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WSU To Hold Another Double DVD Taping On 12/22
WSU will hold their next event on 12/22
at the ECPW arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ.
The location of the venue is:
87-A North Beverwyck Road
Lake Hiawatha, NEW JERSEY
As always, WSU will hold two tapings, which will be filmed for future DVD release. The first show will take place at 5:45PM and the second show will take place at 8PM. In between the two shows there will be a 30-45 minute meet/greet session where fans can meet all of their favorite WSU stars.

WSU will have a full press release later on this week, with a full color poster, but for now, here is what you will see on 12/22:
First Time Ever in WSU History
Last Chance For Becky Bayless
WSU Champion Alicia vs Becky Bayless III
If Becky Bayless can’t defeat Alicia, she will never get a shot at the WSU Women’s Championship Again!

Alicia & Becky Bayless have been battling throughout WSU since WSU’s debut in March. Each encounter between the two gets more vicious than the last. Fans have requested to see this match one more time, but the only way Alicia would allow Becky to wrestle her for the WSU title was if Becky loses the match, Becky would never get a WSU Championship match again!

The personal war between these two have been fierce and everything is now on the line on 12/22. After a brutal NO-DQ Hardcore match on 9/22, which saw both wrestlers destroy each other, what can happen in a LAST WOMAN STANDING match? The last time these two were in the ring, Alicia used handcuffs and hairspray before choking Becky unconscious, rendering her victorious, via ref stoppage. The same strategy would make Alicia victorious again, but this time Becky vows to beat Alicia at her own game. We’ll have more on this epic encounter soon!

Amber O’Neal Debuts in WSU, Makes Her Mission Known
Amber O’Neal has contacted WSU offices, and WSU is proud to announce the debut of Amber O’Neal on 12/22! Amber O’Neal will make her debut against another debuting star on 12/22, the attractive Kristin Flake! However, the popular Amber won’t be alone, as her vivacious manager Brandy will have her corner! Amber is looking forward to wrestling in WSU and is excited about meeting and performing in front of the great WSU fans.

Amber has made it clear that she is not ecstatic about the way Alicia has dominated WSU and wants everyone to know that she plans on ending Alicia’s reign of terror if Becky Bayless can’t. Becky Bayless, one of Amber’s closest friends, promised Amber that if she wins the WSU Championship, she will give Amber a shot, in the interest of entertaining the fans and having the best WSU title match possible!

To ensure Amber O’Neal gets a fair chance at success in WSU, WSU is happy to announce that whoever walks out with the WSU Womens Championship during the first DVD taping on 12/22, will defend the championship in the main event of the second taping on 12/22. That means fans are guaranteed to see Amber O’Neal get a WSU title shot, whether it be against the evil Alicia or the righteous Becky Bayless! Alicia is not thrilled about any of this and feels that WSU is plotting against her to take the championship away by putting on all this extra pressure on her, while Becky plans on winning the WSU championship and having a hell of a match against one of her best friends.

Amber O’Neal told WSU that no matter who she faces she plans on winning the WSU Championship on her first night in the company. Amber said she doesn’t care who she faces on 12/22 but made it no secret that she’s pulling for Becky Bayless to defeat Alicia. More on this to come!


After the last WSU double DVD taping, with both DVD’s being available on WSUWrestling.com, WSU had a decision to make about Alexa Thatcher & Cindy Rogers. As fans saw, the two took on each other during the first taping on 9/22 and had an absolute classic. The two wrestled to a 10 minute draw, and wrestled to a draw in the 5 minute overtime period. The two then went at it again during the second taping and again, the two were deadlocked after a double-pin.

Fans have flooded WSU’s email account and offices demanding to see Alexa Thatcher vs Cindy Rogers one more time. WSU management feels after the excellent and high class performance these two wrestlers put on, both are worthy of a title shot. Therefore, Cindy Rogers vs Alexa Thatcher III is set for 12/22, but it will be part of the second taping, as both wrestlers try to get an advantage over the other on the first taping, in a special PICK YOUR OPPONENT CHALLENGE!
While Rogers vs Thatcher III is 100% set for 12/22, with the winner becoming the Number 1 Contender to the WSU Womens Championship, both wrestlers will look to one-up and get a mind-game advantage over each other on 12/22 during the Pick Your Opponent Challenge. Both wrestlers have chosen opponents for each other on the first taping. Both opponents have been named and on 12/22 you will see…
The Returning Nikki Roxx vs Cindy Rogers
The Debuting Annie Social vs Alexa Thatcher

Both Cindy & Alexa know the importance of these potential “trap” matches. Thatcher, stating that she had one of the toughest matches of her career against Nikki Roxx back on 7/14 in WSU, has chosen Nikki Roxx to challenge Cindy Rogers. Rogers, wanting to throw a curveball, has chosen a wrestler that Alexa has never seen before, the debuting Annie Social!

It looks like things have certainly heated up between Thatcher & Rogers and with a WSU Title Shot on the horizon, anything goes!

Amy Lee vs Angel Orsini w/Mercedes Martinez
9/22, during the “It’s Always Sunny in Lake Hiawatha” & “Surviving The Game” DVD tapings, the major question was “Who Attacked Luna Vachon?” As we saw during exclusive WSU DVD footage, Amy Lee found out that her partner Luna Vachon was attacked before the show. Eventually we all found out that it was none other than Mercedes Martinez who came up with the devious attack, as she joined forces with the kick-ass Angel Orsini!

As everyone saw on 9/22, Mercedes Martinez turned the lights out, and destroyed Amy Lee, setting up Angel Orsini to get the cheap victory. Well now Amy knows who’s gunning for her and Amy is coming prepared. WSU originally wanted to put together Luna Vachon/Amy Lee vs Mercedes Martinez/Angel Orsini but Mercedes Martinez has sent doctor notes to WSU saying she’s still unable to wrestle! WSU also found out that Luna Vachon was so brutally beaten up by Mercedes and Angel on 9/22 that she won’t be 100% either. Therefore, we will see Amy Lee vs Angel Orsini in a NO HOLDS BARRED match. The X-factor here is Mercedes Martinez. With Luna still recuperating, will anyone have Amy’s back or will the “Queen of Mean & Obscene”, “The One Woman Wrecking Crew” Amy Lee be able to fight off both of these dangerous and maniacial women? More on this to come!

Also scheduled to appear on 12/22 are:
Alere Little Feather
Missy Sampson
Roxie Cotton
Soul Sister Jana
“The First Lady of Wrestling” Missy Hyatt
& Much More!

Stay tuned to DOIWrestling.com & WSUWrestling.com for more updates. We will be announcing more matches and developments shortly. Tickets will go on sale later this week, at the low price of $5 online! Tickets will be $8 at the door.