaimed themselves as the unofficial WSU Tag Team Champions and asked for real competition, putting out an open challenge.