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Main Event 2WWE Main Event: Tons of Funk at a disadvantage versus 3MB

Recap courtesy of Nolan Howell of http://slam.canoe.ca

Tons of Funk have the size advantage on their side when they step in the ring. Tonight on WWE Main Event, they will be outweighed because they will take on all three members of the 3MB. Will the big men be able to overcome the numbers? Plus, Divas action! All that and more on this week’s edition of WWE Main Event!

We are on tape from Columbus, Ohio. Josh Mathews and Alex Riley have the call for this week.

Handicap Match One: Tons of Funk (w/The Funkadactyls) vs. 3MB

Brodus Clay starting off with Heath Slater. Slater opens up with a pair of jabs that seemingly just anger Clay. Clay grabs the hair and hits a series of scoop slams to put Slater down. T-bone suplex connects and Tensai brought in, Slater escapes a double-team attack to bring in Jinder Mahal. Mahal in with right hands, but he runs into a shoulder bump. Headbutts and a monkey flip from Tensai in the corner is followed by a double-underhook suplex for a nearfall.

Clay back in and a double-back elbow is followed by an elbow drop for a Clay nearfall. Tensai again back in and working Mahal. Flying knee from Mahal as he goes off the ropes connects, while Drew McIntyre is in with a sneak tag. Corner clothesline is followed by a running dropkick for a McIntyre nearfall.

McIntyre choking Tensai on the rope and he brings Slater back inside. Slater using his strikes and a dropkick to the knee for a brief nearfall. Sleeper in on Tensai, but he fights back up. Slater with strikes again, but a strike from Tensai allows him to throw Slater outside.

Back inside, Mahal and Clay in. Clay with a clothesline and a headbutt.that are followed up by a Sheee-Plex. Corner splash and a bodyslam convert. Clay headed up top and he splashes on top of Mahal for a nearfall that is broken by McIntyre. Tensai sends McIntyre out and they engage outside. Mahal tags Slater and rolls out. Clay follows, but he is booted in the face by the legal man. Corkscrew splash from Slater.

Winners by pinfall: 3MB

Josh Mathews and Alex Riley preview the rest of the show.


Match Two: Aksana vs. Tamina Snuka

Tamina Snuka opens up clubbing Aksana down while she takes off her Divas shirt. Aksana kicks Snuka away, but Snuka follows with chops on the chest. Corner splash misses for Snuka and Aksana yanks her down with an arm wrench. Aksana keeping Snuka grounded with elbow drops and gets a nearfall.

Keylock in for Aksana. Snuka back to her feet and she is yanked down by Aksana. Sidewalk slam and Aksana crawling, but Snuka with a boot to the face. Snapmare is followed by a knee drop to the head for a Snuka nearfall.

Rear chinlock stretching the neck of Aksana. Aksana fights up to her feet and lands a few strikes before getting a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Swinging kick to the head from her knees gets another nearfall. Snuka not pleased with this and plants Aksana with a gutbuster. Big boot knocks Aksana out.

Winner by pinfall: Tamina Snuka


Raw Recap shows WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon‘s termination of Big Show.

Match Three: Zack Ryder vs. Big E Langston

Zack Ryder locks up with Big E Langston, but he is muscled into the corner and sat up top. Slap across the face of Ryder sees him come back with a pushing kick and a series of forearms. Langston sends Ryder away to land a shoulder bump. Side headlock in for Langston. Disengage leads to a forearm and the reapplication of the hold by Langston. Rib blows from Ryder get the hold released, but Langston comes back with forearms of his own, Ryder ducks and lands a flying forearm of his own. Dropkick sends Langston out. Baseball slide kick staggers Langston as we break.


Front headlock works Langston as we return. Ryder keeping Langston grounded, but Langston elevates him off. Forearm shiver to the stomach from Langston drops Ryder. Body work continues from Langston. A cornered Ryder is being worked over and a running shoulder block to the stomach gets Langston a nearfall.

Bear hug in for Langston. Elbows from Ryder and he boxes the ears to get out of the submission. Langston pulls Ryder back in to land a belly-to-belly suplex for a quick nearfall. Splash attempt misses for Langston and Ryder in control. Knees up in the corner by Ryder, sending Langston away. Missile dropkick puts Langston down in the corner. Broski Boot connects for Ryder.

Langston outside and he rag dolls Ryder into the barricade. Ryder thrown off the ropes and he lands right on a clothesline. Football tackle in the corner from Langston and he hoists Ryder on his shoulders. Ryder rolls through for a sunset flip nearfall.

Corner splash attempt by Langston misses and Ryder with a series of flying forearms. Third time is not a charm as Langston levels him with an STO. Lariat from Langston puts Ryder down and the Big Ending converts.

Winner by pinfall: Big E Langston

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Show closes with a Raw Recap of Big Show destroying the end of the show by taking out The Shield and WWE COO Triple H as Daniel Bryan celebrates.

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