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Mr. Paul: Recently we saw another WWE/Wrestling legend appear drunk and create a scene at an independent show. This time it was Jake Roberts, we remember the incident with Scott Hall very well. These guys clearly give our business a bad name, I kind of feel like it’s a catch 22 situation with these legends. On one side they bring people to independent shows with their name, fame and legendary status, however on the other hand they can also give promoters and younger talent grief. What are your thoughts about this?

Mario: Sadly its baggage from the previous generation of wrestling and the excesses they were afforded in the old days. Personally I would rather build younger talent in the ring and use legends for meet and greet photo ops and such and perhaps to offer training to the youngsters and only if they have good reps would I book them for matches.
It good to read about DDP trying to get Jake Roberts back into ring shape for one last run and to help him overcome drugs and alcohol.

Mr. Paul: Yeah, seems really good, from what I understand they have another person who needs to lose weight that they are helping as well

Mr. Paul: An overweight fan…It’s amazing to hear about wrestlers using DDP’s Yoga program these days. I just can’t image this happening in the late 80’s and early 90’s will all the over-muscled Superstars.

Mr. Paul: I had the chance to watch some of the seven levels of hate matches with Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce, and they have had some great matches. I really loved the promo Adam cut challenging Colt to the series. Colt ended up winning the series. How has this series affected the independent world of pro-wrestling?

Mario: I think this was a great swansong for Pearce. He was finishing up with his wrestling career and in the process he gave his best promos and arguably some of his best in ring performances. On top of it all he shook up the NWA title scene. Sadly Colt is not even in the tournament to crown a new champion.
I will say that the 7 Levels of Hate series brought a lot of attention to the NWA inAmerica,Europe andAustralia. Whether this translates to exposure and interest in the Independent scene as a whole is debatable.


Mr. Paul: TNA introduced a new announcer and a new announcer format to their impact shows, what are your thoughts on both these additions?

Mario: Change is inevitable and I think it is for the best in the long run. Your thoughts?

Mr. Paul: I don’t like Jeremy Borash as a ring announcer or backstage reported, but as a colour commentator, I think he is great. I like Todd as well. I’m always skeptic when new announcers come into a company, but he made a great debut, and had me watching the matches. I think they did a great job, and I would have them work as the permanent announcers for Impact Wrestling, as an announcer/ commentator myself, I enjoyed them.
Mr. Paul: Bubba is set to challengeDevon Thursday on Open Fight Night, how do you feel about Open Fight Night several months into the concept? And should this have been saved for PPV?

Mario: The former Team 3D colliding on Impact is not a bad thing. Yes it should be a PPV match but I have a feeling Impact will be the first of many encounters to further the Aces & 8’s storyline. I don’t expect to see a clean finish anyway.

As for the Open Fight Night concept… I feel a bit under qualified to answer this one as I don’t watch Impact as often as I used to. How do you feel about it?

Mr. Paul: I feel like the concept can create some creative drama, and we know that TNA gives their talent pretty much free reign on their promos and stuff. It’s a good concept, but it’s not something I want to see once a month. I think it’s too much and it takes away from the special feeling of the night if we see it all the time.

Mr. Paul: Austin Aries mimics CM Punk again, with the not so “clean” turn to being heel, the more slow turn. However, it appears as if he is now a full heel, is this good or bad for him and how long do we see the feud with Hardy going for him?

Mario: I think A Double will get his World title rematch at the next PPV and probably fade from the main event soon afterwards as Hardy will likely go on to the Aces & 8’s storyline. It is my belief that with them turning Bully face that A Double would fill that heel role. He has the mic skills and attitude and given time I think he can pull it off.


Mr. Paul: WWE gets a bad name sometimes, but when the company believes in you they will do anything for you, this was the case when they helped Matt Striker get home.

Mario: We all know that Vince is WWE and sometimes I think that fans believe that he is like the Mr McMahon character he portrays with his swagger and ruthless aggression attitude. I’m sure its stressful running a billion dollar company and I know Vince has his off days but I’ve heard of so many stories about Vince helping his talent. Ric Flair had tax problems in the 90’s, Steve Austin needed money to buy his dream house in the late 90’s and he was a father figure to guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels when they were younger.

Mr. Paul: Justin Gabriel had a match against the united states champion on raw which he won, this led to a title match at Hell in a Cell, he didn’t win and then a match with Del Rio on raw the next night. Could this be a push for our followCape Town native?

Mario: We know Justin was a former FCW World Champion so we know WWE has faith in his in-ring abilities. Much like Tyson Kidd I think Gabriel has become a jobber to the stars. He is able to carry his end in a match and make his opponent look good. When he beat Antonio Cesaro on Raw it was likely just to add an extra match to the Hell in the Cell PPV. Hopefully guys like Justin Gabriel will get their turn in the sun but I personally don’t think it will be now.

Mr. Paul: I got to agree with you, though I find myself questioning his skills sometimes, I think like some other South African stars he is okay in doing moves, but lack the understanding of the psychology of a match, something so important to holding a fan in a match.

Mario: To me Justin Gabriel also seems to lack confidence. He hesitates with big moves but I think you hit the nail on the head about ring psychology. I guess it comes with experience and working with established guys who can part their knowledge. Gabriel has a good look and can definitely be marketed successfully to the tween audience. Hopefully our home grown boy becomes a bigger star sooner rather than later.

Mr. Paul: Kurt angle recently went off on WWE, saying they were copying TNA, especially with the AJ Lee and John Cena affair, is Kurt taking this too personally?

Mario: As an attack on WWE Kurt has his head up his ass. Yes, there might be similarities in certain storylines, but how often has TNA blatantly copied WWE through the years? Be that as it may, I can’t say I’m a fan of this new storyline with Vickie, AJ, Cena and Ziggler. I don’t think it would end up being as huge a failure as the TNA Claire Lynch storyline did though.

Mr. Paul: I actually sent out a tweet to Kurt, in which I said he seems bitter towards WWE for a long while now, if you remember the top 50 superstars dvd, he was unhappy with his spot, etc. Kurt seems so be bitter with the company, and it sucks to me.

Mario:  I guess the Olympian is just over-competitive in every way. He works for TNA so they must be better than WWE in his mind.

Mr. Paul: Big Show is the new Worlds champion, how do you feel about this?

Mario: Big Show as Champion. I don’t know if that was the right choice. As much as I wanted Sheamus to drop the title, isn’t it Ziggler’s turn to be the face of Smackdown? I don’t know where to from here with Ziggler now going into a program with John Cena. Big Show doesn’t draw with the title and Sheamus is just too goofy as a face. He is too… happy fella!

Mr. Paul: Rumor has itDel Rio has asked for a release from WWE, do you think this is the case, and is he over reacting? Personally I thinkDel Rio could have been a top guy for a long time for the company.

Mario: If the rumours are true then it will be a shame to lose Del Rio. I don’t believe it was him who requested his release this week though. After all WWE has gone out of their way to sign his younger brother plus he came off with a good run against Sheamus for the World Heavyweight title. Anyway, WWE has put a great deal of promotion intoDel Rio. He is a superstar now. I’m not sure if WWE can afford to lose him with their roster being so thin on the upper card. I’m not as big of aDel Rio fan as you are so…what are your thoughts should this rumour be true?

Mr. Paul: I think it will be a huge loss for the company, as you said Del Rio is main event material in my view, so glad we can finally differ (laughing), I love Del Rio, but I do think that his personality and that of his character could be close together, he seems like he could be a prick at times. Yeah, I think WWE can’t let him go, but we know Vince, if a guy comes to him and says he wants a release, chances are he will get that.

Mr. Paul: Lets wrap things up this week by looking at the  WWE Champion and the pending matches at Survivor Series, Punk has a team and Foley has a team. What are your thoughts on this match?

Mario: Let me just start by saying how grateful I am that they didn’t let CM Punk drop the title to Ryback at Hell in a Cell. It could have been handled better though but at least it looks like The Rock vs Punk match is still on at Royal Rumble. As for the Survivor Series main event, is this really a main event that will sell the PPV? Its great that Mick Foley and CM Punk will be getting into a program but the teams are so predictable. Its like WWE creative are burnt out and clutching on straws.

Mr. Paul: I don’t mind the predictability of the teams that much, but I wish they had spaced it out, not had a reveal all at one time like that. I do agree with regards to Punk keeping the belt, reports say, and this is what I mentioned last week, the fact that it came down to Punks streak being more impressive and having been drilled every week on TV. I think WWE will drop the ball on this storyline, because where can you really go with this referee finish? Are they going to offer him a contract or what?

Mario: Not keen on the Brad Maddox storyline. As for Mania, wish I was going. I think New Jersey would have recovered come Wrestlemania.

Mr. Paul: I have to ask you Mario, tickets are on sale for Mania next Sat, that’s November 10th, are we heading to NY/NJ? And how will Hurricane Sandy effect Mania in a few short months?

Mario: As for Mania, wish I was going. I thinkNew Jersey would have recovered come Wrestlemania.

Mr. Paul: Well was hoping you were taking us on that crazy expensive trip to WWE headquarters, etc. Oh, well, maybe next year (laughing). Well that’s going to be a rap for this week, thanks Mario, your always an asset to me and your knowledge is amazing. So thanks again, and we will return next week with some more for the world of pro-wrestling, and sports entertainment. (Can’t offend anybody).

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