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Mercedes MartinezQuick WSU 6/21 Double DVD Taping Results from Boonton, NJTaping 1

Mercedes Martinez d. Kacee Carlisle

Angelina Love d. Portia Perez

During an episode of Missy’s Manor, Missy announced that WSU will be creating a tag team championship division. Missy showed off the tag team title belts to the crowd. Becky Bayless interrupted Missy, as Becky continues to disrespect every female legend in the business. Missy said she knew Becky had a surprise tonight and revealed that she knew Becky had Angelina Love in her corner for later tonight. Missy turned the tables and revealed that she will be managing Dawn Marie, in the highly anticipated Dawn Marie vs Becky Bayless II match.


The Beatdown Betties (Rick Cataldo & Roxxie Cotton) d. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha) & Missy Sampson/Alere Little Feather
This was the Beatdown Betties first win.

Awesome Kong destroyed Roxxie Cotton while Rick Cataldo sprinted to the locker room.

Awesome Kong d. Cindy Rogers

WSU commentator Sean Hanson wanted to introduce his best friend, who was home from college and wanted to say hi to the WSU fans. What everyone thought was Alicia turned into being Kylie Pierce. Kylie Pierce mocked the crowd, said she would’ve beat the crap out of Alicia and made an open challenge.

Kylie Pierce d. Lea Morrison

After the match Kylie Pierce continued to run down the WSU fans and Alicia. However, Alicia surprisingly showed up and laid Kylie out with a hiptoss of doom! Alicia then talked to the crowd about what she has been doing in retirement and thanked the fans for supporting WSU.

Becky Bayless w/Angelina Love d. Dawn Marie w/Missy Hyatt by countout

Angelina Love cost Dawn Marie the match by holding her outside while the ref counted to 10. Angelina & Becky then beat up Dawn Marie, until Portia Perez made the save. A tag team match was set up for later on.

For the WSU Championship
(c) Angel Orsini d. Amy Lee
This was a wild match, that saw Awesome Kong interfere. If Lee was to win this match, Kong would’ve got a title shot on the second taping. Kong came out around the 12 minute mark and went to spinning backfist Angel, but wound up hitting Amy Lee. Angel then got Kong out of the ring, woke up an injured referee and got the cheap pinfall.

After the match, Amy Lee cut one of the most vicious promos in WSU history, making it clear that she was out for Kong’s blood.


Taping 2
Missy Sampson & Alere Little Feather d. Kacee Carlisle & Kylie Pierce
After the match, Carlisle & Pierce handcuffed Missy Sampson to the rope and destroyed Alere Little Feather, injuring her neck in the process.

Cindy Rogers d. Lea Morrison

The Beatdown Betties (Roxxie Cotton & Rick Cataldo) d. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)

Amy Lee d. Awesome Kong via DQ
Kong was DQ’d for hitting the ref. Lee made it clear she didn’t want a win this way. The crowd chanted ONE MORE TIME, and WSU match makers intend to present the rubber match- Lee/Kong III

Dawn Marie & Portia Perez d. Becky Bayless & Angelina Love
This was a quick shocker, as Bayless & Love were left stunned when Dawn & Portia were able to win this match in less than 2 minutes!

For the WSU Championship
Falls Count Anywhere
(c) Angel Orsini d. Mercedes Martinez in what many are calling the best match in WSU History
This was a wild MUST SEE match. The two wrestled for 12 minutes in the ring before going to the outside. In a death-defying act, Angel Orsini threw Mercedes Martinez off a stage, with Mercedes taking a huge 10 foot fall to the floor. The two then battled throughout the building, even going to the balcony sections of the building. Mercedes tossed Angel from one balcony into another balcony, then dove from the balcony into the other balcony on Angel. The two destroyed each other. Eventually, Angel was able to small package Mercedes in the middle of the crowd for the 3 count after a brutal 20 minute plus match. After the match, both wrestlers got a standing ovation.

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