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9/9 WWE Live Results: Manila, Philippines

Kyle Aranza passed along this live report.

Kyle Aranza here from Manila, Philippines. I’m an avid reader of Wrestleview. Just got home from WWE’s live event in Manila and I just want to share the results. By the way, of all 14 WWE events held in the Philippines, it was announced that WWE Live Manila 2016 was the highest-grossing WWE event in the country of all time.
Opening Match:
Cesaro def. Sheamus via Sharpshooter
– This was not a Best of 7 Series Match
– Cesaro section was out in full force, crowd was heavily behind Cesaro. At one point, crowd was chanting this is awesome.
– Great back and forth match which ended with a Cesaro Swing into the Sharpshooter finish.
Match 2:
Braun Strowman def. Goldust 
– Lots of offence from Goldust during the beginning but ended when Braun was able to get the upperhand and finished off Goldust with a choke. Goldust passes out.
Match 3:
Neville def. Curtis Axel w/ Bo Dallas
– Great, fast-paced performance from Neville
– Match ends with an amazing Red Arrow finisher from Neville
Match 4:
WWE Tag Team Championship – Triple Threat Match:
The New Day(c) (Big E & Xavier Woods) def. The Club & The Shining Stars
– The New Day was insanely over with the crowd, cutting a promo and giving away their shirts before the match started.
Ending came when Big E was able to avoid Magic Killer as Luke Gallows inadvertently boots Karl Anderson in the face. Big E and Xavier hits Midnight Express on Anderson for the win.
Match 5:
– Huge, mixed reaction for John Cena as he entered the arena. Crowd sang his theme song too.
– In a scary moment, Big Show was attempting a corner splash when the middle rope suddenly snapped. Big Show fell to the ring and Cena, after a few moments of shock, took advantage with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Big Show attempts a Knock Out Punch but Cena counters with an AA to finish the match.
There was an intermission after the Cena – Big Show match so that WWE staff can repair the ring.
Match 6:
WWE Women’s Championship:
– A lucky fan accompanied Sasha Banks to the ring, and another fan was made special guest timekeeper for the match.
– Huge ovation for both women. Lots of Woooooos and Lets Go Sasha chants all throughout. A Women’s Wrestling chant broke out at the start of the match as well – a great show of respect for both women in the ring.
– Solid, technical match with lots of counters and near falls.
– Charlotte wins via roll up with both her feet on the ropes for leverage
Match 7:
– Y2J got the biggest reaction of the night. He cut a promo prior to the match and attempted to insult the fans but with every insult, he was cheered loudly. He then called himself the biggest “gago” the Philippines have ever seen, much to the delight of the crowd. Y2J apparently does not know that gago means stupid idiot in Filipino. Huge gago chant breaks out.
– Roman Reigns came out to boos from the crowd.
– Before the match began, Roman took Y2J’s scarf and rubbed it on his armpits, much to the dismay of Y2J.
– This was one of the best matches of the night – solid back and forth action from both men. Lots of counters and near falls as well.
– During the match, another gago chant broke out. Referee tells Y2J what gago means and Y2J throws a fit inside the ring. Great heel work and crowd interaction skills from Y2J.
– Match ends with a Spear to Y2J.
– Crowd gave Roman a nice ovation after the match.
Video promo for WWE WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida was shown prior to the main event.
Main Event:
WWE Universal Championship – Triple Threat Match:
Kevin Owens(c) def. Sami Zayn & Seth Rollins
– Great ovation for all three men during their entrances. Crowd was loudly singing along with Sami Zayn’s entrance music.
– Another great back and forth match. Crowd was very into it, chanting This Is Awesome and Fight Forever multiple times throughout the fight.
– Match ends when KO hit Sami with a Pop-up Powerbomb.
– After the match, KO attacked Sami but Seth Rollins came rushing back to the ring for the save. Sami with Helluva Kick and Seth with a Pedigree to KO.
– Sami and Seth shakes hands to send the crowd home happy.
Overall, a great show and an awesome crowd tonight. We truly appreciate the WWE Superstars and staff who gave their best tonight despite their hectic travel schedule. Tomorrow, they head for Shanghai, China!
That’s it for WWE Manila. More power to Wrestleview!